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  1. Well that's unfortunate, thanks for the answer tho
  2. So a few days back i noticed a slight rubbing noise(loudness and frequency keeps varying from time to time) from the top case on left part of the keyboard which is very subtle in normal conditions but is audible at night when there is very little ambient noise. The only moving component in my laptop is the single fan which is located on the other side. Putting my ear up against the case I can verify that noise is from the the left side rather than the right(the fan is located near the right). I hear the noise faintly from the speakers(bottom firing) as well, but I tried reinstalling realtek drivers and also disabling the speakers but the sound persists. Does someone have any clue waht this sound may be caused to due since I cannot work due to this noise at night without wearing headphones. Laptop- Dell Inspiron 14 5490 about month old I would try recording audio right now but there is way too much ambient noise which the mic picks up easily and the noise gets drowned out.
  3. Thanks a lot dude, this helped a lot in making a decision.
  4. https://www.dell.com/en-in/shop/laptops-2-in-1-pcs/new-inspiron-13-5391-laptop/spd/inspiron-13-5391-wifi-laptop/icc-c584503win8 I was considering this laptop for my brother and mom who will mainly use it for ms office, browsing, bluej etc and also very rarely csgo. So I wanted to know your thoughts on it. cpu-i5 10210u ram-8gb soldered 2133mhz non upgradeable 1)Are these specs enough for the above use case for atleast 8 years or so? My main concern is with the ram which is only 8gb and has a speed of 2133mhz. Will such a slow speed hinder performance by any chance? 2)Also the WiFi and Bluetooth antenna are mention as 1x1 whereas I am used to seeing 2x2 or even 4x4 is this something important to consider, I don’t know what these numbers mean. 3)Also it is usual to see manufacturers using qlc flash for their which is not exactly durable when compared to mlc or even tlc. So is it going to last for atleast 8 years because the current laptop that my mom has is atleast 9 years old with a 5400 rpm hardrive which has still not failed but does make unusual sound. 4) is the 72% srgb coverage good enough for a good movie watching experience? thks in advance.
  5. Also btw I was able to get the smartthings app installed
  6. Before buying my pair of galaxy buds I checked some video on YouTube and found out that you had to download the galaxy wearable app(which I was able to do) and then it would guide you to install the galaxy buds plugin app, however when I searched for this app on the play store, it showed that it was Incompatible with my device (samsung galaxy m30s). So can someone confirm if I will be able to use that app which allows me to check the earbud settings and change them etc.
  7. Ya that’s a good motherboard, keep in mind a v important thing tho, the bios is designed to work for 2nd gen and you will need to update the bios by using a 2nd gen cpu(which you will have to borrow from somewhere) only then will you be able to use ur 3rd gen cpu. This is bcuz b450 was originally released from Ryzen 2nd gen
  8. Otherwise it’s a good rig, I would personally recommend a good quality b450 mobo
  9. Please my man, change the motherboard, it doesn’t support overclocking bcuz of a320 chipset limitations and cheaping out in a mobo is not something you should do
  10. Its not possible it will just used the cpus integrated graphics, you will have to compulsorily buy an adapter like donut said. There is a really really tricky method which is very time consuming and will take a lot of hard work to do and you need a lot of experience(Linus and Anthony did it in one of the videos and they too had a hate time doing it). So it’s better if you just buy and adapter.
  11. I installed the latest public beta 6(from iOS 12.3)for iPad os on my 9.7 in 6th gen and iPad Air 3 and noticed that the shortcuts app was no longer available, on checking in the App Store it does not appear, and when I was the app page on safari, it said that this app contains features not available on your device, so what’s going on have shortcuts gone for everyone on ipados?
  12. I wiil be visiting the us after a few days, would consider light to be below 3.5 to 4 lbs and minimum battery life of 6-8hrs under moderate to heavy usage.
  13. But r they reliable? Also can these still be bought new from walmart bcuz i really prefer new ones with warranty and all that, bcuz if anything goes wrong i wont be able to put in much for repair
  14. Hello there, I have recently found the need for a good laptop for school under about 1200 USD. The laptop should preferably be thin and light with minimum to no gamer accents, aggressive styling etc. But a bit of it is ok. I will be using it for ms office along with light video editing(nothing too much) and I will be playing relatively demanding games like overwatch, csgo, fortnite etc and have figured out that I will require at least 4gb of VRAM so like 1050 and higher and atlest 4 physical cpu cores. On amazon, there are a fair bit of options but almost all of them are thick and are flashy red etc.(most from msi and asus) Any help is appreciated thank you. ?