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    London or Oxford.
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    Pretends to fly fake planes as a hobby.
    Angers community by accident regularly,
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    Student things.

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  1. Mad153


    She got to say "how you like that?" as well
  2. Mad153

    Visit Pakistan

    does that New Zeland place even exist?
  3. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but there's something that makes me feel that this device isn't that great. Maybe i would say the execution - two screens bolted together with hinges isn't that pretty or seamless and IMO it seems worse done than LG's attempt. Coupled by the fact that Samsung + Microsoft integration announced this unpacked means they don't have many extra selling points over a more typical phone, say a note or S series.
  4. Mad153

    Visit Pakistan

    *starts debate about the amount of countries there are*
  5. Can i ask why you want to use a VPN? There's a lot of BS out there (VPN companies spread it on purpose) about how it helps privacy. If you're using a home internet connection using a VPN does not make the internet or your privacy any more secure.
  6. Tried this? https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/42440-readme-how-to-respond-to-a-no-post-or-no-power-up-situation/
  7. I was wondering why they didn't restore default settings in the BIOS - It would have saved so much time...
  8. Ram and SSDs are usually very low power. What's the wattage of your PSU?
  9. Mad153

    Best Wifi Router

    Hello! Plusnet runs on Openreach equipment. You can use any router providing it has a built in VDSL2 modem and supports vlan tagging, or a modem and a separate router. I can recommend Ubiquiti's amplifi HD as I personally love it but others have received it less well. (check my profile for a review) Feel free to @ me or reply to my message and I can help find a setup that works (I'm with BT but because it's openreach it doesn't make any difference)
  10. Mad153

    Valorant Ping

    so you want a fix? I'm confused. You can't really change your ping time...
  11. Welcome to the forum! so your plan is to drill a hole for the cable? It should work unless Dell have locked out the bios to disallow this on purpose to be annoying
  12. trying to find something to do while stuck with a laptop with iGPU...


    1. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      watch netflix?

    2. Mad153


      @Ashley xD don't have a netflix subscription unfortunately. I do have Curiosity stream tho so might watch something there.

  13. is the night colour filter on? welcome to the forums!
  14. I don't know if it will work, but most wifi chips i've seen connect to wifi antennae that go around the insides of the case and if your aspire laptop doesn't have these you might have a bad time using the wifi card.