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  1. *note that intels TDP is taken at base clock, at the i5 has a lower base clock at an (honestly quite impressive given its boost clock) 800MHz base clock, while the i3 is at 1.1GHz.
  2. My online accounting course requires the midterm and final exams to be screen recorded and uploaded via Tegrity. I did this on my Macbook Air, and noticed no real performance issues in chrome (though i only had one tab open, admittedly), doing okay sized excel worksheets with lots of formulas, and doing (im assuming native res) recordings of my screen and webcam. Mind you, the upload process (which included re-encoding and compressing the clips) easily took an hour for the ~2 hour recording. I find people underestimate the power of software optimization, as my 2014 macbook air still goes along just fine as my main laptop. On it I do light video editing, and lots of multitasking with Apple Music open, ~10 chrome tabs, discord, and word open while writing research paper. I am ONLY upgrading because of RAM limitations, as 4GB of RAM is finally becoming not enough on the macOS side of things on catalina.
  3. It seems the channel is taking off quite well, so is there a reason I'm not thinking of that there arent posts dedicated to the videos for discussion as there are with the more major channels?
  4. Thats still a MASSIVE range in core temps... If you have thermal paste laying around, try to re-mount the pump/block.
  5. That wide variation in temps tells me your thermal paste application might have been bad. Also, the pump goes in to CPU_PUMP. Not CPU_FAN. The former is rated for the higher amperage of a pump.
  6. Something is definitely wrong. Is the pump plugged in to a pump header? Can you feel it moving fluid? Did you follow the instructions well/are you confident with your mount? is 100c on all cores?
  7. Last WU uploaded officially, pleasure working with you all My GPU's are very happy for a break, can tell you that
  8. Ended with 7.95 million points, all for team LTT. Hope to be able to help out in the future!
  9. Ive got 2 more WU's I can finish before time is called, and of course I'll be missing out on a the 170k WU my 2070 is chewing on! Will say, my CPU thermal paste picked a good time to start failing. Turns out AMD stock paste doesn't like being at ~82c for 14 days straight Will be tearing my GPU's apart and re-pasting them as well as my CPU cooler once time is called. The GPU's were honestly just due for it.
  10. Both boards are really good, personally i think Asus' BIOS and accompanying software for fan control and the like are a bit better after having used both.
  11. 3900x with an X570 board is the preferable alternative. AFAIK there isnt much of a reason to buy intel unless you really like... native optane support? Idk.
  12. Probably only had ~4 hours of downtime during the whole event, which is great. 7.1 Million points is nothing to scoff at to me even if its nothing compared to some of yall! Happy to see this community coming together like this, will be sure to procure a better secondary GPU to keep up a bit more, actually quite shocked my 670 has held up the whole time but it's so darn slow I think it's time for retirement once I can find a better suitor.
  13. TDP is not an exact science, and the numbers are not comparable. Buuut, thats double the power consumption of a 2080TI's TDP.
  14. bah... i found what was wrong. theyre standard ATX connectors... easily found on any site that sells the normal ones you'd recognize such as 24pin.
  15. I can find lots of cables, but no connectors
  16. Specifically looking for Corsair Type 4, but I just cant seem to find a supplier for any modular cable ends anywhere for the PSU side. As far as I can tell mainframe customs has the system side ones, but i cant seem to find any luck on the PSU side connectors... Any of you who make custom cables, whats your source? EDIT: Im an idiot, theyre standard connectors you can find anywhere. was just overthinking things.
  17. Feels like samsung is getting tired and/or bored recently... Kind of a shame when, notch witholding, samsung isn't able to play ball with a phone thats nearing on a year old. They had every opportunity to buy an iPhone 11 Pro max, find out what makes people buy iPhones, and innovate upon it all while not carrying over the things even devout iOS users hate. Just make an android phone that competes with the iPhone on price, video taking quality, and integration. Samsung, you are the PERFECT manufacturer for this! You already have a desktop environment that you can make a lapdock for to buy over the Macbook Air customers, you already sell smart watches, true wireless earbuds... Its all there in front of you and you just added a bad version of a feature that chinese companies beat you to a year or two ago, and connectivity standards that arent in place yet even in your home country. I wouldnt even buy it if all that came true, i am very happy with iOS for all its flaws and could not give macOS up even if i wanted to. But samsung would give so many people a reason to switch over to or back to android it isnt even funny.
  18. They are very worth it, from what i've heard
  19. Software that claims to "solve double click" just rejects click inputs that are too close together. While it solves the issue, it can get quite annoying when you ACTUALLY want to double click and either the mouse or software rejects it. Omiron switches by themselves are not bad, at all, but they sell a couple VERY cheap switch models that some manufacturers like to use. Logitech is the #1 offender AFAIK. The best thing possible in terms of switches are optical switches, as accidental double clicking is literally impossible by design. What is your hand size? Measure the width and length as shown. It will help me give you a proper recommendation for a new mouse
  20. Corepad definitely ships to the UK. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Corepad-Skatez-Logitech-G703-G603-G403-Wireless-Replacement-Teflon-mouse-feet/222587055608?epid=26005729061&hash=item33d338edf8:g:cD8AAOSwTEJaAYMb
  21. ahh... well, cleaning feet should just be done with a damp microfiber cloth. If you want new feet, which i would recommend, these have a good reputation. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Corepad-Skatez-Logitech-G703-G603-G403-Wireless-Replacement-Teflon-mouse-feet/222587055608
  22. Looks like a fine pad, probably from the same factory as the Corsair MM300 based off marketing materials. Do the feet look especially worn? You clearly have a baseline of a bad set of mouse feet in your rival 100. How do they compare?