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  1. I have a 240hz with two 60hz monitors on each side. When I play a game with anything open on the 60hz monitors, my game feels very laggy, and after a lot of research, I found out that because there are things open on the other screens, it's in a way capping the Hz to 60 on my main monitor. I found this to be true, because as soon as I minimize my other programs (Discord, OBS), my game becomes much smoother (it's not frame drops, I hold a steady framerate whether or not there are windows open. It's purely a GPU issue). I have an RTX 2060 SUPER. I've done some research on how I could fix this issue, but I was wondering if anyone else had any other good ideas. Of course, I could just buy two more 240hz monitors, but that's not needed and really just a waste of money if I can get out of it. The other thing I thought of was a separate streaming computer, which I could do, but I need all three monitors on one computer for my job (I work online as Tech Support). I am interested in having a separate streaming computer, but it will take me a while to get to that place. My third idea was to throw in another GPU (I have a 2600x, no iGPU), not in SLI but as just something to display a few programs like chrome, discord, OBS on. The problem is, my budget is limited and I only have an oldddd ATI Firepro V4800. It doesn't support DirectX 12 of course, so I can't throw it in. I may be able to get my hands on a GT 730, which after a quick Google search, I've found that it has support for DirectX 12 but at the same time it mostly runs on DirectX 11 (very confusing website that I found this info on) so I'm not sure if it would be able to run this configuration. Just thought I'd check with you guys to see if ya'll have any ideas
  2. That's super interesting! Good to know.
  3. This idea is really just kind of one of those crazy ideas that "could" work, in fact may be somewhat ridiculous, but at the same time peaks curiousity, kind of like LTT's video about powering an entire computer with a bicycle lol.
  4. No no no, thanks for the feedback, but none of you seem to understand. I'm curious if there's not simply just a PCIe display adapter tha ADDS more outputs, but runs off the same gpu. I'm never going to use this, I'm just very curious if it exists. I'm not looking to do this myself in any way here. The goal is not to get more monitors, I just want to know if this exists. I'm saying that the PCIe card would actually utilize the GPU that's already in place, but just add a few more outputs. I already know that you can easily throw in another cheap graphics card (so long as the motherboard supports it) and use it that way, but of course that graphics card would be running everything off of itself, not the main graphics card.
  5. At the moment, I don't need this, but I am very curious if there's anything out there that exists of this sort. Is there any type of PCIe card that you can install in your motherboard along with your GPU that does nothing but add an extra output (or two or three or four) connector? Obviously I know you can run SLI or Crossfire and have extra outputs, or even two different GPU's so long as your motherboard supports it, but I'm curious if there isn't a PCIe card that will still use the included graphics card to generate the graphics, but simply add more video outputs.
  6. Thanks! I'll take a look at them.
  7. I'm not positive if this is the right area for this post, but it's close enough I guess. I'm looking for recommendations on a good three monitor mount. It does need to be a clip style, as the wall in my room is very thin, and mounting anything, especially my heavier monitors, is very likely to rip a giant gash in the wall rather than support them. Here's the part that may be slightly challenging: I've got a large MSI Oculux NXG252R. My other two monitors are a bit more strange. On the left, I have a Hanspree monitor. It shows up in my computer as an HT321. On the right, I've got an HP monitor. It shows up as an HP 2159. There monitors all run at 1920x1080p, and the HP and the Hanspree monitors are quite old and therefore heavier than most monitors of their type. The MSI monitor is much newer but also packs a lot more features (240hz, gysync, LED lights, so on), and is a little lighter than the other two but still relatively heavy compared to your average monitor these days. My problem is I don't know what to look for in a Monitor Mount, especially one that supports three separate monitors of different types. I have figured out how to detach the backs and get to the mounting plates on each of the monitors, however. NOTE: I did do a little bit of research after making this post, and I found that all three of the monitors support a 100m x 100m mount.
  8. About 60% of the time, when I reboot my computer, or leave it off all night and turn it back on the next day, it will default two specific Windows 10 settings back, and it's very annoying. First, it enabled Autohide for the taskbar. I hate the feature, and while some people may like it, I don't. Part of it's because the transition looks absolutely awful, even on my 240hz screen, but aside from that I just dislike it. Again, about 60% of the time, when I turn my pc on, autohide is enabled for the taskbar and I have to go and turn it off. It only takes me about two seconds, but it's still very annoying. Also, maybe 50% of the time, it enables an Ease of Access setting that makes it so that hovering over icons selects them and clicking once opens them. I prefer that setting off, one click to select, double click to open. It's even more annoying because I have to open up the Ease of Access center, which can't be done just by hitting the windows key and typing in, "Ease", because it opens up the W10 version instead of the control panel version of the ease of access center. It's overall very annoying. This only has began to happen recently. I have updated all my drivers. I built my computer myself, and it's a very high end pc. You can see the specs in my signature. An issue I've had for a while, but just dealt with because it's very easy to fix, is that about 80% of the time when I start my pc up, the monitor (the 240hz monitor from MSI) will display incorrectly. It cuts out a sliver of the screen, from top to bottom, straight in the center, slides the right side of the sliver over, and drops the sliver on the far right. It's not as weird as it sounds, I promise lol. Anyway, all I've ever had to do was click the power button twice on the monitor or change the resolution and change it back, and then my monitor is back to perfection. I'm just trying to figure out what might be causing these things to happen. I've double checked the drivers, they are all up to date. I recently took apart my pc completely, cleaned each part with an air blower or a dry or slightly damp rag, and put it back together (I did this AFTER the issue started happening, so it is NOT the cause!). My thermals did improve a little bit, but the issue did not go away.
