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    ReHaNTHEREAL reacted to LogicalDrm in LTT official, international used hardware market   
    True. As "Classifieds" is only commonly used in English speaking world. It doesn't make that much sense when one comes from another language. "Classified" makes it seem more like "secret" than "has been set to a class".
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    ReHaNTHEREAL reacted to fringie in A bit of a project   
    You can create functionality that exports to excel using a variety of JavaScript frameworks i.e. kendo-ui. 
    You can probably do what you want without a custom app though. If the exams use the browser the OneNote extension will probably work? There's a windows 10 app called steps recorder and it takes screenshots of all the things you interact with.
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    ReHaNTHEREAL reacted to sphbecker in How to throttle WiFi speed on ZTE ZXV10 W300   
    Don't make your WiFI public. Instead, give your WiFi a password that you don't mind sharing with friends and family. With a public WiFi, someone could do something illigal with your connection (child porn, hacking, sending threatening messages) and you would be blamed for it.
    If you don't want people to connect to your WiFi, just don't tell them the password. Making the connection unusably slow is just going to make your technology look bad, and if you are on this forum, my guess is that you are somewhat known as a technology person.
    The big killer to quotas is steady usage, not bursts, so a neighbor downloading something slowly overnight is going to hurt you more than someone randomly updating an app over your wifi while visiting.
    I realize I am not answering your question. The answer is that what you are asking for cannot be easily done with consumer network equipment. The correct way to do what you are trying to do would be to buy a managed switch that supports flow-control and then connect a separate access point to a port with restricted bandwidth. There are ways you can possibly trick QoS into doing what you want, but QoS is not exactly designed to do what you are asking, and you will likely struggle making it work as expected.
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    ReHaNTHEREAL reacted to Donut417 in How to throttle WiFi speed on ZTE ZXV10 W300   
    You check the supported device list of each 3rd party firmware. BUT like I said, you have a MODEM/ROUTER dont expect them to support that. If you want a router that supports 3rd party firmware I suggest you buy one based on the supported device list of one of the 3rd party firmware makers. Not all routers support 3rd party firmware in the first place. Thats why you have to go based on the list. 
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    ReHaNTHEREAL reacted to James in DIY monitor for under $100!   
    Buy monitors on Amazon: https://geni.us/8ilNf
    Here's how you can build your own monitor using some parts from eBay, 3D printing and a little creativity! Follow along on youtube for the build guide once you have all of the parts listed below ready to go.
    You'll need to print and prepare all the parts from our Thingiverse Remix: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3880504
    Additionally, you'll need these fasteners:
    4x 1/2" long - #2-56 flat head screws
    7x 3/8" long - #4-40 flat head screws
    4x #4-40 Nuts and washers
    Lastly, you'll need to find yourself a 15.6" Panel, matching EDP adapter, power supply and some basic hand tools for the fasteners.
    EDP Adapter
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    ReHaNTHEREAL got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Who thinks Linux is better??   
    Open source also
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    ReHaNTHEREAL reacted to CPotter in LTX 2018 Merch Pricing   
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    ReHaNTHEREAL reacted to CPotter in Madrinas LTT "Lambo" Coffee Roast Available for Pre-Order!   

    Linus Tech Tip’s Lambo Roast is a brilliant blend of medium roasted Latin American & African coffee beans. This roast showcases a sweet chocolatey flavor, a huge bold body, & a smooth caramel finish. This blend was designed with the vast diversity of the LTT audience in mind & is made to deliver a delicious & balanced cup in any brewing method! From high tech espresso to work horse drip machines, this blend will satisfy even the most discerning of coffeeheads!
    All Lambo Roast Preorders will receive a FREE Linus/Madrinas Coffee Sticker!
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    ReHaNTHEREAL reacted to CPotter in Madrinas LTT "Lambo" Coffee Roast Available for Pre-Order!   
    Hey Rehan,
    I'm not sure exactly when it will ship, this is a pre-order and I think the Madrinas peeps are still waiting on the bags to arrive. Will follow up with them to get a better ETA soon.
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    ReHaNTHEREAL reacted to LinusTech in Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions   
    The old thread in the vBulletin forum got lost in the migration (don't worry I still have access to it and I'll still look at it) so I'm creating a new one.
       1. Video should be possible to watch in 1-2 minutes.  2. No elaborate props. If we can't shoot it in the white box with a couple of demonstrative pieces, it's probably not feasible.  3. Keep it simple! The idea here is to simplify computer concepts to the point where your mom can understand it. Not looking for "how to peel the ramspreaders off your memory"    I will read these suggestions, but I may not reply to this thread very often. That doesn't mean I'm not paying attention, it just means I'm busy creating lots of new video content     If you haven't heard of Tech Quickie, it's another YouTube channel we run for paid content and the ever-popular "Fast As Possible" series.   Techquickie's channel - YouTube   http://youtube.com/techquickie   Learn about the latest cool technology in only a couple minutes! Hosted by Linus Sebastian