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  1. I was able to get a hold of one personnel on the Live Chat, and he told me that it is fine; "Up to 3-4 pixels are common." "Any more than 4 pixels is eligible for a repair." I should have purchased an in-store product replacement plan when I purchased the monitor... I guess I'll have to live with this pixel until I actually manage to fix it or upgrade to a newer, better (and hopefully cheaper) monitor in the next 2-5 years.
  2. I tried the warmed cloth method, and it didn't work for me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong; I moistened the lint-free microfiber cloth, warmed it in the microwave, held it with ribber gloves, and rubbed it against the pixel, when it was on or off, for up to 10 seconds. I can't find a YouTube video or directions on the Internet on how to do this method properly or on a QLED display. I tried sending a support ticket on Samsung Canada's website, and it didn't go through; I ended up with an error message, a bunch of confirmation emails, and 0 support tickets for the product according to the website. I tried getting a Live Chat, only to end up with an error message saying that it is offline and it closed. I think it's because the staff on the website are off for the holiday season. Perhaps I'll need to wait until the week after New Year's before trying to contact them, again...
  3. It's a hot pixel. Invisible in bright, complex images, but visible in darker and simpler images. I hear they can't be fixed by software such as PixelHealer; they only really fix stuck pixels 50% of the time. I'd really like a replacement monitor, but I find them to be often out of stock in most stores, and the places where I have to send for RMA are often out of the country where I live. Canada is not a country where specialized careers like manufacturing or computer hardware repairs exist. In fact, it's one of the many brain drain countries of the world, with the only exceptions that I know of being the US, Japan, South Korea, and China.
  4. You mean this is a problem that I can't fix myself? Bummer... What kind of a pixel is it, anyway? How do I RMA it? I went to the website and registered my monitor and entered its S/N, but it didn't yield any results about its warranty status. I ordered it from Memory Express, here in Canada.
  5. I recently purchased a Samsung CRG9 monitor. Everything is working on it, except for one pixel. I'm not sure it's a dead pixel, hot pixel, or stuck pixel. It doesn't seem to fit the description of either of them, except maybe a hot pixel. Every time I put a dark window/background over it, such as a Dark Mode reddit page, it pops up, and when I move that window off it with my orange wallpaper, or switch to a lighter tab in the web browser it's disappeared; just a matching orange/white pixel. I tried PixelHealer on the pixel for an hour and it did help a bit, but the pixel is still there. The pixel even appears in the flashing box that I have set up. What kind of pixel is it, and how do I fix it? Thanks.
  6. Nice! I just got the same monitor, as well, and have the same mouse mat.
  7. Mmmmmm. Nice, chocolatey build. The Noctua browns really look fitting in it. Which Linux distro is that? Looks like Ubuntu.
  8. I'm looking to turn my cheap Intel NUC (BOXNUC6CAYH) into an HTPC, running a desktop Linux distro, not a distro that is made specifically for HTPCs (such as OpenELEC). Mainly, because I want to use it with adblock software and VPN service. Thing is, I don't have any spare SSDs laying around, but I have plenty of laptop-sized HDDs. After booting Windows off an SSD for years, I would never want to go back to HDDs for Windows. I've used Ubuntu in the past and I really like the clean, bloat-less boot and log-in of the OS, so I may as well give that another go for booting off a hard drive. Sure, it may not be very fast, but at least it is perfectly usable after log-in. Still, I would like a faster boot and log-in, if possible. Which Linux distro would you recommend which: is low on system resources, has a graphical user interface like Ubuntu, boots as quickly off a hard drive as Windows 10 off an SSD, is compatible with Firefox or Chrome, which are compatible with adblock software, I can install proprietary drivers with ease, to eliminate screen-tearing, and I can use with a VPN service such as NordVPN, even without the app.
  9. I sent my Kraken back to NZXT for RMA, and have replaced it with a Gamerstorm Castle 360EX. I was still having issues with AURA, so I reinstalled Windows. AURA is working properly, again. Maybe reinstalling Windows will fix the freezing issue with the Kraken, as well? I don't know; haven't tried it.
  10. I've been looking at this monitor. This is the second time that I've seen it at $700 Canadian off MSRP, while it is at MSRP at the Samsung Store. I'd like to buy it at the Samsung store, but it is unavailable at the Canadian store, currently and during the Back to School sale, when it was $500 Canadian off. I'm not sure that I'd want to buy it at Amazon for over $1000 Canadian... Is this a good, legit deal? Or should I wait for Black Friday/Boxing Day? Or just get a good, cheaper alternative? I'd like the DisplayHDR1000 and 32:9 aspect ratio that this display offers, but I'm mostly looking for a display that has a response time of 4ms or less, a refresh rate of 100Hz or higher, an ultrawide aspect ratio, a resolution of 1440p or higher, and, most importantly, FreeSync or G-Sync compatibility.
  11. I came home from elementary school to watch TV and I saw it on almost every TV channel. That made me realize it was that serious. And I lived in Canada, back then.
  12. I figured out the culprit in the problem I've had with my mobo's (ASUS Prime X470 PRO) RGB lighting!


    I remember the first time I had similar problems. I simply moved my SSD with Windows from my old mATX board to this one, and I couldn't get AURA working properly; it simply wouldn't load on startup or when I open it myself. I did a fresh installation in an M.2 SSD and AURA was working properly.


    This time, however, I updated the BIOS of this same board and I had a similar problem. I did another fresh installation of Windows and I'm no longer having this issue. 


    I tried to downgrade the BIOS to the launch version, but it wouldn't let me. As it turns out, these new BIOS versions added compatibility with AMD Ryzen 3rd (3000-series) gen CPUs, and the old versions do not have that compatibility; they wouldn't POST with a Ryzen 3rd gen. It's like getting a new motherboard! Upgrading to this new BIOS firmware was like booting up my Windows installation on an entirely different mobo.


    Now I know why AURA didn't work properly for me.

  13. Looks like a storm cloud, to me. Light-blue lighting behind a bunch of cotton.
  14. Those are interesting computer cases. Tall, with lots of ODD bays.
  15. Thanks! I've had my Kraken for only 6-7 months. I'll see if I can claim warranty on it.