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  1. Thanks for your reply, According to that the s10e's battery should be good for 14,7 hours of SOT which sounds... great but i guess it wont last that long My phone usage is somewhat the same every day soo do you use it somewhat similar to my style ? that would be a great source for my "real world" day to day usage
  2. From what i've seen almost everyone reports bad SOT when using things such as youtube or gaming. But just how good/bad might be the SOT for someone with my usage ?: No youtube videos No games At least 2-3h of Spotify on Bluetooth Location turned on only when using Google maps for checking directions/buses Social media browsing&messaging - Messenger and Instagram When bored or in need to google something slight browser usage Mostly on mobile data - wifi only when home where i'm charging up So far i'm using iPhone 6s considering switch to OnePlus 6t / s10e My usual battery usage (apart from the personal hotspot): https://imgur.com/a/LnVwunl
  3. sixsie

    Struggling to decide.

    Hey, sorry for the late input but i've been browsing forums&posts regarding EMUI due to my consideration of buying P30 pro and the most important thing to me is if the EMUI is viable option for someone who wants to keep their phone for longer usage - not switching when the first better thing comes in ? Do you think the EMUI is getting proper care from huawei side ? safety updates, bug fixes etc ? its kinda the only thing thats holding me back from getting that one instead of oneplus
  4. sixsie

    Huawei P30 Pro vs. OnePlus 6t

    Sorry, didn't mention that I'm located in Czech Republic - Europe and as far as i know none of those two have any issues here. Also my carrier is Vodafone
  5. sixsie

    Huawei P30 Pro vs. OnePlus 6t

    I don't mind paying as long as i know im getting device that'll last me a while. I've stumbled across some posts saying huawei is not big on supporting their devices and not enabling bootloader unlocking so as far as i understand, once huawei decides they don't care anymore it's useless. Also some saying 6t's sensor is barely working which would be kinda deal-breaker.. -if true though Thanks for your reply though
  6. This is supposed to be my 1st android device switching from iPhone 6s and previously windows phones (Lumia 640, Omnia 7) My main questions are: Is it worth to pay $1000 instead of $590 for very similar specs + wireless charging ? Never had a chance to experience this. How's Huawei's EMUI against OxygenOS in terms of software support/ general use ? - Don't really wanna buy a phone that will not be supported in 10 months Is it true that the O6T's fingerprint scanner is still bad ? - I've read a lot of contradictory opinions I'm not hardcore photographer therefore the great camera of P30 is a + not a must for me, I'd love to buy a phone with great/good battery life/reliable software long term-wise, tech perks such as wireless/reverse/fast charging would be nice tho Edit: Located in Czech Republic - Europe so getting either of those shouldn't be an issue. Thank you for your replies
  7. https://www.alza.cz/EN/laptops/18842920.htm#f&limit=-1--25000&cst=1&pg=1&prod=&par3286=3286-41092&par75=75-181847&sc=600 https://www.czc.cz/notebooky/produkty?q-c-2-price=r13990-25200&q-c-0-f_2025812=sNVIDIA GeForce MX150&q-c-1-conditionSticker=sNEW Filtered all MX150s up to 25000CZK
  8. https://www.alza.cz/EN/ https://www.czc.cz/
  9. Well... style.. I dont mind having laptop that is not as flashy as lets say a macbook but getting laptop that is easy to carry around and can last some time without cooking itself or something since the last thing i want to do is pick a new one a year later
  10. Price: $1130 (25000CZK) Use: University student work, basic tasks with the most demanding ones being some Photoshop / Illustrator work maybe very old and light gaming but that is absolutely not necesary My idea: I have never had a laptop experience but id love to keep it light if possible (under 2kg), good enough to meet my performance needs, some battery life so it wont die during class Dont know why but im a bit skeptical to plastic laptops so my selections consists mostly of metal ones Since im not really tech person i asked my friend who works around IT stuff and sent him following laptops to ask about them: 1. ASUS ZENBOOK UX430UN (i5 8250U Kaby Lake, 8GB RAM, GeForce MX150, 256GB SSD) 2. Acer Aspire 5 (i5 8250U Kaby Lake, 8GB RAM, GeForce MX150, 256GB SSD) 3. Acer Swift 3 (I5 8250U Kaby Lake, 8GB RAM, GeForce MX150, 256GB SSD + free slot for any drive) 4. ASUS VivoBook S15 S510UN (i5 8250U Kaby Lake, 8GB RAM, GeForce MX150, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD) 5. HP ENVY 13-ad013nc (i5 7200U Kaby Lake, 8GB RAM, GeForce MX150, 360GB SSD) He told me that zenbooks have bad keyboards and he already had to repair 3 so not a good choice, advised to stay away from Acer in general due to their "cooling problem" (never heard of it) and that its good for home use only + not good warranty, vivobook was the only one he never seen in action aswell as HP ENVY which for now seems like the best choice even though i will be stuck with 360gb only + external drives if needed His suggestions were: 1. MSI GL62M (i5 7300HQ, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1050, 1TB HDD) 2. ASUS ROG Strix GL503VD (i5 7300HQ, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1050, 128GB SDD + 1TB HDD) From what ive found both of these are heavier, bigger, kinda plastic and not really good when it comes to battery life I have been able to find some reviews from people having the issues with zenbook (not keyboard related) but nothing really against Acer, more like people actually seem to consider Swift 3 as a good budget option with some performance. All of the laptops listed above should on paper meet my needs but are there really any reasons not to go with the Acers laptops which are lightweight and still what i need ? Other than that my current best shot is the HP ENVY which seems alright but the lack of space kinda scares me. I will be gratefull for any advice / experience with laptops listed above or other available in my price range.