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  1. Has anyone used their GPU's long term before? I've heard of them on YouTube channels that are located in England or Europe. But I don't think anyone in America sells them, but a card found its way to our resale pc parts shop. I see their cards aren't too expensive but how's the quality? And their performance?
  2. I had a blower vega 56 then I sold it, it was screaming like a banshee or like my 4 year old cousin when she comes visiting. I sold it to a guy that was going to custom liquid cool it.
  3. lol, usually I just take it as me American you Canadian ya?
  4. I was tuning the vram and clock speeds, undervolting and comparing it to my test bench system. Tests Cinebench Heaven Farcry V Assassin creed origins Fraps Games Assassin's creed origins, dirt 4,Tomb raider shadows, apex legends Battlefield V and rocket league
  5. Is it me or is amd's vega 56 catching up to Nvidia's rtx 2060? I'm doing some gpu tuning for a build a client requested, it feels like the vega 56 seem to have higher fps?
  6. Hmm really, thanks for letting me know, tho so far I haven't had any problems. But thank you
  7. Woah is right, he's even got instructions on how to soder the smoker's wire to the power button, to release a puff of smoke (neutral oil spray) when you turn on the system. This is going to be an interesting build.
  8. I own a couple ddr4 3000/3200 mhz rams for personal use, and noticed some of their "cl" are different such as : Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz cl15 16gb G.skill Trident Z RGB 3000mhz cl16 16gb Crucial Ballistix Elite 3200mhz cl15 16gb Gskill Trident Z Royal RGB 3200mhz cl16 16gb Kingston Hyper X Predator 3200mhz cl15 16gb Does the 1 sec diffrence make a impact in the system
  9. I plan to use a zotac rtx 2080 8gb amp so no need to mod I think.
  10. Requested mods on case Extra items : 2 bottles of liquid correction fluids, red ink (for the WWE "W" logo on tempered glass). Micro smoker (Mrc-12Csm02) usd$88.00 (mini smoke machine) - for top/rear vents (provided by client) Barbed wires - for handles Case : CoolerMaster MasterCase Pro 3 TG Edition - black Ryzen R7 2700 - Reference Cooler (Breathing red led) Msi B450m mortar / bazooka / gaming-plus (try to get mortar if possible) Kingston Hyper X Predator 3200mhz cl15 16gb - (Breathing red led) Asus Strix Vega 56 8gb OC + (coolermaster vertical gpu holder) - (Breathing red led) Option : any other strix card (we chose the vega 56 for it's value price/performance) Crucial MX500 500gb m.2 ssd Crucial MX500 1th 2.5 ssd Corsair TX650 80+ Gold semi-modular Fans : CoolerMaster MasterFan Pro 140R A-rgb 140mm triple pack. LED : CoolerMaster RGB led strips x 2 This is a first time a client gave me a instruction book to follow to complete the build along with the cash and parts list. This is going to be a fun build.
  11. That's why if Ryzen 3000s r5 range is 8cores/16threads Intel's balls are in the nutcracker machine for sure.
  12. Both are priced the same, which would you go for and why? Thanks for your opinions.
  13. And my uncle still says "Dee" you're getting paid too much =.= I get paid usd$980.00 for all my work. Not forgetting I have to do the product videos myself, and I build the pc from my own pocket, no company sub claims.