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  1. well it`s been in use for a year, though it is still under warrenty, as said above due to the covid situation it might take some time for one to get sent back Also for some reason in my country almost all stores sell AeroCool psus which from what i heard are not that good, and risky, this coolermaster one is the only psu i managed to find that is not Aerocool lol, i might just hang on this one for a while, and import a seasonic psu when i upgrade my cpu (planning to jump from the i5 8400 to 9900k)
  2. well i did jump from a 1050 ti to a 2070 super (old gpu was in the new rig for like 7 month) It happens when the power usage increases massively(start a heavy game) , but goes away after like 10 secs Coil whine is minimal , i couldnt tell if it was whine or something else tho, had me worried for a bit . Thanks for your help!!!
  3. i don`t mind the sound as it`s only there for a like 10 secs, but i was worried if it is something faulty since this rig is new , barely 1 year old , and i just recently installed a new gpu so was afraid of something getting toasted, Also i was wrong in saying the psu is 1,5 years old , i did get it 1,5 years ago but i installed it when i got all the new rigs parts so basically in use for barely a year so i guess i will forget about the RMA
  4. i asked the support of the store where i got it and he said he couldnt tell so i posted here he told me to RMA it tho, and if am right coil whine isnt included in the warrenty i think , should i just RMA it anyway??
  5. Hi , i know coil whine is generally not much of an issue but recently it started to make a weird sound for a couple of seconds as soon as a load hits it, but then fades out, it is in the video below Can someone confirm if it is indeed coil whine ??? I can`t tell if it is , help is appreciated!!! EDIT: forgot to add its a coolermaster masterwatt 650 80+ bronze 20200528_120320_1.mp4
  6. TL;DR : Amazing graphics at 30fps doesnt mean next gen consoles will beat high end pcs. PC doesn`t really need a 3080 ti to beat a ps5 you can already beat it with existing hardware, put the ssd thing aside cause it doesn`t mean alot (pc got 5 gb ssds, but in reality the are just for loading times since pc got more ram and v/ram, ps5 is using the ssd to compensate the 16gb of combined ram/vram), pc was always able to reach the quality of consoles and run better almost always, unless its a low end pc. If u wanna be on the level off consoles u can push everything to high/ultra settings and run on 30 fps, on a medium / low budget pc. my old rig which retired last summer at a age of almost 7 years had a 3rd gen i3 ,8gb ram and a 750ti(i had before it some nvidia gpu which i bored from a frnd,forgot the model name) which was later upgraded to a 1050ti cause while cleaning the 750ti from dust, it slipped and got damaged. This rig handled most of the games at high 1080p high settings between 40~70 fps , which was already better than current gen consoles from 2013 till the end of summer 2019. Even then i could have kept running the same rig on high/medium settings and go down to 30 fps. But i upgraded to a i5 8600,16gb ram 1 tb nvme,1 tb hdd , room for more storage and a 2070 super which are now running all games at maxed out settings at 120+ fps @1080p, something which consoles could never do, even next gen. Next gen consoles will most probably run on high settings the same as pc, but hit 120+ fps too?? i doubt it.They may have a 120 fps mode that disables some graphic settings to reach it or run on a select number of games. Then again i hope i am wrong, cause each gen i get a xbox for the living room,otherwise i will start using steam link to play on the tv i guess. For me frames are more important. They make a huge difference.One of the easiest ways to notice the difference is set up a racing game on a console and pc , like forza horizon 4 ,on xbone it ran at a 30 fps and driving on high speed was sluggish, meanwhile on pc it ran at 140+ fps on all maxed out settings, graphics looked much better than console and while driving on high speeds it was smooth AF which made the experience better. It`s all marketing, every gen of consoles "OUTPERFORMS THE HIGHEST END PC!!!" it would run decently, then 1 or 2 years later if u compare the games on all platforms u will see the consoles starting to lag behind pcs more (talking from my own experience)
  7. i didnt say they are gonna be slow , i said it is getting overhyped. there are other things at play here other than the GPU, this is all in theory, as i said let`s see in practice instead of overhyping shit.( as in when it comes out)
  8. About that ram and vram, u do realize they got speeds of 20+ gbytes/s?? edit: there are already 5gb/s ssds for pc too..... the consoles are basically using the ssd as slower ram... And bruh are you for real??? you actually think they will perform as good as a 2080 TI LOL they said the same as last gen , but that was pure BS also yes they can run insanely good looking games, but can they pump out the fps???? NOPE i ran forza horizon 4 on xbox and pc, pc ran it at ~130 fps at all extreme settings while that console ran it at a 30 fps with lower graphics settings I aint going all pc master race , just saying this is overhyping shit. The same way they overhyped the xbone x and ps4 pro, which turned that they are not outputting actual 4k , just some ai stretched stuff... Are you really convinced that the new gen consoles will perform close to a 2080 ti??? If u do believe that , then ur in for a huge disappointment when the consoles come out....... Here`s a fun image of the overhype back then and now , see a pattern??? lmao
  9. This ssd thing is all a marketing gimmick pc had them for years, FYI there are 5gb nvme ssds out there, also consoles don`t have VRAM, and separate ram that`s why they gotta use the ssd for that basically a pc with 16gb of ram and 6/8 vram would not be using the ssd for that they are just trying to do what Apple does, reinvent something that was already there and make it a big deal LOL You are seeing this tech now cause of new gen consoles have finally got SSDs , because most developers wouldnt bother use a feature that exists only on 1 platform What epic did with UE 5 is great don`t get me wrong, its finally utilizing SSDs, but i think it is using it in a way to compensate the lack of seperate vram and ram ( I mean they got 8gb for ram and vram instead of 6 vram , 16 ram) Also every console gen they would start overhyping that they will come out ahead of pcs, but i don`t think so, right now i can run all games on ultra settings with 120+ fps with no issues, which i doubt new consoles could do, maybe at 1080p with high settings. I hope they are actually good cause i got both consoles and they are both sitting collecting dust since whenever i plug them in i notice the major difference in frames, loading , details, i go back to my pc. i like sitting on the couch playing games, more comfortable,but can`t bother move the case there when u get used to high frame rates u start to really notice fps drops and low frame rates.
