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  1. What makes those particularly difficult is you need a clean-room environment to service those LCDs, there's not a sealed panel in a housing like... every other machine - the lid itself IS part of the panel. For a 2011, it's just not worth it. That being said, if you plan on keeping or even flipping it, you should absolutely check out dosdude's catalina or mojave patcher to get a modern OS on the machine. http://dosdude1.com/catalina/
  2. Those are basically scratches in the screen from the keyboard, happens when pressure is placed on the lid while closed, and then it's wiggled back and forth... Like in a backpack. Worked retail repair, and short of cleaning the screen with a cloth moistened with LCD Cleaner / rubbing alcohol there's not much you can do about it.
  3. Did you clean all the old paste off the cooler, and use new thermal paste after installing the i5?
  4. searching LiPo USB AA batteries brings up plenty of results with the exact same physical specs and dimensions as this fake kickstarter. By defending them as if they're legitimately designing something and not just rebadging chinese garbage does the forum a disservice. "NiMH batteries don't need overcharge, and over discharge protection circuits, the USB ports also cost money, as well as the LEDs." - so what if the end result is no better than the NIMH battery?
  5. Another kickfarted product, you can get LiPo AA USB rechargable batteries on Amazon for less than they're pledging for. $30 for 4 batteries, jesus christ. $30 can buy you *150* nonrechargable batteries, or 20 traditional rechargable batteries with 2000mah capacity... 30% better than this kickfarter
  6. oh, it's titled... "Are PC manufacturers trying to SCREW you?" and starts with a montage of linus as magnum PI in the lambo... this is gonna be good
  7. FP-person here, what is it you're talking about? lmao
  8. Happy to help kudos to keeping it real, you've got till April until it's the real wild west out there and POSready updates are discontinued. Stay safe!
  9. I've got my home media server running on FM2+ (what? yeah long story) I'm getting *decent* performance out of my gigabit network setup, I was seeing speedtests on my MOCA fios gig connection in the 400mbit range with my shitty onboard NIC, and saw it rise to almost a full gig with a cheap PCIe card. I'd say if my bargain basement board and a8 have the PCIe chops to run both my 750Ti for nvidia in home stream and this PCIe gigabit card, torrent and serve 4k plex without missing a beat...
  10. i5 680 is higher clocked, dual core HT. Better single thread performance, but with a gt430 you're not getting held back by your CPU either way. I'd look at an i7 960, it's about the same price but you're getting 4c8t @3.2GHz
  11. me neither man, It's 4:50AM, linus kept me up all night and didn't answer my superchat question about the monitor, life has no meaning and I'm lost in this thread
  12. First off, why are you running XP on a h61 board? try a CMOS reset, pull power and pull the CMOS battery for 30+ seconds
  13. scrapyard wars NYC - they'd have a lot of fun in chinatown and brooklyn craigslist!
  14. Anyone know anything about the sick IBM 5151 monitor replica the crew were using tonight?