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  1. OMG really so there are gpu that thus no work with some cpu
  2. like i said no signal on my monitor nothing came out monitor sleep mod just that is this my powersupply problem
  3. oh i did that its working cable but it did'nt work i try dvi also .the only signal comes when i unplug the gpu it work with both HDMI AND VgA .if i put the gpu back it did not work no signal at all i put my gpu on my friend pc with monitor and it works he use i3 4gen processor and duel drr3 ram and 450wat from corsair its a small motherboard and i put his gpui on my pc without 6pin and it works
  4. i did i check everything my powersupply is not evga its CG powersupply 450watt when put mine gpu like 1050ti it works and i put my gpu gtx660ti to my friend pc it work as well if i put i back on me no display no bio pop up but tell me how should use the bio (i can see the bio only when i remove my gpu (yes im using HDMI)
  5. i just upgrade my pc from i36100 to i38100 with H310m motherboard with 8 gb ram my gpu is gtx660ti (6pin ) my power supply 450w my gpu works fine when i was using i3 6100 then when i upgrade to 8 gen no display signal i took out the gpu and put it on to my friend pc and it works fine and i his gpu 1050ti mine and i get the display signal on my monitor and i also use without the gpu and it works also if put my big gpu(2013GTX660ti) no signal no bio no the monitor the fans both of them spine but no signal is this my powersupply problem help me i38100 8gbram ddr4 1tb 320gb H310m motherboard gtx660ti asus 450w