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  1. Ed.Nev

    How good is Oculus rift tracking with 2 sensors?

    Would roomscale work in a smaller area?
  2. Ed.Nev

    How good is Oculus rift tracking with 2 sensors?

    What positioning would be better?
  3. I'm getting an Oculus rift soon and don't currently have enough money for a 3rd sensor. My play area is 2.2m by 2.2m and I was planning on positioning them diagonally from each corner pointing down off the ceiling. How good will the tracking be for roomscale? Or just standing for games like beat saber???
  4. Do I need any USB or hdmi extenders? Or are the cables long enough out the box?
  5. Needs to be 5M long and will defo work with the Oculus Rift Sensors
  6. Ed.Nev

    HTC Vive or Oculus Rift?

    HTC vive= £400 for headset, 2 controllers and 2 sensors Oculus rift=£280 for headset, 2 controllers and 2 sensors Extra Oculus sensor=£70 What is best for me bearing in mind I don't have much money I will only be doing room scale Thanks
  7. Needs to be ATX and have tempered glass:) Thanks for any recommendations
  8. what would you recommend I do?
  9. Assassins creed origins is getting 45 fps on the lowest graphics at 1440p I dont know whats happened but i should be getting more than this any advice? Specs: Rx 590 I5 8400 12gb ddr4 2tb hdd 1 tb hdd 120gb ssd TX750M PSU
  10. i said " 12 GB DDr4 " Which is ram....
  11. My cpu is limiting my gpu heavily so i need some help to lower cpu usage. Any ideas which will allow my gpu to run at 100% for Max FPS? Thanks specs: I5 8400 rx 590 12 gb ddr4 120 gb ssd 1tb hdd 2tb hdd <(downloaded on this hdd) TX750M PSU I PLAY AT 1440P if that changes anything
  12. Ed.Nev

    msi afterburner ALWAYS at 0% gpu usage

    i5 8400 rx 590 slight OC 2tb 7200 rpm hdd 120gb ssd 12gb ddr4 2400mhz ram Corsair tx750m gold psu
  13. So yesterday i noticed that my gpu usage was either at 100% or 0% so I posted a forum and was told to download DDU and deleted all old drivers and downloaded fresh new ones. now HWinfo is hopping from 100% to 0% and Msi afterburner is always at 0%. Anything is highly appreciated need help!!!
  14. Ed.Nev

    Gpu usage spikes from 0% to 100%

    Ok thanks:)