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About voiha

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    a guy who likes Porsche
  • Birthday 1996-10-31

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  • Twitch.tv

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    that sweet, sweet little poosi boi
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    Programming something


  • CPU
    Intel Core i7-7700 Quad-Core 3.6GHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI B250M-PRO-VD
  • RAM
    DDR4 8GB RAM 2133MHz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8GB GDDR5X
  • Case
    some black one with blue light
  • Storage
    1TB HDD 7200RPM | Kingston A400 250GB SSD
  • PSU
    Seasonic M12II-620 EVO
  • Display(s)
    LG 24GM77 144hz 1ms
  • Cooling
    Gammaxx 400
  • Keyboard
    Some basic caynon with 3 colors
  • Mouse
    Steel Series Rival 500
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. voiha

    New build list help and opinion.

    What a long ass name albeit it seems like a great motherboard, a beast actually, it misses a heatsink of one of the m.2 but that's not a problem. The price is for enthusiast so it's not cheap but you wont' mistake with it.
  2. voiha

    New build list help and opinion.

    Well if you want to go with the best, you can always go for a Samsung 860 Evo but they are pricey, on the other spectrum the cheapest are Kingston A400 the middle bud will be Crucial MX500 You won't make mistake with any of those options, just pick the one that fits your budget, cheers!
  3. voiha

    New build list help and opinion.

    I agree with @GoldenLag , Z390-A would suit you best no need for the more expensive z390-E which offers Wi-Fi, bluetooth 5
  4. voiha

    Will I get Gsync with my monitor now?

    I'll just copy paste fyi "Yours probably doesn’t though; of the 400 Adaptive Sync monitors that Nvidia says it’s tested, only 12—yes, 12—earned the certification. But fear not. If your FreeSync display didn’t make the cut, you can still manually enable Adaptive Sync support using the Nvidia Control Panel. Make sure your monitor’s variable refresh rate capabilities are enabled using the display’s own controls" https://www.pcworld.com/article/3333637/components-graphics/nvidia-driver-freesync-monitor-support-geforce-graphics-cards.html
  5. voiha

    New build list help and opinion.

    6 fans ? Why you would need that much, your system can easily have already good flow with just 3 case fans 4 optimally. Do you need it to be RGB ? Are you going to overclock your system(GPU/CPU) ? I don't really advise you taking Aorus products as their software is...kinda bad, ASUS is a better choice if you're going to spend that big bucks
  6. voiha

    External SSD and Steam

    How is your external SSD connected with your laptop ?
  7. Welll you as a friend can say what you know, what you think it will be best for him, if he doesn't listnen just tell him "lol ok" and let him f himself. You will have the great opportunity of saying "Told you" later on.
  8. I have a friend with the 1700X I am with i7 7700, overall we get the same fps as he and I have GTX 1080, but in loading times he always load slower we are both on 7200RPM HDD primary game drive and Windows system on SSD Just a FYI
  9. Well, it will perform better overall in any task compared to other CPUs, but is it optimal for the money ? No.
  10. Hello, I'm searching for a new TV, I stumbled upon good deal of Samsung 49NU7302 for about 525USD, I started researching about it but I haven't found much of a information about it except it's at the highest quality of the LED line-up from Samsung So I understand that in 49NU7302 - 49 represents the size, N represents that's made in 2018, U that's LED and the rest is it's serial number something, if it's higher it's better, so here my question appeared What is the difference between 7302 and 7372 ? Are these even up to date TV's ? Is there any better options around the same price ? That would be around 800-1000$ Thanks in advance !
  11. voiha

    Is windows 8.1 (64 bit)any good?

    Hello this is me a reader of your first topic on the LTT forum! - 8.1 is alright I guess, but as a whole you're better off with Windows 10
  12. voiha

    What sensor have this mouse

    no reason to go for the older 100 better go for 110
  13. voiha

    Recommended Graphics cards

    2070 = 1080ish performance + DSSL and Raytracing, I would go with the 2080 if it's within your budget if not, take gtx 1080 used or 1080ti
  14. Hm, if it's just drivers problem, you can always unninstall your drivers using DDU while youre in SAFE mode. Then install the new ones Make sure you're using your performance GPU rather than the internal one. Play with the NVIDIA conrol panel more with the "Adjust desktop size and position" Hope this will helps, cheers!