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  1. LewisPark

    Still bootlenecking

    Install the new BF5 Driver?
  2. LewisPark

    Still bootlenecking

    Random question, did you go into your BIOS and check to see if you have the Intel Technology feature enabled. (I honestly forget the name of it) I have an 8700 and was running into the same issue. I enabled it and it resolved my issue. This setting enables the turbo clock that automatically comes on.
  3. LewisPark

    1080p Graphics card suggestions

    I am going to go with a Zotac GTX 1070ti AMP Extreme. I would get him an older card, but hes wanting to play games like BO4, GTA V, World of Warcraft, Red Dead (if it comes to PC), GTA 6. I know older cards would be able to handle most of these titles. I just want him to spend his money efficiently. Build him something that'll last him awhile!
  4. LewisPark

    1080p Graphics card suggestions

    Was looking into a 1070ti or 1080. Unfortunetly I am unable to get him a 1080 with his budget..
  5. LewisPark

    1080p Graphics card suggestions

    Would be at 60hz possibly 144hz later down the road when he can afford a new monitor.
  6. LewisPark

    1080p Graphics card suggestions

    1070ti do just fine?
  7. LewisPark

    1080p Graphics card suggestions

    Well my buddy lives in Canada. I live in the US. Components are way cheaper here than there. I am just gonna build it here and ship it up to him.
  8. LewisPark

    1080p Graphics card suggestions

    Gotcha, Thank you!
  9. LewisPark

    1080p Graphics card suggestions

    What would you say the Nvidia equivalent is ? We're both Nvidia fanboy's even though 2080ti's are dropping like flies.
  10. My buddy in Canada is wanting a new gaming rig. He is on a budget and I am wondering what the best choice would be. I was leaning toward a 1070ti or a 1080. Something that would future proof a little... TIA
  11. LewisPark

    OP Seat's a good brand?

    Update: I will be going with DX Racer. I have seen reviews of the base snapping. Furthermore quite a bit of people will receive the chair with oils marks and torn material. A risk I don’t want to take with this type of price tag. Pic of article I found.
  12. LewisPark

    OP Seat's a good brand?

    I am in need of a new Computer chair. My friends have DX Racer's and I have sat in them. They are really comfy chair's but the price is a little steep for a college student. I saw the brand OP Seat's and they looked to be pretty decent for the price point ($100-$120 cheaper). Do you or anyone you know have or had one before? Would I be better off spending an extra $100ish dollars for a DX Racer. I really want something that'll last me years. My current Walmart chair was not the best choice...TIA DX Racer: https://www.dxracer.com/us/en-us/product/1/gaming_chairs/racing_series/oh-rv131-nw/ OP Seat: https://opseat.com/shop/gaming-chairs/master-series-grey/
  13. LewisPark

    ssd 128gb windows 10

    Yes, it's more than enough. I have Windows 10 installed on my 120GB SSD, and still have about 60-70GB free. Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS.
  14. LewisPark

    Gaming Chair Recommendations

    Following as my Walmart chair is about to fucking snap..