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  1. So the indicator light by the network port and Windows both indicate a gigabit link?
  2. OP did you ever figure this out? I am having same problem
  3. CCleaner 35 pass erase. That shit is supposed to be good enough for the DoD.
  4. Have you checked Disk Management to see if it shows up? Maybe it needs to be initialized and formatted before it’s recognized.
  5. Unless you have illegal shit you’re trying to wipe, a quick format will do the trick. If this person is your “friend” I doubt they’d attempt data recovery on the drive.
  6. OP asked a simple question people, the answer is yea it would be fine. I would hope, that’s like not even remotely close to the TBW they’re typically rated for.
  7. You’re screwed. You could put a ton of time and potentially money into it, but I believe that recovering all those movies is incredibly unlikely. Sorry dude
  8. Windows can also cause this if set to balanced or power saver mode. High performance mode has minimum cpu state set to 100 percent, thus forcing the cpu to operate at least at base clock all the time.
  9. Your BIOS probably does support it. Some Acer laptops ship with RAID already set up.
  10. I'm trying to get my Homebridge config file set up but I'm having issues. I have a feeling theres something basic im missing. Obviously I have no idea what I'm doing and any help would be greatly appreciated. Getting this error from json validators: { "bridge": { "name": "Homebridge", "username": "XX:xx:xx:xx:xx", "port": XXXXX, "pin": "xxx-xx-xxx" } , "description": "This is an example configuration file with one fake accessory and one fake platform. You can use this as a template for creating your own configuration file containing devices you actually own.", "platforms": [ { "platform": "TplinkSmarthome", "name": "TplinkSmarthome", "devices": "xxx.xxx.xxx", "platform": "Dafang", "mqtt": { "hostBroker": true, "debug": true, "mongoUrl": "mongodb://<dbuser>:<dbpassword>@xxxxx.mlab.com:xxxxx/homebridge-xxxxxxxxw/mqtt" }, "cameras": [{ "cameraName": "Bedroom", "cameraRTSPStreamUrl": "rtsp://xxx.xxx.x.xxx:xxxx/unicast", "mqttTopic": "SleepyHollow/Bedroom/#", "cameraName": "Living Rooom", "cameraRTSPStreamUrl": "rtsp://xxx.xxx.x.xxx:xxxx/unicast", "mqttTopic": "SleepyHollow/LivingRoom/#" } ] }
  11. I thought the same thing for a while. Those settings actually refer to max and minimum clock speed percent of the cpu. You can set max cpu to like 10 percent, but that means the cpu will run at most like 800mhz, not that utilization will be capped at 10 percent.
  12. The drives were likely in RAID 0 (striping, aka sharing data across both drives). When you removed the HDD you rendered the SSD unbootable.