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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/linustech/status/1243419333381873664?lang=en
  2. There's a Twitter post by linus talking about Anker or something
  3. I'm new to the desk pc genre and there's not many resources online about desk pcs. Is there any reasonably priced desk pc cases that aren't over a grand? Also it has to be able to fit custom liquid cooling
  4. Hey guys really sorry I didn't reply, so when I went on YouTube to find an overclocking tutorial it said that there was an auto voltage feature
  5. sorry debounce time, autocorrect lol
  6. I dont think thats an option, have you gone into the mouse software? I have a glorious model o and over there you need to go into the software and turn the denounce time up
  7. By the way I have a decent 360 mm cooler and a 750w psu
  8. Hey guys so i recently finished my pc build with a i9 9900k and 16gb of 3600mhz RAM. But when went into my bios for overclocking, I notice that whenever I put my cpu speed above 4.8 GHz, my pc just freezes minutes after booting. Also, if I put my ram speed to over 3200mhz, the pc doesn't even boot at all, currently I'm using my pc with 4.8ghz and 3200mhz and its working fine but is there any way I can max it out?
  9. hey guys it would be cool for someone to respond...
  10. i had unlocked it, the thing is it wont clicj in bcs of the heatsink in the way
  11. The reason i am asking if i could remove it is because it is in the way of my graphics card
  12. Hey guys so right now I am trying to install a graphics card for my pc. The problem is next to my pcie slot there is a hub thing there. I was wondering if I were to remove it, would my mobo break?