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  1. Edit: It has been 3 years, is there a way to online check the warranty?
  2. I bought the headset like 2 years ago at bestbuy, I think its past the warranty period. Also all the covid stuff going on
  3. I will be ordering a new headset after all this is over, the left swivel earcup keeps breaking, to the point where its actually coming out of the headset, I mainly just game and don't need fancy features like 7.1 surround sound, mic would be appreciated as well. I also just use these for youtube and twitch, am hardly an audiophile. I dont need things like fancy RGB either just looking for a decent headset under 70$
  4. Either AMD or Nvidia would be find I am in the 200-250$ price range right now. I am running a 6700k OC to 4.6GHZ with 16gb of RAM right now. I game at 1080p
  5. I am currently rocking an old Raidmax Viper II which served me well when I had an matx motherboard and am3+ board. I recently got a 6700k and z170-k board from my friend and while the current case works, it's time for an upgrade because the cable management is awful on this case and doesn't even have a cutout for the cpu connector. I was thinking about the phanteks p300 but the lack of proper airflow (mainly intake) pulls me off because I am running my 6700k at 4.6Ghz with a 212 black.
  6. I am upgradding from a hand me down asetek 510LC due to its high temps and was wondering which is better. I am running a 6700K currently OC at 4.2 GHZ and will maybe max out at 4.4 if I decided to go higher. For what its worth I have 2X XPG Z1 RAM which has fairly high heat spreaders
  7. My current GPU is this, I know that 3GB of VRam is currently pushing limits with games like the new tomb raider, my performance tends to be fine in games, I ususally try to go for 1080p med-high settings. I found this RX 580 for 160$ and was wondering if it would be worth the upgrade, I hardly, if ever, use features like ansel or shadowplay so I won't be needing things like those. My rest of the build is as follows: CPU: Intel core I7 6700k @4.2 GHZ GPU: MSI 1060 3GB MOBO: ASUS z170A RAM: 2X 8GB ADATA DDR4 @ 3000 Mhz PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600W ATX 12 V2.3 Power Supply TR-600CUS
  8. Yeah it is set to auto like in your pic, thanks for trying though. I guess I could reach out to msi but idk if they will have any answers
  9. Copied your fan curve and did everything you suggested, no luck I still unfortunately am stuck at the minimum fan speed of 49%
  10. Update: Checking with gpu z after setting up a better curve the card fan is still running at 49% min with no changes
  11. Even without setting a curve the lowest option I can get in the menu for fan control is 49
  12. I just want it to run at minimal to nothing when idling and less than 60, the yellow line pretty much sets it to only be able to go to 49% speed minimum
  13. So how would I go about modifying minimum speed in my card's bios then?