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  1. What can I do? It’s very confusing I don’t know what I did wrong, there’s so many pieces, and I followed the instruction guide
  2. See I don’t gave the very top frame piece because it’s a different cooler, that would be the mounting system for an Intel build i have an amd build question so I tried to swap CPUS, so I tested it swapped my 1600 with an 1800x now the 1800x doesn’t boot, installed my 1600 also doesn’t work! What do you think could be the issue double checked all cables are there have suspicion that it could be the power supply because I hear something rattling in it, something could’ve got in but everything power on, and on my mother board I have a EZ DBUG lighting system, and the CPU light is on
  3. My H5 cryorig cpu won’t fit can anyone help me out?
  4. Alright do you possibly have a video of how to clear the cmos on the MSI 760gm-p23 and I’ll let you know if the AHCI thing works
  5. How do I change it to ahci? Yes I meant seta lol! Alright yes I did buy this system used. But I’m hoping it works cause the FX 6300 is a decent processor! I don’t have the computer with me rn but I’ll try changing it to AHCI once I know how to do that; have any other ideas that would possibly get this system to boot into windows? Like bios is completely fine but everything I do it won’t boot into Wi does lol
  6. Yes I’m using a USB port on the mobi, yes weirdly the mobotherboard says IDE But I’m using a zeta port. I’ve used the subs before and it has worked yes I’m thinking maybe try installing Windows 8 instead of windows 10? Will that work? Maybe the windows 10 is too new and then I’ll install windows 8 and then upgrade it to windows 10
  7. Hello! I have an issue with this combo, it simply won’t boot into windows whatsoever! The computer boots into bios no problem, but when I try to insert a Bootable USB for windows 10 it shows the windows logo and then it’s just a black screen. And if there’s no Bootable USB it just displays a black screen. And yes there’s a Windows already on the drive and I’ve made sure everything is plugged in. But it simply won’t boot into windows! Please help
  8. Hello I was interested in upgrading my PSU to something more powerful for cheap because I’m broke and I need something better is all! Can anyone give me tips?
  9. I turned on my PC one day and there was this line, I tried different ports and different HDMI cables and computers and laptops and still doesn’t go away, can anyone help?
  10. I’m getting a PC for very cheap and it comes with the i7-7700K and I’m paying a good price
  11. So the graphics card will work good with the i7-7700k? sorry I’m kinda slow