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  • Birthday October 20

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    Personal Computing, Insane Things On Low Spec Machines
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    T H E C A K E I S A L I E
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    Education Events Coordinator


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    AMD Phenom II X4 980
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    4 GBs DDR3
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    Integrated ATI Radeon 4200
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    HP Pavilion P600 Series Mid ATX Case
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    1TB Hard drive
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    250W ATX
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    HP HD Display
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    Logitech Mechanical (Non-Gaming)
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    Logitech Mouse (Non-Gaming)
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    Realtek HD Audio
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    Ubuntu 19.10 (With Star Labs) / Pop_OS! 19 / Windows 10 Pro
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    Planning to buy a Star Lite MKII (Mr. Beast Wanna Be's Welcome)

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  1. Thx buddy. I’m going for the cheapest model on each. I’m going for only a storage upgrade. My budget is less then $500
  2. If you really need a touchscreen here are some options (Prices in USD) Surface Laptop 3 15", Black (metal), AMD Ryzen 7 3780U, RAM 16GB, Storage: 512GB ($2,100) Surface Pro 7 Black, Intel Core i7, RAM 16GB, Storage: 512GB (With Type Cover $2,100) Surface Book 2 15" Display, Storage: 512GB, Intel Core i7 ($2,900)
  3. Hey all! I need some help picking a budget laptop for light browsing and light productivity. No gaming, no editing. You can see what I’m considering here and vote here. Thanks all
  4. Yeah. I was reading the medium article. Holy shit. Fuck Slickwraps.
  5. Oh my. That’s the nicest hacker ever. They sold my data when Chegg breached last summer
  6. I got it on my A6. I then freaked out and logged into find my mobile.
  7. I agree. I have a Galaxy A6 as my daily driver and have used the S10 once for a few weeks and agree that the S20 is barely an upgrade from the S10
  8. It would be so simple to make it not bootable. It would take like 1 change
  9. Why the hell did Amazon put debug pads on the final release