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  1. Well I hoped that there is something out there, at least I learned that computer OS and Android/Tablet OS works really differently Nevertheless Thanks You
  2. Basically the tablet runs really slow when we use it. Several seconds to open an app. The problem seems to be the small amount of RAM, but I suppose I can't just open it and upgrade it. So I wanted to know if there is any other option ? I thought about that maybe like with computers there are several OS which do not consume to much RAM. But I do not really know how to search for it or change the OS on a tablet :/ Tablet Info: Acer Iconia One 10 RAM: 1 GB - DDR3L SDRAM Processor :1.3 GHz , Quad-Core Storage:16 GB eMMC https://www.cnet.com/products/acer-iconia-one-10-b3-a30/specs/
  3. @NelizMastr & @WereCatf Thanks for your advices PC DOS 3.30 and MS DOS 4.01 works perfectly The problem with FreeDOS is that it's too big for the 5inch floppies Thanks again
  4. I have an old PC with a CD & 3.5 inch & 5 inch floppy drive and win 95 So it should work Thanks for the responses I will try and comment if it worked
  5. I'm not sure who to contact so I thought I might find help here Already contacted The 8-Bit Guy but he could not help In short: Got an LCD-386 Portable Computer Information about this PC is like inexistent on the internet I can switch it on but need a DOS The BIOS is set to 1989 If the information that I have found are correct it was made by IBM It has a 5 inch floppy driver Should have an HDD (Did not open it yet) Some photos in attachment What DOS might it need ? I also tried to change the time in the BIOS but every time I restart it resets to 1989, do not know how to save as there is no option save & exit/continue Any suggestion how I could I fix it or who to contact ?