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  1. Im not sure if there are any PCI-E cards for bluetooth, most people just have a little USB adapter. As for the headphone jack, my PC has a similar issue, its just that the sound is a bit staticky and I havent found a solution to it. I just use the headphone bypass on my speakers and the sound there is nice and clear. Hope this helped!
  2. Hello again. So basically I will cut straight to the chase, I want to buy 10 meters of non-waterproof rgb led strips(I will be using them inside, and on my desk in a place where they are safe from any spills), but I am kind of confused on how they work. I want to buy the standalone version with a power adapter and rgb controller, not the ones that plug into your pc. I want to put them on 2 opposite walls and my desk which is in between. How do I do this, what type of strips should I buy(5050 or 2835), etc. Will I need to buy 3 different power adapters and rgb controllers or is there some cables I can use. If I get 3 rgb controllers, will I be able to control them with one remote, and if so, how do I switch between the 3 areas of strips? I live in Latvia, so if youre gonna send links please say if they are compatible with the power network and plugs here. I dont have a lot of money left over, so I will most probably be buying on AliExpress, so any links or just general reccomendations are welcome! Thanks in advance!
  3. Awesome! Thanks for checking for me, now going to add the OTG cable to my birthday shopping list.
  4. So I will cut straight to the chase. I have a chinese wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 controller. I am deciding on if I should buy an OTG cable to use it on my phone but I am wondering if the chinese adapter will work on my phone. I had to install the drivers for pc manually, so Im not sure if thats possible on Android 9(One UI)
  5. Well I wont bother then. I have an RX580, so the cpu isnt a bottleneck anyway
  6. Alright. Should I consider getting a new motherboard? Or rather invest my money in something else
  7. So I have a build with a Ryzen 5 2600, Asus Prime B450M-K and the stock cooler. Should I try overclocking my cpu? I'm not gonna be bending reality, a mild overclock would seem to do good. If so, does someone have a good Ryzen overclocking tutorial, since it's my first build and I haven't over clocked anything except my RAM. P.S. I have a 2nd gen Ryzen because I built this pc before 3rd gen, and it was too long to wait for Zen 2 Thank you!
  8. Update: When going into a game and binding a key to the buttons it doesnt show up as mouse 4 or somethig but Page Up and page down. So as far as I get it, the mouse emulates a keyboard with the page up and page down keys. Still looking for a solution to my problem.
  9. So I recently bought a cheap gaming mouse as a temporary thing(it was on sale for like 2 euro, and I prefer the size and design of gaming mouses over more generic ones), while im saving up for something better, and it has 2 extra buttons on the side. When I click them in the browser one goes to the previous page and the other goes back a page, or in Spotify it changes songs. I tried to look around for a bit on how to reprogram them but none of the solutions work. Is there some way to change what the buttons do, since I would love to use it for things like Discord push to talk or things in creativity programs like Photoshop. The mouse did not come with any instructions or guide, so its just me looking around. From what I have found out so far is that in devices and printers the mouse shows up as a keyboard, and when right clicking it reveals mouse settings and keyboard settings on the dropdown menu. Any help appreciated, since I cant live without shortcuts, and just using keyboard shortcuts is inconvenient. Thanks!
  10. Im still going to go get a B450. I live in a country where gaming or just overall professional computer usage is lack luster, I have multiple friends with gaming rigs but all of them are on Intel since Ryzens are brand new here. If I had a first gen ryzen I still probably wouldnt do it, I am extremely paranoid about this stuff because everything costs so much. But thanks for the advice, Ill be sure to remember this if any friends run into the same problem, since Im basically leading a pc gaming revival in my class, and many others are also setting up their builds.
  11. I have been looking at SSDs, but I am very hard on my budget since I am buying basically a whole setup for 700 euro. But thanks for the advice, I will be sure to swap out the ram since it costs the same here.
  12. When making my first build in pcpartpicker I selected a Ryzen 5 2600 and a Asus B350 M-E, but it shows error: "Some AMD B350 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Pinnacle Ridge CPUs. Upgrading the BIOS may require a different CPU that is supported by older BIOS revisions." I am not sure what to do, this is my first time building and selecting parts so I am very worried about this. I am looking at an Asus PRIME B450M-K which is only 2 euro more. Should I take the B350 or change to the 450? Or take the 1600x? And will the rest of my build be compatible? Rest of my build: GPU: MSI GT OCV1 GTX 1060 6gb Case: Fractal Design Focus G PSU: Thermaltake TRS2 500W 80+ HDD: Seagate BarraCuda 3.5" 1TB 64MB 7200RPM RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8gb(1×8) DDR4-2666 Thank you in advance for this and the rest of the help on my other posts regarding this build. Ikaunieksplay
  13. Okay so a few months after first thinking about my build I need some help So after scowering the used stuff site here in latvia(ss.com) I found some pretty good deals. Old setup is in the picture below. So my questions New msi 1050ti or used msi 1060 220€ 180€ Ryzen 5 1600X or used I5-6600K 150€ 160€ And good mobo's for both CPU's And Im struggling to find a nice case I have been recomended the versa h23 but I have seen some bad reviews because of airflow, so I need a case with good airflow and multiple included fans.