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    United States
  • Interests
    Studying Law at my local uni. Love working on all things tech, and cars
  • Occupation
    Repair Tech


  • CPU
    i5 8600K
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z370M Gaming
  • RAM
    32GB T-Force Delta II
  • GPU
    Asus ROG STRIX RX580 8GB
  • Case
    Fractal Define Mini C TG
  • Storage
    1TB Crutial MX-500, WD 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    Seasonic 620W Modular
  • Display(s)
    LG 27" 1080P with Freesync
  • Cooling
    Corsair H60
  • Keyboard
    Ducky One with MX Black's
  • Mouse
    GSkill MX-780
  • Sound
    Cheap USB Headphones with a mic
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. SenpaiKaplan

    which RX580 Good For i7 4770 16GB ddr3?

    Sapphire products tend to be a bit higher quality, so I would go for that. It's cheaper to boot!
  2. I'll be sure to spread the word, though I have owned and still do own a few macs I never owned a Mac Pro. They seem to be difficult to come by from my local sources, and I would never pay to ship such a massive thing. Knowing even the oldest ones can run 64 bit windows does make me a bit more excited to find one though.
  3. I had always heard that the 32bit EFI limited it to 32 bit windows. I will admit i never bothered fact checking. Learn something new every day I guess.
  4. It has a 32 bit EFI, which makes things difficult.
  5. SenpaiKaplan

    low gpu and cpu usage low fps

    Are your settings all the way up? I've had this issue with Source games to where if the settings are too low for the hardware (and thus FPS is through the roof) it would exceed that of the engines capabilities and freak out.
  6. Although our opinions differ, I can't really find much to logically rebut with here. You brought up some very good points I hadn't thought of, such as a well-thought-out thief using smart products to know when a house is vacant. Anything I could respond with would be pure opinion, the highest sin of debating. GG Sauron.
  7. The following is my opinion, if it wasn't obvious. As a law student I hope to bring my own insight. Data collected from Alex and Google Home have been used to solve and convict multiple murder cases and murderers. May it be through an accidental trigger, or passive listening just after a command; it is an incredibly useful 21st century tool in cracking cases that may have gone cold otherwise. But, I doubt anybody on this forum is a murderer. So, that may never apply to you personally. In reality, what will a Google Home collect assuming it's always listening and processing words? Boring conversations with your parents/SO? Yelling at your monitor after an unfair death in a video game? It's not like you're going to say your SSN, Credit Card number, passwords, or anything of the sort out loud to an active smart device. (Which are configured to listen for their respective "Names" and nothing else.) Theres nothing for Google to gain. Alexa on the other hand? Alexa has been proven to listen to passive conversations and base Amazon advertisements and the like off what it hears. That is overly obtrusive and a borderline violation of privacy law.
  8. SenpaiKaplan

    Memory BSOD help!

    This may sound crazy, but try doing XMP to 3000MHz. The RAM is running so low from its spec it may be unstable. I cant think of anything else, tbh
  9. SenpaiKaplan

    Windows 9

    Did we ever get a source for the Windows 9 install? I've been looking for it and have been unable to find it.
  10. You got me on the EULA. I didnt read it closely, I didnt think anybody did. But This forum and its moderators/admins host and indirectly promote EULA violating material such as: Modified drivers (From the gaming on a mining card video. Big EULA violation), and Modified Operating Systems ("Windows 9"). I dont think they'd care if a user privately distributed unmodified installers of software Apple abandoned roughly 5 years ago. Apple does not distribute, support, or offer technical support on any software or hardware above 3 years of age at the most; thus putting Mavericks in the category of Abandonware which is legally redistrobutable anyways. Speaking of, I was actually looking for that Windows 9 installer. I could never find it.
  11. Apple TOS provides a license for all compatible software via purchase of a Mac device. Because of this, and his ownership of a Mac Pro; there is nothing illegal about receiving unmodified Apple installers. This is why there are no Product Key's for macOS. Your hardware is the key.
  12. This is a Mac, hackintosh is redundant. Also, the Mac Pro 2,2 is limited to 32 bit windows. Which is ass, to put it simply.
  13. The Mac Pro 2,2 is too old for internet recovery.
  14. Uploading to my NAS, will DM you a download link. Stand by...
  15. SenpaiKaplan

    Happy with 4.1ghz?

    Go as high as your temps will allow to keep below 80c, in my opinion. With Ryzen you'll likely hit a thermal wall before a voltage one unless you got mega screwed on the silicon lottery.