  10. No one will know until it`s actually out Also pcs got RAM for that... and insanely fast nvme ssds too, if it was about that they would have went with pc,tho it`s about the $$ they got from sony lol
  11. yeah i know, but talking mainly on it being on a console, there is a lot of gameplay trailers that are stated to be running on either the xbox or ps that look better than they actually do, on pc it probably looks like that, heck it might actually be rendered on a pc its also funny how Epic games who was pushing so hard into pc gaming would go reveal UE 5 running on a console lol
  12. It looks awesome and all, but i doubt it will look anything like that when it`s actually out on the ps5 ,it will look good, but not as good as that video. I`ve seen plenty of trialers of gameplay footage running on a xboxox,ps4 pro to know that it won`t look like that lol
  13. could be that, will try it later ,thanks
  14. For one moment i thought my gpu was fake, even tho i got it brand new and sealed i even checked it with gpu z all is good, playing games normally on maxed settings and high fps , but this thing here is weird AF it detects that it is a 2070 super but req not met LOL
  15. Can`t record or use overlay for some reason, the image includes the specs, all required specs are met , yet it shows this, tried reinstalling exp, updated the driver, also i upgraded 2 month ago from a 1050 ti to the 2070 super, before that it was all normal, i just tried exp today, forgot to reinstall it before. Also before i swapped the gpus i used DDU then installed the 2070 super and installed the drivers Help pls! EDIT: i did turn it off and on xd, didnt help
  16. i didnt talk about gaming, just in general, all phones stutter in games , especially when they start getting hot
  17. I didn`t say go out and spend 1k on a new phone every year, tho i get ur point , its pointless to change a phone every year, as i said i still got my s7 and for now there is nothing that i consider to be a big bump from my phone to pay $1000, i`ld rather spend that on getting a beefier pc (which i did). And about the iphones slowing down with updates, i said that cause to of my friends , 1 ain`t tech savvy, and the other is, both had their iphones 6 slow down and experience lags within their 2nd year, they tried changing the battiers, other stuff, still.They ended up getting other phones. This is not just with iphones, all other phones,i got my mom a new galaxy s5 on her birthday, 2 years later , after a couple of updates , it became slow and sluggish. They all do that, but now after apple got caught, they all got scared and toned down on the updates that slow them up, wouldnt be surprised if 1 year later my phone suddenly became laggy and slow as fuck even tho it is smooth as fuck right now and has 0 issues. They can`t sell new iphones or galaxies if the old ones kept running great....
  18. I gotta disagree with that, muy friend had a iPhone 6 which after 3 years of updates the phone became slow and sluggish he changed the battery, still, he then started notice each new ios would become heavier on the phone till he bought a new one TL:DR years of updates is a gimmick, yes they provide them, but they make the phone run worse. No company wants you to keep the same device for longer than 2 years
  19. honestly i can`t find anything that counts as a massive upgrade to go from android 8 to 10, i used a couple of newer phones that got android 9/10 and i just couldnt find a major difference, i am waiting for the displays to get to 144hz properly , not like the current s20 ultra
  20. It is currently on Android 8.0 For anyone wondering it`s still a good phone (mine is the s7 edge), i got it since launch , loved it , no issues, still fast and reliable, last time i reset the phone was 2 years ago.Battery is still decent(doesnt last as long as before but it still lasts a entire day with a decent ammount of usage) .I did cause burn in the screen last year tho :(, i will probably upgrade in 2021 and put this badboy to rest
  21. i never bothered with overclocking anything so i don`t know much about it . thought underclocking would help ,will look into the undervolting tho, any help would be appreciated!! also i will adjust my case fans speeds because they were all depending on the cpu temp to ramp up and down which barely goes up to 53 C , so i put the temp source for them as the PCH and increased the exhaust fan curves to be a bit more faster than intake(3 intake,2 exhaust) , will see if that improves cooling a bit since they should now increase in speed atleast again any help would be much appreciated !! thnx
  22. So recently i got my self a 2070 super, it`s a zotac 2070s amp extreme oc , it`s clock speed went up to 1950 mhz,and memory speed of 7000, it gets a bit hot and noisy, with a custom fan curve it hits 70c at 70% fan speed at full load. i would like to lower its noise level, but it will probably go into higher temps that way? Should i underclock it,and by howmuch? am using msi afterburner
  23. Sive said he is gonna give it to him , they delivered to sive who is gonna give it Felix
  24. did u tag the wrong video or something ??? i don`t understand