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  1. Randomguy123

    Rust help

    So i just decided to buy it game works good buttttttttt Mouse smoothing or something , the mouse is slippery and seems that many suffer from it WOuld love for an advice how to fix it Please thank you
  2. Randomguy123

    Please advise me

    Ahh Rust is good but do you know any other good survival games ?
  3. Randomguy123

    Please advise me

    Well i dont know this sounds too much RPG im feeling like Rust Something with survival is top priority
  4. Randomguy123

    Please advise me

    I dont know ive seen Black Dessert Online but its not availble for my country and ahhhmmm i dont know I played Warframe and seems to me like Rust is good i like the Closed big map and inventory system and crafting reminds me of Dayz
  5. Randomguy123

    Please advise me

    So i got some spair money and im looking to buy games i came from Arma 2 Dayz Mod (OLD) CSGO and arma 3 and stuff im just looking for an RPG or maybe something that will give me the old feeling of BF3 days Feel free to offer me other stuff than what i said just not those fighting stuff :DD
  6. Randomguy123

    So 2 days ago it was all fine ..

    browser is google Windows 10 pro cable from PC to router and it says site cannot be reached
  7. Randomguy123

    So 2 days ago it was all fine ..

    by the title i have a problem my google pages load slowly , NOT all of them but facebook for example slowly or not even and sometimes when i enter Google it just loads and then says cant load error like when you have no internet help :D
  8. Randomguy123

    Fullscreen Optimization? (PUBG)

    So i was told that disabling Fullscreen optimi can increase FPS or just fix the smoothen sensetivity im interested to know what it actualy does
  9. Randomguy123


    So you are saying people suffer from the same stuff and the reason people good in this is because they actualy PLAY TOO MUCH
  10. Randomguy123


    so i decided to buy PUBG 4 days ago and while i played i noticed something. randomaly the sensetivity is like Smoothed like it feels like if you play on Vsync and its sliding. does anyone know how to fix ? PC specs that i remember: GTX 1080 proc: i5 8500 RAM : 16GB Monitor : its a 1 that max res is 1920X1080 standard and 60hz
  11. Randomguy123


    Who thinks this is LAME ?
  12. Randomguy123

    Geforce Experience PLEASE HELP ME

    Mannnn what should i dooo ?
  13. Randomguy123

    Geforce Experience PLEASE HELP ME

    In the Nvidia section
  14. Randomguy123

    Geforce Experience PLEASE HELP ME

    Go to services, and tell me what you see there if something is running and if something isnt
  15. Randomguy123

    Geforce Experience PLEASE HELP ME

    i see that this problem accured because of their last driver update right ?