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  1. so C14 cable for PS4. and something this for TV and PS3? Gosh, that looks awful. Is it ok that I'm gonna use that many adapters? Is this adapter I gave a link to even a legit thing? ) Thanks again )
  2. Ah, sorry. It's C7/C8 for my PS3 Super Slim.
  3. I'd assume I'm pushing your patience here but... which exact cables should I get? C5/C6 to C14 for PS3 C17/C18 to C14 for PS4 C7/C8 to C14 for TV? Is it possible to mess up and get a 'bad one' ?
  4. Ok, so the short story: I have a UPS which only has C13/C14 type 'things' to connect stuff to it. The exact model is APC Back-UPS 1400VA. I want to connect my TV, PS3 and PS4 to it. My PS3 has C5/C6 to Type-F cable. My PS4 has C17/C18 to Type-G cable (so I use Type-G to Type-F adapter) with that "FUSED" block-thing at one end. (is it used to protect against power surge? Is it ok to replace the entire cable with that block-thing with just a cable?) My TV has C7/C8 to Type-F cable. I want to connect all of this to my UPS. P.S. thanks a lot for taking your time to help me with this BTW, I really appreciate it.
  5. The end of the PS4 power cable that goes to the power outlet has this fat block-thing, is it ok that if use another cable (C7 to C14) will be basically dropping this block? I really feel like I'm doing something messed up here and it's not supposed to work like that.
  6. is it a legit (proper) way of doing this? And also how do I know if I need C7 or C8 to C13 or C14 cable? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi there! It's a stupid question but how do I connect my PS4 to UPS which only has inputs like these?: Thanks! ;-)
  8. Hi there everyone! Can I ask a stupid question? I just saw the 'Why is EVERYONE Buying these Headphones??' video and Linus was wearing some great-looking glasses. Is it possible to tell what these are? I mean like the exact brand and model. Stupid question, I know. But still.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TQfqnUfZzM&t=409s
  9. Hi there! Just bought ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO motherboard and I can't install it in my Fractal Design R5 case because if it's built-in I/O shield.. it's a bit longer than case's cutout for motherboard IO because it has these metal parts on top and bottom of I/O shield. Damn.. really don't know what to do, it won't allow me to align the motherboard.. Can someone somehow help me to figure this one out? Thanks a lot! ;-)
  10. Ok, so my pc tries to boot two times and then shuts itself down.
  11. Removed one ram stick, now there is no reboot at startup but there is still no signal. And when I click on power button pc wouldn't shut down. Mobo: gigabyte 970 gaming (2 month old 12gb of ddr3 ram (1 stick removed) Msi Gtx 970 CPU: and phenom ii x4 955 There is no post display on my motherboard, unfortunately. And when I press power button the pc wouldn't shut itself down.