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  1. Dear company, please try and review new graphics cards. Nvidia made rtx titan and rtx quadro 8000. Amd made radeon pro ssg and radeon wx series and radeon pro duo.
  2. Dear company, website is not translated to Slovak. Please translate it to Slovak.
  3. Please make video about space engine. it took all VRAM on nvidia 1060 6GB. www.spaceengine.org. there are also 128K textures.
  4. Please make review on space engine. I took all VRAM on nvidia 1060. www.spaceengine.com

  5. Dear company, please make video about univese sandbox 2. It is most stressing for cpu. Also Please contact microsoft by feedback app in start menu of windows 10 about all your problems. Also Please contact game developers. that is their job to optimize games because amd threadripper 1920x is 12 nm process. Also sell everything and then buy red rocket x card to all your editors. Also Please contact adobe for fix about premiere being premiere as You said. You can not expect to run every app on every component fluently without developers works fixes.