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  1. Of course the lawyer is like "Yeah were taking this to the supreme court!". Cause AT&T is paying him up the ass to do this so he's probably sitting there like "I am going to rack in the money by telling these idiots that we can win this thing and keep it going"
  2. So I locked my computer and walked away. Came back and moved the mouse to turn the screen back on. Then I was shown a dark grayish screen with my mouse(mouse still working) but I couldn't do anything to get out of it. So i restarted my computer and now all my desktop icons are gone. If I go to my desktop folder on my hard drive everything is still there. But they are not appearing on my desktop. Anyone have this problem before? Thanks!
  3. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. I tried to hold myself together telling myself that it isn't true, that it couldn't be true. But then I lost it, because the horrifying fact was that it was indeed true... I burst into tears and just couldn't contain myself. I smashed that thumbs down button as the tears ran down my face and fell onto my cold shaking hands placed on my keyboard and mouse. Everything I thought I knew, was nothing but a lie. Years of being told this is who he was, this is who Linus was! Was nothing more than just a lie. As I sit there staring at my computer screen still unable to move, my mind moving a million miles a second but still unable to process what has happened. The Linus Media Group that I once loved has shattered my heart into little pieces, right in front of me. For Jesus has returned and reclaimed his sandals! And left Linus with nothing more than a pair of shitty old moon boots from the 80's.....
  4. So I don't know how many of you played rainbow six 3 back on the original xbox days. But I personally still think to this day that this game is the best fps game ever made. I spent thousands of hours playing multiplayer online. Rainbow Six 3 Gold Edition is $2.49 on steam right now. I have seen on some steam forums of people trying to get everyone to buy it to really get the multiplayer to really grow online again. I just picked this game back up and I would love to really get back into playing this game online with everyone. So if you're a fan of the original back on the xbox days grab yourself a copy and get online! Buy copies for your friends! its $2.49! And if you have never played rainbow six 3 from back in the day but love shooters, pick it up! its only $2.49! If you decide your some crazy person and don't like it, Oh well it was $2.49! Oh did I mention the game is only $2.49? http://store.steampowered.com/app/19830/ (it says windows xp only, but it works on 7 and 8) Also add me on steam and we can get a group going! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037489493/
  5. Thanks for the Information guys! I ended up going with the MSI gtx970. It was sold out on newegg so sadly I was going to order from tigerdirect(worst company ever, never order from them), and at like 3am right before I clicked purchase I refreshed the newegg page and it was now in stock haha.
  6. Does anyone know of any websites that happen to have the Asus Strix GTX970 in stock for the $349 price and also includes the free game of choice(between 3 games)? I am currently waiting for newegg to get them back in stock, but waiting SUCKS! I am coming from a GTX260 lol. I have been going through ultra withdrawals for far too long!!! :blink: Also I am in the US.
  7. I would use this chip to not only give me a reason to upgrade from my first gen i7 950 but also to improve my rendering and multitasking abilities. Being able to render something and do something else besides watch my cpu just stick at 100% and nothing else being able to be done on my computer.
  8. is anyone running Cyanogenmod 11 on their Note 3 Verizon? I have seen that they do have some nightlys available but I was wondering if anyone has used them yet to see just how stable they are. As much as I would love to have the snapshot m8 version for note 3 lte, Verizon sucks and I cant use that version. Just asking for some opinions before I do this and it end up being shit. Thanks!
  9. So I dont want to spend over $500. the cheaper the better. But I have a pretty old 7870 amd card right now, which does the job for a lot of things but i have been getting into arma 3 alot. altis life especially. Which I sit at about 25 fps on that. Should I get a gtx 780, gtx 770 or wait for the 800 series? I havent heard much about the 800 series yet, but I'm wondering if they will be that much better, also will the price be under $500 for the good cards? Also that might lower the price of the 700 series when they come out. heres the 2 cards I have been looking at. Just wondering if the +$100 price difference is worth it? gtx 770: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121770&cm_re=gtx_770-_-14-121-770-_-Product gtx 780: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130951&cm_re=GTX_780_3GB_384-Bit_GDDR5_PCI_Express_3.0_SLI_Support_Dual_FTW-_-14-130-951-_-Product (was on sale for $460 but its not now :'( thanks!
  10. Back in like May of 2013 I saw that Jagex announced they were making runescape tablet and phone compatible. They said it would be released sometime during the Q4 of 2013. I have yet to hear anymore about that though. Has anyone heard anything more about this? I use to play runescape all the time growing up (the original runescape, the new one sucks). I would love to be able to play it again on my tablet or smartphone.
  11. I bought a Vita the first month it came out. Yeah it has those dull moments with games but overall I love it. I don't really care for the shield, cause its pretty much like having a android phone. I just connected a ps3 controller to my note 3 for stuff like that.
  12. If you like League of Legends, Heroes of Order & Chaos is really good. Takes some getting use to though.