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    i9 9820x
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    MSI x299 sli plus 2066
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    32GB G.skill Trident Z
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    MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X
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    Thermaltake View 31
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    MSI DS200
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    circa 1995 boston acoustics & AudioTechnica ATHm40X
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Where I very much like the x299 platform and my processor has been very good to me I'm curious to what the actual benefits are at this point when the 10900 offers 10 cores at 5ghz. I realize 2066 allows you up to I think an 18 core CPU but what other benefits does it really have to offer? Is there actually a list of benefits I know that all of my PCI slots are a full 16x and that I have quad-channel ddr4. But those really don't seem to be all that important now that gpus offer way more than sli ever did
  2. With the new ryzen series coming out an Intel 10th gen desktop chips pushing 10 cores of their own. Is there really any benefit to running an X series chip anymore? I feel like with the increased clock speed and cork out that ryzen offers the x-series platform feels dead. No one throws them up for any kind of comparison on benchmarks. I mean one was information if it's worth upgrading or not or just building AMD?
  3. the boards I'm using only have one or two fan headers. one being a CPU fan header I used to use the old 5.25 bay fan controller but with the advancements in tech I really wanted to use os the other boards i have that have 4+ fan headers no longer pwm control after bios update... as soon as certain processor is installed the fans all run at 100% trying to keep it cool even if its only at 30c just got a new board in with 8 headers on it 2 for CPU, hopefully this system will allow me to run a little quieter but I don't know its the same mfg. i like the software control options you gave do you know any cheap hardware controllers?
  4. No? I can care less who makes the controller. I like the commander pro but not at over $100 a piece. I have a few systems that will no longer pwm fans. They just run out full tilt and it's super annoying. Enter Bios issue lol
  5. I can care less about the RGB just wish I had something more for fans. I have a few things that use temperature probes control fans independently but nothing that integrates with the OS through USB... Was excited to find that but there isn't any in stock and hasn't been for a little while
  6. I've always had an issue with finding fans or rgb that i like. most of the issues are that most things has a high cost propriety controller. The thermaltake riing fans use a special plug and cant cross mix. i like the commander pro but at the price tag i cant just throw one in every pc i own BUT!!!! i came across this little gem does anyone know of anything else like it. that can give you software control over fans?? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CSH5XW4/?coliid=I1UW0E4SEYW5F6&colid=1ZM9SRM6ABVCI&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it its a basic fan controller. looks like rubbish software but i only have 2 fan plugs on my itx board and it would be nice to control all 5 fans
  7. Most m-atx boards run dual channel memory whether they have two or four slots. Boards with 4 slotd basically just add the additional memory but still runs dual channel 4 sticks of 4 Is basically dual 8gb sticks unless you have a quad channel processor... ATX boards almost always have four dimms but are still dual channel. My x series board has 8 slots. But is only a quad channel board 2011 socket Xeon and x series (2066) all support quad channel memory. I think the i6800 did as well. the one board has a quad channel memory controller on it the other one only has a dual channel controller... Or did I misunderstand your statement? I just didn't know outside of a server system how much benefit quad-channel actually gave you
  8. Except for better hardware being cheeper I wouldn't see a reason to wait. I think most people on here would agree that most games aren't designed to use more than maybe for threads at a time with the exception of destiny and a few other titles that can use up to like 16 Intel 10gen is cheeper and better then 9th My i9 9820x was a lot less then my 7800x
  9. I've got about 160gb of ram laying around got lucky with a few lots off eBay for ddr3 ecc. I've got a e5 2670 / 2640 with no matched pair and 6 x5670. I figured I would throw the 2670 on the board. It's not super fast but I'll only be working with cad and emails. Board is $55+12 for shipping. Quad channel board is 68+28 for shipping. And I mean specifically quad-channel not quad-socket both board support 4 sticks of RAM but the controller on one only supports dual channel mode I have an extra lga 1151v1 board laying around but someone chipped the processor. I figured the x79 was cheeper then 1151 processor and ram
  10. So I'm putting together a cheap workstation PC. I have tons of parts lying around and was looking to get a x79 lga 2011 motherboard from eBay/AliExpress. My question is does quad channel vs dual-channel memory really make any difference? I have plenty of extra processors and RAM so the board just seems like an easy way to go. According to this ltt video it doesn't make a difference. Am I understanding it correctly?
  11. do you think in todays market 75 is worth it for that tech? i heard ddr4 is not specific to amd vs intel like the old days maybe a different platform? i love me some older hardware, im considering selling both my x8dtlif and getting a node chassis. ill be able to fit an extra 2 servers in half the area but that's just so i can finally rackmount my battery and get if off the top of my cart
  12. It will just get tossed. I was just looking to upgrade for my kid. Used they still go for $100 he's on a g4400 now. He doesn't play supper intense games. I guess it will just be a wash I bought it used from a guy at work at parted it out. Making the cpu upgrade "free" I'd like to put together amd build just can't justify the cost being that it wouldn't get used.
  13. i5 6400 sr2l6 manufacturer? it was suposed to go on a msi h110i pro ac
  14. im having pci controller issues wanted to move it to an ITX board, but dont know if i can even use it now
  15. So if someone dropped a cpu and chipped the corner how had is it? I know in videos they assign pci slots to different vms can i do the same on the cpu? or a way to assign pci slots to a controler? Its a LGA 1151 i5 6400