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  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JZ82FD4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_yb1vDbTET2Q4C?tag=linus21-20 Credit for these goes to: @fasauceome
  2. Ohh. Well, they're a good choice, I use them myself. You will want to look in to different ear cups, as the included ones do not breathe at all, and another forum member actually got an ear infection because he used them so much.
  3. I'll assume an update for Navi will come when more AIB's come out?
  4. SenKa

    RTX 2080

    Pick the nicest card you can from this list. Assume all cards within a certain tier are of the same quality:
  5. M50x are quite nice for their price, it may be worth your time to save for a little bit more or hunt for sales.
  6. Ive washed earbuds multiple times without issue. You're probably fine, and even if you aren't the possibility of causing harm to your device is very low.
  7. No, I wanted to make sure you werent using it as it causes issues with Blizzards anti-cheat.
  8. I would recommend a look at the T or L series as well.
  9. SenKa

    RTX 2070

    Without a problem, yes.
  10. Okay, this may be where your issues arise. Unlock your FPS and turn VSync off, do the issues persist? Also, for further clarification, you have GSkill RAM but are you using GSkill software at all?
  11. Well it seems the 05 is no longer available, and I could not find any either.
  12. I have never been a massive fan of the Thinkpad E series, but that is probably one of the best choices within your budget.
  13. Why don't you want the 05S? It is an updated version with better cooling support.
  14. Look at his specs. He has a 1070Ti, the 8600K will not bottleneck that. I don't play WoW, but I would imagine it is as buggy as most Blizzard games. What are your display settings in game? Is VSync/FreeSync on? Is your FPS limited? What framerates are you getting? Do you have any Antivirus other than Windows Defender, any GSkill RGB software?
  15. First off, please make your font a more reasonable size (14 works well). Now, for your issue. Would you mind screenshotting your Memory tab of Task Manager? You should see something like this, with different numbers.
  16. Ughhhhhh the 380T. Please bring this case back Corsair.
  17. He messed with those Opterons in this video. As for the Intel side, Nehalem and Westmere have aged very well, and are still very usable (especially the higher end hyper threaded parts). Both lack single core performance, and the modern features for power savings and turbo boost. But for what they are, they are fantastic. Power usage will be rather immense, but performance still scales very well unless you require the newer AVX instruction sets that these chips simply predate.
  18. I would never reccomend an A1278, as they all were prone to GPU failure. The 2012 less so, but it is still a very real possibility To answer OP's question. Previous gen Macbook Air gets my vote.
  19. Can confirm the m50x pads are sweaty, 99% likely the cause of your issue.
  20. Every youtuber you just listed has a massive warehouse full of components (mostly sent to them), they literally just pull things off shelves like you would in a company like Puget Systems would while building systems.
  21. Funnily enough my prior case to the Define R6 was an Antec Nine Hundred! My file server is in a knockoff Nine Hundred thats better to work in ATM.
  22. Your answer is in the description! From Fractals site:
  23. I personally don't have a tech backpack or a sleeve. So take that as you will.