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    Intel Core i7-7700 Quad-Core 3.6GHz
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    MSI B250M-PRO-VD
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    DDR4 8GB RAM 2133MHz
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    Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8GB GDDR5X
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    some black one with blue light
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    1TB HDD 7200RPM
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    Seasonic M12II-620 EVO
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    LG 24GM77 144hz 1ms
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    Tiny little stock cooler
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    Some basic caynon with 3 colors
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    Steel Series Rival 500
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    Windows 10
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  1. Need help with a logo ASAP

    You're too nice, he clearly needs it for homework or something and he searches someone to do it instead of him. Nice logo/avatar btw
  2. Either buy a better microphone or play with OBS audio slider - see where is the fine line of volume and static noise, other than that you don't have much options.
  3. @Sauron You're getting the wrong idea. I'm not defending nor attacking him. Just expressing in words what is the situation towards him. People are taking Elon as a target mostly because he is rich, he does something and 80% of his life is public via News/Twitter, this kinda puts him besides celebrity status of a pop/rap star rather than entrepreneur. Where did I claimed he is excused because he could be worse ? I just said that we all know how mainstream media tries to portrait someone as a bad guy if he is having good intentions - I'm not talking about this situation in particular. People trying to picture him as a menace is straight up stupid and laughable. When your relatives are being racist towards other people do you act like this against them or you let it slide because you understand they will reject your criticism because of their beliefs ? Are you dense ? You're giving credit to killers, mugs etc that they are smart enough to not be public, while one of their task is TO NOT BE PUBLIC ??? Stop arguing about everything, criticism OK as long as it's not in this form. You're straight up hating.
  4. Depends. For example there is country laws and there is EU laws that countries in the EU must obey as they are in the union. The problem is spreading the gambling law outside of EU.
  5. Super competitive games tends to bring the worst from a person. 1 out of 20 divorce papers is 5 out of 100 which is not that much - could be true. But if it is it's sad and they had to never marry in the first place.
  6. He is in the mainstream media eyes. Everything he does and says is a news article. Underground millionaires/billionaires are doing horrible things, no one bats an eye. Musk says someone is a pedo "BILLIONAIRE ELON MUSK PEDO ACCUSATIONS MAY BE SENTENCED TO DEATH" I would say give the man a break. At least he tries to do something productive by not killing the planet or slaving humans as most wealthy people did.
  7. What RAM should I buy?

    From my perspective, go with the 16GB. I have 8GB currently and while playing AAA games like AC:origins it lags ocasionnaly and I found that 16GB of ram helps if your CPU is on par with your GPU. For eSports type of games don't worry 8GB is still plenty.
  8. What mouse to choose?

    Look at the steelseries 500 (it's older, has 15 buttons you may find it cheaper for around 50$) or steelseries 600 (newer, has 4 buttons less or so RGB is arguably better)
  9. It's a tool that scans and deletes viruses. It is a full-fledged antivirus software but I reckon it doesn't have real-time scans. For that just download their full program.
  10. https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/free-virus-removal-tool Cheers! ---- If karpersky doesn't pick something up, don't know what else will. You can try downloading antivirus soft that you put on your USB. It restarts your PC and scans thoroughly your system without being interupted by Windows, it does left log after so you can see the result.
  11. Rate my new build

    I'll rate it 7 out of 10 donuts
  12. Need a new antivirus

    Windows defender is on par with most antivirus softwares. But of course you should always combine it with some common sense, you DON'T click on the flashy AD that you won 100 000$.. Other than that, real time enabled Windows Defender + Common sense + malwarebytes free edition scan once a month + ccleaner once a month is more than enough for a healthy PC. Having 2 antiviruses with Real-Time enabled will just slow down the PC because the CPU will struggle. --- Me personally I don't use any antivirus even the Windows one, because I need all of 'dem frames !
  13. Need a new antivirus

    You don't like the Windows Defender ? I'm using Malwarebytes as a anti-malware mesure not as a antivirus program. The free edition is good enough, the premium is either that you want to help the company financially or you just get rip off.
  14. Need some pro tips

    The intel is the better one, but see what your motherboard supports at most and see if you can find it on a good deal
  15. I guess the whole experience of the new RTX cards will be a stream of underwhelming stats and optional buyers options, for the same product..