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  1. Will it fit full sized gpus with 3 fans and keep temps below 80c and good for cpu oc as well?(in future)
  2. I’m looking for a new cheap case preferably in 60-80$ range with good airflow which won’t need to be changed anytime soon.Current one is a spec 04 and my 1080 can go to 80C under full load.With side panel off it hovers at 67-70C so the case is pretty bad.
  3. Yes but im only playing 1080p though.Shouldnt it be enough?
  4. My PC drops below 60fps in Witcher 3.It usually doesnt drop below 50.Always to 58,56 and 54.I notice the game maxes out my cpu in some places.Specs are i5 8600 8gb ram 2400mhz and gtx 1080.What can I do to make it hold 60fps locked.Would dual channel ram help?I was very dissapointed to see the i5 maxing out in witcher 3.Im playing in 1080p ultra with hairworks aa set to low and turning hairworks off helps a bit but it still drops though.Its not the temps or anything.
  5. Hi guys Im looking for a budget kb,headset and mouse pad for Rainbow Six Siege.I currently have a Steel series Qck mini and its definitely too small for me.Im using a logitech g90 with it which has a polling rate of 125.For mousepad should I get the qck+ or mass or the corsair mm300.I use palm grip.Current dpi is 800 and I rest my wrists on the tip of the mousepad on the table.Also suggest good headset and mouse.I cant buy those 200-300$ studio headsets.
  6. It’s only about 2 months old.Im not sure if it’s gpu because benchmarks run fine and in game it reaches 99% except when it drops.
  7. I recently noticed Im getting horrible fps drops on my decent pc.I was playing saints row 4 and the fps ocasionally drops to 1 digits and the game even freezes sometimes for a couple seconds.I tried ghost recon wildlands too and the fps did drop from 60 to 24 at a time.Whats causing these fps drops?They happen like every 10mins or so and its really annoying.Im sure its not because of temps because everything is well below throttling temps.Specs are i5 8600 gtx 1080 and 8gb ram.I noticed GPU usage going to 0 for a second when the drops happen.
  8. I can’t decide which monitor to buy.I have a Gtx 1080 and a i5 8600.I play rainbow six,battlefield and single player games as well.Should I go for 1080p 144hz or 1440p 144hx.Currently using a 22inch 1080p 60hz one.Also is it important I get a gsync monitor or will I get lagg if fps falls below 144?Also which size monitor is recommended for 1440p if I go that route?
  9. In my bios I can see an option showing the speed at which all 6 cores run on my i5 8600.I think 1st one is 4.3 and others are lower.Is it safe to edit all those to 4.3?I also heard you can overclock by a small amount with bclk.Is that possible too?I don’t want to damage my cpu.I am using b360m board.
  10. Does anyone have any estimate of how far a 2400mhz corsair vengeance ram would oc to?I have mine oced to 2666mhz but cant go further because Im using a b360 board.Would be good to know how much it would go on a z board.
  11. https://www.amazon.in/ or https://www.primeabgb.com/ or https://mdcomputers.in/ or https://www.vedantcomputers.com/ are my go to.