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  1. I'm not sure what's happening but even with just 1 mod installed CPU is running 70% with no enemies and 90-100 when there are enemies and this bottleneck causes alot of lag. any ideas??
  2. Are there any cheaper options you can recommend something around £70?
  3. Yeah it's not a great situation but I did some research and found that 9600k Vs OC 9600k aren't that huge of a difference so what should I do?
  4. I am upgrading from an i5 8400 as it is lagging behind in VR. I play alot of very CPU demanding VR games like blade and Sorcery. Which CPU is a better upgrade for me? For the Ryzen I would have to buy a new mobo but I can get the Gigabyte A320M-S2H for £50 and as Ryzen 5 2600x are very cheap, bundling the two together is similar priced to an i5 9600k So which CPU will be most effective for me? Other specs: Vega 56 12gb ddr4 2660mhz 2tb 7200 rpm HDD 120gb ssd (current mobo) MSI H310m pro-vh TXM 750W psu Thank youuu
  5. upgrading from i5 8400 is this a good option? budget max £200. title says it all really thanks also on CPU user benchmark it ranks 11th and i5 8400 ranks 65th ISH.
  6. My vega 56 has all 8gb of vram used in blade and sorcery and this is causing awful lag, however the culprit isn't the amount of vram, its that the game is limiting the clock speed of the vram to 500mhz or 167mhz (nothing different) when in other games it can run up to its full 920mhz. How to I fix this so that the game using the full speed of my vram? thanks
  7. what screen on time are you all getting? just curious so I know roughly what to expect. I do know that alot of factors determine this and it will be different for everyone just want a brief idea. thanks :):):):)
  8. How do they compare in real usage?
  9. I would want to change from 1440p to HD+ is this possible btw i want to do it to save battery. ty
  10. I have been playing blade and sorcery and i noticed it was very laggy and looking at usages i can see that it is using all 8gb of vram although I am well above recommended specs and im playing on lowest graphics and still getting incredibly low fps any suggestions on why its using so much? the minimum specs is 4 gb of vram and recommended is 8gb so I should be fine especially on low settings. all other components are well below 100% usage thanks
  11. I am interested in getting this phone however I want to check how good the battery is. will it survive a whole day? anyone with this phone or with knowledge on it please let me know how it performs. my current phone is the a50 many thanks
  12. any random educated guesses appreciated I have a budget of just over £500/$625 and wondered if a used pixel 4 is a possibility or too far fetched. anyone know how much a used pixel 3 xl was a few months after release? could base it off that. many thanks
  13. ok I get the idea what mobo should I get? needs to be matx:)
  14. mobo=msi h310m pro-vh gpu=vega 56 (will upgrade soon) psu=corsair tmx 750w gold thanks :)
  15. Either the msi Vega 56 airboost blower or the sapphire one (open air) there is a £40 price gap from £230-£270 will be over a month until I can get the extra £40. Is it worth the wait or will the blower be fine. I'm going to undervolt it and overclock but I'm happy to forget the overclock if the blower can't handle it. Case: phantex p300 Case fans;4x aerocool p7 Thanks
  16. Phantek p300 with 2 front 1200rpm 1rear 1200rpm 1top 700rpm The fans are the aerocool p7 other than the top which is a cheap loud Arctic one which is loud
  17. So I won't need to swap out that 4gb stick?