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  1. Can you explain me what are vapor chamber cooler's ??
  2. Hey guys I Live in a hostel and have a lan connection which tends to block all major sites from where one can download free stuff its fortiguard web filtering it don't even let me browse hd popcorn for movie and ocean of games for pc games help me out
  3. @Master Disaster solid copy sir thanks again and if u have any advise put on table
  4. @Master Disaster thanks sir,any more suggestions !!! Please, it'll help me a lot
  5. AMD Ryzen 3 2200g crashes when I turn on my PC it crashes after 10 to 15 min of operations giving me a BSOD of clock watchdog timeout I tried everything thing driver update, changing setting, reinstalling windows ,no matter what I do it keeps crashing please help me !!! I have a ryzen 3 2200g gigabyte DS3hm mother board , hyperx fury 2400mhz 8gb ram Vega 64 strix , cooler master mwe 750 w psu 1tb HDDWin 10 64bit version 10.0.10240 build 10240 help me out guys please!!!
  6. @Skiiwee29 thanks bro
  7. I have just received my strix Rx Vega 64 it has got branding of arez on it's backplate and fans and it doesn't have Asus strix branding on it so is it genuine
  8. @Faisal A can HDD cause crashing because that HDD never drops from 100 % load even at ideal do you think it can be my mother board ??
  9. @Lord NicollI have a hyperx fury 8 gb 2400 MHz temps are all normal
  10. @Faisal A bro previously I did asked someone what PSU should I use on same fourm they suggested me to buy a 750 w psu for this and I baught and bro IAM not a tester who can keep changing hard ware please suggest me something should I wait for an SSD because my HDD is super old like super duper old and slow so can it be the reason which is causing problem because on the start up it gets pinned to 100% and never drops down
  11. @Faisal A I have got a r3 2200g a gigabyte b450m DS3h mother board and a Asus strix Vega 64 with cooler master mwe 750 w psu with a Seagate barracuda 1tb HDD and a super old Seagate 160 gig HDD for window as my Toshiba HDD died before this build and I didn't have any money to buy new SSD
  12. Got another new problem my system keeps crashing after 15 to 20 minutes of turning on I thought it was bad HDD or OS I formated the drive started fresh with new windows install still the same problem I thought it was bad GPU then I give it a fresh driver's install it runs perfectly fine then I thought it was a bad CPU I run cinebench it too run perfectly fine now I think it's a bad mother board help me find out what's going wrong please