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  1. Here is the screenshot i was talking about.
  2. Hi guys. So i got new connection, infact upgraded my older ADSL to VDSL. the provider rep came and only like changed router did some settings in the exchange, took 17 days and boom, im on VDSL. now my previous setup was, ADSL ROUTER to my TP Link Router in WAN port (blue color ethernet port on router) then one ethernet port from TP link router to my PC. i did that cause my ADSL router had pathetic wifi signals. this VDSL router from provider is good, its signals are ok. but i still connected it to my PC like this VDSL router to TP link router then to my PC but i just noticed today that my TP link router gives me almost half the download speed of internet which is 15Mbps. but if i connect the VDSL ISP router directly to my PC thernet port, i get full speed as i have shown in screen shot. the 14ish download is when i connected VDSL router directly to the pc and 7ish ones are when i connect the VDSL to TP Link router then TP Link to my PC. can someone help?
  3. no its just an online pic i shared its not from my pc. but mine shows this screen some kind of msg like this. where to do the disk clean up. are u talkng about the %Temp% folder cause i clean that often
  4. its shows ok i think im attaching screens shot
  5. i only get THIS screen and i dont know how to get error code.
  6. hi. i have Samsung 850 Pro 256 G one and its my boot drive. all of a sudden, like actually first time for me, when my PC stays idle for like some time like 5 or more mins, my windows shows blue screen of death. i have windows 10 pro version. didnt install anything new, didnt delete anything from C drive. nothing out of the ordinary. can anyone help?
  7. Hi. I have i7 4770k machine 16g ram, 850 ssd and hard drive attached. No gpu cause it got burnt . I had psu issue i diagnosed Here. Today i got Antec VP450 psu cause i dont have gpu. I think it should be enough to power my pc. I use onboard graphics, but juat now when i attached it to.pc there ia no display from.motherboard to monitor. Thia uaed to happen before also but only like few times. Back then i used to reinstall ram sticks or something and it would run on its own. Its not running now. Any help?
  8. Im making a video i just removed psu and when i jumping green and black wire using pin, while everything disconnected from psu, the psu fan below only barely moves and doesnt on. Like only for split second just moves and nothing else. In video im doing this multiple times whenever u see the fan just move. VID_20180727_002122926.mp4
  9. You are so correct, because i remember anything metal directly attached to usb cable from system would electrocute me. Be it external hard disk casing, audio devices or case its self. Also i can confirm the front IO has two usbs and one SATA Nnamed connection when it was attached to mobo, even touching that usb would zap me. Alas, i didnt heed to this... ?
  10. Ok thank you guys so very much. U dont know how comforting it is to find caring and helping people like u guys. Karathkasun and all of u guys, Thanks a tonn. I hope to find replacement psu tomorrow. Hope its only psu. Amin. Will definitely share results here.
  11. I have Cooler master 600 W silent pro it silver standard i think that efficiency thing. I got it in 2010
  12. Oh i really hope its just psu. And it used to zap me like since day one like its all on me i guess. But i didnt know anything about pcs. I got this system in 2010 i think then upgraded to this mobo and cpu 2014 i think. But this psu always did this to me. It used to.electrocute like my whole system. I remember removing my front IO USB thingy and it shot my pc. I had to completely remove it and then it was all ok.. now i found this. One more question, i have FIIO E18 KUNLUN Dac and amp, u know its all metal it also used to electrocute me althouhh iy attached to pc via usb. Does thst mean Psu was a problem all along???
  13. I bent this pin and put in pin 3 and 4 as shown in pic green and black (i hope im doing it right) while everything is disconnected and i dont see psu turn on at all. Also my casr if electrocuting ne bad ?
  14. I see this thing , when i remove it from 1-2 to 2-3 the same split second thing is happenening right when i remove it does that tell anything?
  15. Im praying for the issue to be of power supply and not anyother thing...
  16. Just removed everything, only mobo power cable the thick one.attached and still issue
  17. Yes all the other components are attached , hard disks ssd
  18. Pulled cpu power cable and same issue. Split second on then nothing
  19. Power on like this with cpu power cable and everything attached?
  20. Ok let me try pls wait for me im doing it as u telling me right now