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  1. Thanks you! I'll keep you informed if everything is fine or not.
  2. The problem started at the same time i replaced my graphics card. From a 1060 to a 2070. Coincidence? Battery is exactly under the graphics card.
  3. It feels ''snug'' now. Could it be something else, like a corrupted BIOS? I modified a BIOS with ubu tool to have the latest microcode, but i rolled back to the official one. Benchmarks are better now, don't know why.
  4. Hi! I just did what you advised me and the battery had a little wiggle and i bend it upward soflty and now it's sitting straigh. Let's see what happens and thanks for your advice.
  5. One thing i think i forgot to mention to you was: when the BIOS resets itself, the time didn't go to 00.00 hours and the date of the BIOS release, in fact the date and hour is the same when i shut down the computer, for example if i shutdown the pc now (2/9/2020 at 18.42) and i'll start the machine up tomorrow (for example at 10.40 and date 2/10/2020) the time get "stuck" at 2/9/2020 at 18.42. Is that normal nowadays? Because, in my other computers the time and date went all the way back to the BIOS release date and 00 hours. I hope i explained myself, sorry for the mess.
  6. I'm gonna take it tomorrow to RMA and i'll let you know what happens. Thanks!
  7. Then i must take the motherboard to RMA to see what happens. The thing is if they don't find anything what do i do?
  8. Hi, again! I've been thinking one thing. Could a modified BIOS with the UBU tool be causing this issue? I installed the latest BIOS from ASUS website and I ran CB R15 with better scores (from 1050cb to 1078cb and the better score was 1097cb), same with CB R20 (from 2626 to 2672cb) and Passmark (with this one i'm having some problems, cause a normal score is around 13500 and i was getting 12300 and now 12700, compression is too low, 8000 points lower than the a "normal" score, couldn't find the issue/problem). But anyway, it got better too.
  9. It's random. In fact i unplugged everything because of the electric storm and i recently start the pc up and all is ok. I talked with the company who sold me the mobo and i'm going next monday and RMA it. Let's see what happens, i still have 1 month of warranty with them, then with ASUS. Thanks for your help. I'll tell you what happens in a few days (or weeks). Luckily i have a notebook.
  10. A couple of months ago. I asked in another forum, but when i change the CMOS battery, it stopped, till last night, and i changed the CMOS battery again last night. EDIT: I cleaned my old system all the time and i didn't have any of these problems (6600K, ASUS Z170 Sabertooth S).
  11. Last question: could it be static electricity from when i clean the PC? EDIT: It started to happen when i change the GPU from a 1060 to the 2070 if i'm not remembering wrong.
  12. You can't or you don't see? Sorry, the cell's webcam is crap.
  13. Sorry for the quality of the pics. The post screen is the same everytime it resets itself.
  14. Yes, i am going to take a picture and send it to you. Give a couple of minutes. Thanks!
  15. Here, in Argentina, RMA is a pain in the ass. Worst country ever. But i'll give it a try and see what happens. Thanks.