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  1. You sure that's a 1050ti? Or maybe you don't have drivers installed... hmm. Are you running minecraft with the 1050ti as the primary graphics card?
  2. SC8200 as boot, 500GB plex program drive and 256GB cache drive.
  3. I can't boot to BIOS - it doesn't show anything else other than A2. I haven't overclocked anything.
  4. Hi all, I have built a PC with an MSI H61M P31 (G3) motherboard, and after I flashed my BIOS with seeming success I was stuck in a bootloop state with no display being shown. I reset the CMOS by removing the battery and it didn't bootloop but instead showed error code A2 in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and nothing else. I turned my PC off and then on again and the bootloop resumed. I repeated removing the CMOS battery at least 4 more times with all the same result. No, I do not have any hard drives, SSDs or optical drives connected. No I cannot return the board or RMA or whatever. The CPU, RAM and everything else work fine - I just need to know how to get out of this horribly frustrating scenario so I can reflash the BIOS.
  5. AMD FX-9830P Quad-Core (3.7GHz) | AMD Radeon RX 460 4GB | 8GB DDR4 Hynix 2400MHz | 128GB Hynix SSD/1TB Samsung HDD 

  6. I'm not sure its an XpertVision card, seen as I can barely read the sticker at the bottom, and I doubt it really is a 9500GT with this Palit-esque shroud. Besides, the guy seems like he has no idea what he's talking about, seen as the processor he listed it with was apparently an 'i5 1700k'. 1. This doesn't exist. 2. The only 4th Gen overclockable i5 which would've costed £1700 in 2015 would be the 4690k. The reason it's a 4th gen processor specifically because the motherboard its with is an 1150 socket, and a high quality one as well. I'm linking the ad here, and you can have a look for yourselves. To be fair, I don't think a guy who doesn't know what he's talking about would be a massive liar, and I think I'll make a move on it. Wish me luck, and thank Jebus this isn't eBay, or I could be screwed! And conveniently enough its pretty local, so checking it out and eventually rejecting it won't be an issue. Thanks guys! https://www.gumtree.com/p/desktop-workstation-pcs/gaming-computer-spare-parts-repairs-/1307486905
  7. Ok, so what I've inferred, it could be a GTX 950 4GB? Also thanks guys for the help.
  8. So what could it be, based on the memory layout, the cooler, the ports which aren't visible... anything?
  9. Hi all, I was looking at a Gumtree ad for a spares or repairs PC, and the advert claims that the graphics card is a 'GeForce graphics card 1050k 4gb'. This is the only image of the graphics card on the advert - help?