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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have seen "7" and "8" series terms thrown around so that helps some. I have to refresh my memory on Linus' TCL video again.
  2. Hey Forum, Looking to buy a new TV for watching stuff from streaming services. Could use some help since there are so many options from so many companies. I see various posts on slickdeals all the time and there are so many different options from Samsung, LG, VIZIO, TCL, etc. Is there a link to describe the differences the different tiers of each manufacturer? Couldn't really find anything and a lot of guides are straight to best in class that don't necessarily fit my budget. A few other pieces of info: - I am using an NVIDIA shield, no cable tv service, just internet - i don't care about built in apps - Budget has a hard cap at $650 not including tax - I live in NYC so $ and looking to buy from Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart (I get 5x points) - I am not going to game with it - I don't really care about OLED - I don't really care about HDR - I don't care about a "future proof" display Thanks in advance and if there are any questions that might help inform a recommendation, let me know.
  3. lol...whoops...when multitasking isn't really a thing. I think it is a 2300x series something. Have to check on Tuesday.
  4. I have a 700W Corsair laying around from a previous build. Thanks
  5. I think it is a 2500x series i5. I have to check back on Tuesday when I drop by again
  6. To kill time, just some Star Craft 2, but I do like playing Titanfall 2 from time to time. My older Core2 Duo system wouldn't even let me play it. I'm not gonna play AAA games from the past 2 years on it, I have my home computer for that.
  7. Hey all, I inherited an older computer from a relative and plan on updating some of the parts to use at my parents place when I pet sit. At my apartment I have a better machine, but when I'm visiting I'd like to game a little bit to pass the time. The machine was already a franken build out of an old lenovo thinkcenter. It is an i5 with a Corei5 with 8GB RAM and Windows 10 I have an old SAPPHIRE DUAL-X Radeon R9 280 that I was going to throw in there. My question is, with the 580's dropping to $150, would it be too much GPU for this type of system? I don't mind spending the money, but don't want to waste it. The system will be running on an old DELL ULTRASHARP 2408WFP. Thanks,
  8. I salvaged the Samsung drive from a deceased family friend's stockpile of stuff. Payment was that I had to scrub through 5 HDDs worth of stuff and back it all up.
  9. Hey all, UPDATE: I went cheapish for this build since I don't need much computing power and will spend the most on the GPU. Here is what I went with https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZcRpmq With the newegg masterpass, ebay 15% off, and google express 25% codes running around I just pulled the trigger. Now all I have to do is wait for nvidia to drop a new GPU. I think I will order a 1070ti on Aug 19th and then decide to return it or not based on the new cards.
  10. Hey all, Tmobile has a discount code for 25% off with a max discount of $40 on google express. Best value is to spend $160 for the full 25% off. Anything higher than that the discount decreases. So should I pick up: A) 16GB RAM How much of a difference would 2666 vs. 3000 make a difference? Will RAM prices continue to drop? Should I wait? B) Motherboard or Powersupply or Case (2 out of 3) Looks like most of the items are listed under Fry's electronics C) SSD Drive I already have two Samsung 850 SSD drives. Is there a big difference between that and a 970 Pro NVME drive? Will memory prices continue to drop? Should I wait?
  11. I could be wrong, but Intel's roadmaps don't look all that promising? Are they still on that tick/tock cycle and they are having trouble getting on higher density silicon? But really...I would rather get this build started sooner rather than later. Because if I keep waiting, I'll end up waiting until Black Friday.
  12. I would prefer it, but not 100% necessary. If it costs me more than $100 to have Type C, then I can live without it.
  13. 1. Budget & Location Location: New York City (Some e-tailers charge sales tax in NY State) Budget: Max is $1,500, but I’d like to save where I can. I don’t mind spending money, but I don’t want to waste money on pieces that have overclocking headroom because I will be doing zero of that. My personality likes to tinker, but I can’t devote the time to go down that rabbit hole The plan is to partially build my computer now because I am moving and would rather build a new unit at the new apartment. However, I am willing to wait until after Nvidia announces the new Turing based GPU in late August to purchase that or something else. I wanted to get the ball rolling to keep an eye out for parts now that RAM prices are becoming reasonable. I can build the system out and use my current video card in the new system to hold me over. 2. Aim Gaming all the AAA tiles on single play that currently exists at high or highest quality. I am too old to have time to play multiplayer, so super high frame rates is not as important to me. Some Adobe Photoshop and some Premiere eventually as a hobby. 3. Monitors I plan to be running the current Dell U3415W which has a 3440 x 1440 resolution. I don’t plan on multi-monitor support at all. 4. Peripherals I have all the peripherals I need and have Windows 10 already. But you never know what shiny RGB gadget hypnotizes me. 5. Why are you upgrading? I have a Core2 Duo computer with 16GB of RAM and GTX 560 card so anything can be an upgrade at this point. Ever since I upgraded to my ultrawide, I didn’t even attempt to run games because I knew it would not be a good experience. 6. My personal thoughts/ideas CPU - I would like an Intel 8th gen i5. I don’t see a need for an i7, but ya’ll can correct me if I’m wrong. I heard Adobe released an optimization for Intel processors recently, so that is pushing me away from anything Ryzen. Again, ya’ll can correct me if I am wrong. CPU Cooler – Nothing fancy, but quiet and possibly fanless would be a plus Motherboard – I just want a solid board with nVMe support and USB 3 Type C header support. Doesn’t need to overlock. I am assuming ATX because it has the best price to performance ratio nowadays. RAM – I would like 16GB and haven’t seen a need for 32. No clue about what speed/timings the newer processors need to run optimally, but I don’t want to overpay for “fast” memory to overlock CASE – I don’t care about windows or lighting. I just want a well-built case with good airflow and a Type C USB port. GPU – Right off the bat, I’m willing to pay up to $600 for a GPU. However, there aren’t a lot of benchmarks for AAA FPS titles with ultrawides at close to max settings? I simply don’t know if a 1070ti/1080/1080ti would be adequate or not. In terms of “futureproofing”, I personally don’t think game engines will get more demanding, but the push for 4K HDR will require higher GPU performance. Being that I’m not going to upgrade my monitor in the next two years or so, what do I really need? Power Supply – This is a bit tricky since we don’t know the requirements for the eventual Turing GPU. But I assume a 700W Gold will work? At worst, I can get the minimum needed for a 1080Ti and a i5? Hard Drives – I have a few Samsung 950 SSD’s and think they are fine. I wouldn’t mind getting a 256GB NVME drive and using the 950’s for storage. I have various external spinning drives already for backups. That’s all I got for now and to everyone, thanks in advance!