  9. Truth is, I can easily spend about 200$ on a good GPU later on and make this into a pretty strong backpack pc too.
  10. Here is what I've got so far: PCPartPicker Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/WNjVf9 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor ($124.99 @ Walmart) Motherboard: Asus ASUS Prime A320I-K AM4 AMD A320 SATA 6Gb/s Mini ITX AMD Motherboard Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard ($92.99 @ Amazon) Memory: G.Skill Aegis 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory ($62.99 @ Newegg) Storage: Kingston A400 240 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($38.99 @ Best Buy) Storage: Kingston A400 240 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($38.99 @ Best Buy) Case: Silverstone SG05BB-450-USB3.0 (Black) Mini ITX Desktop Case ($59.49 @ Amazon) Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA GM 450 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular SFX Power Supply ($77.79 @ Amazon) Video Card: ATI FirePro V4800 1 GB DVI/2DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card (Purchased For $0.00) Total: $496.23 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-03-05 18:25 EST-0500 I liked the idea of running with a RAID configuration for my Minecraft server, So I added support for that with the two separate SSD's. The Ryzen 2600 has 6 cores starting out at 3.2GHz, and although the motherboard can't overclock, after speaking with you guys, that won't matter just an awful lot. Because of that, I went with the basic, low profile stock cooler instead of getting something better. My computer also does not need wifi, as it will have an ethernet connection, as well as the fact that it's only going to be used for LAN parties, which don't need internet, of course. The memory was in general just a solid choice, and is easily upgrade-able down the line if need be. The case has everything I need, and looks great. The PSU is enough to cover the power, as well as being Gold Certified, Fully Modular, and from EVGA, who I personally use is my own gaming rig. After plenty of research and talk with you guys on here, I decided I didn't need anything great for my GPU and went with one that I've got at my house, stored in an old 1050 TI box. It's basic, barely more than a display adapter, but it used to get me over 300 fps on MC with a much lesser cpu (of course, that was in like 1.9-1.11 lmao), so it should do the job just fine. I'm thinking that this might actually be a bit overkill for what I need actually, so if you guys want to try to knock something off on the price, go right ahead. I don't plan to change the PSU up at all, or the memory. You can change around the mobo, cpu, and storage all you like, however. The case looks great and has all I need, so it will be difficult to get me to change it, telling you right now lmao.
  11. Definitely interested in mITX at the moment. While it's true that it may make it more difficult to upgrade further down the line, the ability to move it around with ease, and for it to take up less space, will make things so much easier in the long run. I also don't plan on having multiple HDD's or RAID configurations, or even multiple SSD's. I do plan on having an SSD in it, because it's 2020 and there's no point in using an HDD anymore lol. I only plan on having three games downloaded, as well as Minecraft running a Vanilla server. If I do decide to add mods or plugins I will need just a bit more space of course, but the truth is, a 500gb ssd will be more than plenty to handle my needs. At the moment I don't plan to keep it as a media server or file server, but strictly for the games already mentioned. Also, I very rarely play CS:GO anymore, in fact the truth is I hate the game, and only played it because my friends were playing it. Now that I've gotten my other friends into R6, they don't really play it either. I'll definitely have MC installed of course, for testing and for an OP account aside from my main account to be able to access the server and fix any issues we come across, but the truth is, even 240gb wouldn't really be a stretch.
  12. Very helpful. I like it a lot. I plan on keeping it at my house, I have way better internet than any of my friends as well as way more room. If I do need to move it, the issue is actually more with my heavy gaming computer than the server computer itself. However, if I can fit it into my budget I'll probably try to fit it into a mini itx mobo with a much smaller case if I can.
  13. Good info. One more question, what would you recommend for the lowest GHz/Cores for the CPU? Kind of thinking about either the 3200G or maybe the 2600. If 3200G will cut it. I'll go for that. I only need enough power to handle maybe four people at once, 6 at the absolute maximum, and that's counting friends that don't have computers at the moment, lol. Ryzen 1st gen is at the point where it's actually cheaper to go 2nd or 3rd gen, with higher performance included. For ram, looking at https://pcpartpicker.com/product/TvDJ7P/gskill-ripjaws-v-32gb-4-x-8gb-ddr4-3600-memory-f4-3600c19q-32gvrb or https://pcpartpicker.com/product/t7QG3C/crucial-ballistix-sport-at-32-gb-4-x-8-gb-ddr4-3200-memory-bls4k8g4d32aestk, depending on what the motherboard I choose can handle. Most of the budget boards offer 3200MHz or less, but if I go for the higher end I can pay like another dollar for the 3600MHz, and would be stupid not to go for it. If I didn't currently have a black/gray color scheme in my pc to keep the RGB so that I can change colors, I'd be getting this for myself, lol. It's a good deal.
  14. Depending on how important the speed of the CPU is, I'm actually thinking that the https://pcpartpicker.com/product/837wrH/intel-cpu-bx80621e52650 might be a good option.