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    SenKa reacted to Taf the Ghost in 3 system build for the kids and dad.   
    You have monitors, do you need new ones?
    Ryzen 3rd Gen is out in June, that'll shift CPU prices around a lot. As a note.
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    SenKa reacted to Jurrunio in Is this CPU better?   
    E8400 is faster on single core speed, but slower in multicore speed.
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    SenKa reacted to Jurrunio in Building My First High End Pc   
    Most of them will be changed a third of a year later, just ask later.
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    SenKa reacted to Syntaxvgm in IS MY DELL 0JJW8N COMPATIBLE WITH A CORE 2 QUAD   
    If you really want to cut a hole, non prebuilt motherboards that have wide support are enspsive. Cheapest option is to get a motherboard pulled from a prebuilt. To ensure comparability, look for one that comes with a core 2 quad, like this one. They often pull and sell the 2 together. 

    Obviously there's probably cheaper options. You'll need a micro ATX size. 

    I still strongly suggest getting a used sandy or ivy system. Core 2 is long out of date, and has a lot of trouble running stuff, but sandy and ivy bridge still run a lot of newer games very well. 
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    SenKa reacted to Syntaxvgm in IS MY DELL 0JJW8N COMPATIBLE WITH A CORE 2 QUAD   
    one of the problems you'd run into here is the I/O shield is attachced, you'd have to go all jank and cut a hole. Also old motherboards can be expensive sometimes, depends on what you're getting, sometimes more than they were new. 

    This is the list of CPUs that Shipped with the 220 and 220s I think 
    N654J Wolfdale Dual Core E8600 3.33GHz
    D923J Wolfdale Dual Core E8500 3.16GHz
    06YMG Wolfdale Dual Core E7600 3.06GHz
    H399J Wolfdale Dual Core E8400 3.00GHz
    T116N Wolfdale Dual Core E7500 2.93GHz
    9HP6Y Wolfdale Dual Core E6300 2.80GHz
    Y442H Wolfdale Dual Core E7300 2.66GHz 
    YG8MC Wolfdale Dual Core E5200 2.50GHz
    K151N Wolfdale Dual Core E4700 2.80GHz
    Anything outside of those I doubt. 
    At that point, I'd just get a new used machine, there's a lot of dell optiplex towers that businesses dump on ebay, in the 100$ neighborhood you'd get a quad core i5 or i7 that's either sandy or ivy. Slap a 25$ SSD in there and it's a good machine. Get a regular tower not a thin one so you can put full height cards in there. 
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    SenKa got a reaction from Syntaxvgm in IS MY DELL 0JJW8N COMPATIBLE WITH A CORE 2 QUAD   
    Dell's will do that. I have worked on a few (specifically Foxconn boards), where they are definitely quad core supported but BIOS locked down (and any attempt to re-flash the BIOS with a stock one is to gets you told off by Dell's BIOS security for an unsigned BIOS)
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    SenKa reacted to BuckGup in Xfx vega 64 is it worth buying..   
    Xfx is fine. Only issue I see is it's a blower style so temps wont't be ideal
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    SenKa reacted to xAcid9 in What song are you listening to right now.   
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    SenKa reacted to TempestCatto in why is linus so cool omfg   
    Linus is daddy material ?
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    SenKa reacted to Firewrath9 in KP 2080Ti   
    Try Vince's modded bios!
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    SenKa got a reaction from Optane^ in Survey claims 86 percent of US teens plan to choose iPhone as next smartphone   
    As a life long Andorid user, I am one of those 86% who intend on using an iPhone as their next phone.
    Yes, iOS is more limited. But I have been experiencing the most annoying levels of instability on Android that from my research simply doesn't exist on iOS.
    I also use a MacBook (See bio for specs), which is hacked to Mojave. The integration between iOS and macOS is amazing, and as I transition from adolescent to adult the simple convenience of iOS is becoming more valuable than faffing around in Android settings trying to figure out why my phone is dying 5 hours before it did yesterday.
    I will always keep a windows machine for gaming, and I will game so long as I have time for it. But for any productivity oriented tasks? Apple has MS beat. And Microsoft created Windows as a business OS ?
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    SenKa got a reaction from TechHelp in University Laptop   
    Ah balls, I didn't read your pricing.
    Get the newest HP Elitebook you can afford Ebay. Theyre built like tanks and can be spec'd pretty highly.
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    SenKa got a reaction from TechHelp in University Laptop   
    Vivobook's, from my experience, have build quality issues.
    I would personally recommend an XPS 13, or Thinkpad X1 Extreme (The X1 Carbon is inconsistent at best, avoid it)
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    SenKa reacted to onlybuilt4cubanxlinx in RAM   
    RyZen responds best to b-die CL14 3200mhz ram.
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    SenKa reacted to GoodBytes in Windows not windows   
    Ah! Winedoawz!
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    SenKa reacted to Queen Chrysallis in Graphics Card (Cooling/VRM) Tier List (Navi Update)   
    Just here for my bragging rights and empty wallet
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    SenKa reacted to RoseLuck462 in 144hz monitor or new gpu?   
    The 4gb RX580 won’t last at all, invest in an 8gb model instead.
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    SenKa reacted to LienusLateTips in Are these PSUs compatible with my setup?   
    They all work, but I wouldn't recommend any of them.
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    SenKa reacted to dDave64 in Computer crashes and reboots   
    Agree, all of these are also worth looking at.
    You should be able to get a power supply tester (either hardware or software) that should show how the power delivery looks on your system. The numbers won't come out exact but you should get numbers in the range. Example 11.8v on the 12v rail.
    A kernel power error can also happen just from a system crash that caused the system to turn off, not necessarily tied to the PSU. I think it is worth investigating though.
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    SenKa got a reaction from Mike Soda in Looking For Wireless Yardwork Earbuds   
    As @KING OF THE DIRTY DANSsaid, Jaybirds. 
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    SenKa reacted to KING OF THE DIRTY DANS in Looking For Wireless Yardwork Earbuds   
    Jaybirds are a good option
    If you want to look like a douche, get airpods
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    SenKa got a reaction from Faisal A in ASRock Z270M - Video Output issue   
    @ShadowlessoneTry an output that isnt HDMI. Which on that card is probably DVI.
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    SenKa got a reaction from Derkoli in meme channel   
    No, but actually yes
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    SenKa reacted to Fasauceome in Would this case break in the car?   
    U want smol case? I got a recommendation for ya