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  1. Goliath_1911

    Moving the fan to the other side of a cpu cooler

    Hmm i see I might try that too if it still interfers with the ram(ram is not here yet) , i can put the fan at the bottom side so it pushes air upwards Thnx
  2. Hey guys i got the msi frozr L for my cpu , i know if the fan has an issue with ram spacing i can move it away a bit, but would it make a huge difference if i put it on the other side of the fins and make it so it pulls air through them instead of pushing? also my board has 4 ram slot and i only plan on using 2 , could i just put them in the next dual channel config instead of the 1st one(would that too make a difference?? (a bit off topic i know sorry) thanks
  3. Goliath_1911

    About Ram speeds...and cpu..

    gonna have to wait a couple month either way i already got the motherboard, was supposed to get the cpu at the begging of December , i5 went out of stock mid november ( in my country atleast??, shipping is not an option , a bit more expensive) was thinking of getting the 8th 4 core i3 for a while then upgrade, but it won`t be much of an upgrade vs the 3rd gen 4 core i5 or trade the motherboard for something AMD
  4. Goliath_1911

    About Ram speeds...and cpu..

    The thing is my current pc is now about 8 years old, and it is time for a upgrade , currently running a 3rd gen i5 on ddr3 , i need to build a new system , and upgrade the cpu (only) later on if anything MUCH better is released ( price and spec wise) , otherwise i won`t be able to play some of the awesome upcoming games this year xd , i would have postponed it to late 2019 but i really want to play metro exodus and cyberpunk xd
  5. I have seen in several sites that Ram speed does not matter on PCs running Intel cpus (gaming wise), while on AMD higher ram speed gives a bit of a performance increase that can range between 10 ~ 30 fps. We already know that in most cases (if am right ) Intel cpus push higher fps than their AMD counterpart , so does using higher ram speed put them on the same lvl fps wise? ( using the fps as a method of comparison cause it is the easiest way lol) I game alot, i also may use my my new pc for programming later on in late 2019, was planning on a i5 8500 or 8600 , they are out of stock tho (maybe gonna wait for 9500 or try to switch some stuff for Amd , should i stick with intel and upgrade next year if they released something that runs on z390 and is actually much better than what we got the past 3 gens since AMD has entered the competition ?? ) thanks
  6. Goliath_1911

    can the i5 9500 run on a z370?

    BTW just noticed u got that 7200 1tb barrucada Is it annoying u when it starts to spin up? Mine is annoying af i might leave it out of my next rig... Idk if it is the case
  7. Goliath_1911

    can the i5 9500 run on a z370?

    Still got my old rig for now I hope i won't have to wait longer tho lol xd Then i might have to pay an extra 200$ for a i7
  8. Goliath_1911

    can the i5 9500 run on a z370?

    Already got the motherboard(each month i am ordering a part for my new rig) , funny thing is all the i5 8th gen are out of stock, currently there is a rise in gaming lounges and pc gamers overall many stuff is going out of stock, only one available is the 9600k I made a mistake of not getting the cpu before the board i guess
  9. Goliath_1911

    can the i5 9500 run on a z370?

    As i mentioned above, can't find a i5 8500 in my country right now, out of stock in many places, and the already existing shortage from intel makes it worse Either way am gonna wait a month and see if the 8500 becomes available again, i noticed it doesn't differ much from the 9500, the spectre and meltdown patches according to benchmarks i saw really do not affect that much, and thr 9500 is almost the same as 8500 (but i need a cpu either way lol so if 8500 is never to be found on my side, oh well)
  10. Hi all , i have been getting the parts for my next build and i was going to get the cpu next month, i wanted to get the i5 8500 but now it is out of stock in my country, and am afraid they would take a while to be back instock , so i was wondering if the i5 9500 would run on the z370 , and what it`s gonna be priced at do i need to update the bios of the board or something? Also is the 9500 even out yet? (can`t find proper info on it currently) thanks
  11. Goliath_1911

    Need help picking a monitor

    Last time i checked 4k HDR monitors are expensive , check tdhis one tho BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K HDR Gaming Monitor Idk if there is cheaper
  12. Goliath_1911

    Seagate Barracuda randomly spinning up

    lol but how can i know if it is the one causing the problem??? as i said resmon shows no activity
  13. Goliath_1911

    Seagate Barracuda randomly spinning up

    I tried Hotplugging a couple of years ago , doesnt work on my board i think on my next rig i will look for some sort of external usb mount to plug it in when i want to use it Tho was wondering if there is a software workaround for it
  14. Goliath_1911

    Seagate Barracuda randomly spinning up

    I thought so too, the last scan it did was 2 days ago Tho , and i dont think defender is going to scan it every couple of hours per day