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  1. I've got my main 1440p 144hz panel in DP and a second monitor for HDMI Should the second one be in the gpu too? or is it better to plug it in the motherboard? Thanks!
  2. I'm having some problems with my latest addition to my desk setup! I have a Bheringer UM2 XLR mic interface and something is definately going wrong with it or at least how it's working with my devices! I got the driver from YouTube instructions that was a couple months made, after trying for hours trying to find the latest driver on their site with no avail. The issue is when the xlr mic is in, it creates a blackout with my keyboard, mouse, external dac/Amp combo and any of my other USB plugged in devices. This occurs once every 5 minutes or so when everything is in. I don't have a lot of things plugged in, and it goes away once I unplug the mic Amp. It's also not the hottest mic. My mouth does need to be eating it for a clear sound. Help? Robb
  3. As long as overwatch, and other competive style games play at 144. I don't mind 100+ even 80 on some slower paced titles. Anthem at 144 would be nice, but it's hard to figure that out until the game is out.
  4. That monitor looks great and i love the minimal besels and the white trim. It is a VA panel and I've heard it can be a hit or a miss with some people so it might help if I in person look at a VA panel at a local store and see how i think about it. My TN panel works fine, and I've gotten used to the viewing angles. The point of looking at a 2080 is just future proofing the build for a few years so I don't have to focus on the box inside and just play games and enjoy the experience. Of which do you think is the best bet? a V64? 1080? or is there merit in getting a 2080 or 1080ti?
  5. It does! I know I'll probably be looking at 1080ti's or 2080 if I want Ray Tracing. But that monitor definately sounds like a good lead. I'll check it out How do the Vega 56 and 64 power a 1440p panel though? Is it at the high refresh I'm looking for? I know gsync is a pricey tax. So if a free sync option and a red team card can fix the problem, I'm down.
  6. I've built my first computer and I am enjoying gaming at 1080p gaming, but in the bitcoin crisis, I could only get a good deal on a 1060 3gb EVGA SC card. It's decent, but I'd love to finish the build for the future in the next coming months while GPU's are modestly priced. My goal is simple. New GPU, and new monitor. But I need something strong enough to get 144hz on a 1440p display on most titles. I know I won't get 144hz on the latest and greatest titles, but I'd prefer high textures and a better experience on some slower paced games. The most demanding games I'd probably play are Far Cry 5, Witcher, and Anthem that's coming out. (which is undetermined how optimized is. But it's mentioned as a reference point.) I will need 144hz on titles such as Overwatch, League, Etc. But I know that isn't very hard to do. Witcher would be nice though at 144hz. For the GPU, I prefer EVGA and ASUS cards and some MSI cards. 2080ti and Titan cards are obviously out of my budget. I do plan on having the 1080 monitor I have as a second productivity screen. I'd prefer Nvidia products, but I can be asuaded if AMD solves the problem for cheaper and matches preformance. The monitor must have: -144hz -1440p resolution Some nice bonusus are as followed, and ranked respectively: -Vesa compatible -IPS panel -Gsync -curved -165hz -Ultrawide I don't want to burn a hole in my pocket, but I am a thrifty dude. I would love some suggestions and anything in a positive manner . Thanks! My build: My first build! I love this system and I still have work to do but its on and I've officially joined the PCMR! Thanks everyone for your help with advice! I7-8700k (Running at stock atm) 2x8gb 3200 DDR4 G Skill Trident RGB ASUS ROG Z370-E NZXT X62 AIO cooler EVGA 1060 3GB Samsung 960 EVO 500gb M.2 WD Black 2TB HDD Cooler Master H500P Corsair RM750x Logitech g502 Proteus Spectrum K70 Mk.2 MX Cherry Blue with white PBT Keycaps Creative Speaker+Subwoofer combo BenQ 1080p 144hz TN panel.