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Status Updates posted by SenKa

  1. Please, for the love of god, stop spreading misinformation about the Mac Pro.


    No, we don't know what class Xeon it ships with.


    Yes, Apple intends for this to exist in both the workstation and server markets. They built the case to rackmount spec and offer rails as an option rather than the handles. 


    I don't care how much cheaper you can build some Threadripper PC with nVidia graphics. Xeon has performance advantages over TR in many workloads, and Apple hasn't touched nVidia graphics of any type in 9 years, and nVidia desktop graphics in 13. It isn't happening.


    Nobody cares if you hate macOS, especially if you never tried it and just hate it because others hate it.


    Just don't talk about things you know nothing about in general. You waste other peoples time when they have to go and correct you to avoid the spreading of blatant lies or irrelevant information.

    1. Schnoz


      Yeah, a lot of people here (me included) are doing this, but I just want to say that we all know that the starting config is still quite expensive for what it is, and no one wants to fork away the equivalent of a 2060- or 2070-equipped gayming pc for a monitor stand. But yeah, we gotta cut the shit.

    2. SenKa


      Monitor stand will be a dead meme in 2 weeks, it's already getting old tbh. Yeah, it's expensive, nobody disagrees (It costs ~$30 less than my PC), but at the same time I would wager 99% of people who would buy the XDR display already have a VESA arm and would just need the bracket. @Schnoz

  2. Nothing better to do on a Thursday night than some data recovery! Device ST932042 came out of a liquid damage Thinkpad T520, thankfully the liquid was nowhere near the drive (if you're curious, the liquid was Vodka. The laptop was my old co-workers). It is however dying, and fails to boot. Taking an image now, imaging it on to a good drive in hopes that fixes it. If not, I will have to manually transfer everything over to a fresh install. Such is life ?‍♂️


    Also, I get to keep the T520. I will be buying a new mainboard for it soon. The old one is irreparable, I only got it months after the damage was done.

    Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 10.20.53 PM.png

  3. The Apple Magic Mouse is good, fight me


    I have the 1st gen, which runs off batteries. The Magic Mouse 2 is dumb cause charge port on the bottom

    1. SenKa




      *Another me walks around the corner and drags the corpse away*


      How many times does this need to happen? Don't people read anymore? @Schnoz

    2. Schnoz


      Seriously though, the 1st gen had below-average battery life and why the actual fuck would Fruit Company put the charging port on the bottom of the mouse?! People want to use their Eye Macks, you know! 

    3. SenKa


      I actually haven't noticed poor battery life on mine, Buy good AA batteries! @Schnoz

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  4. Glad to report a C2Q Q6600, 4GB of RAM, and GTX 670 are still usable in 2019!


    Mind you. It took my FPS in For Honor from 80 at 1080P Lowest down to 35, but hey, considering this was for free I'm not complaining. 


    I sold off my old system because I lost my job the other day. This will more than do for now! (I'll also probably drop to 720P. You need high FPS to be good at For Honor)

  5. Apparently making disk images is very CPU intensive. Im trying to make a 1TB back up image for my Macbook, its pinning the fans and still hitting 76c lul.


    On the upside, I just picked up some really cheap 2TB drives I am going to use as first-level backups for all my software n stuff. "Vault" storage is handed by an 8TB WD White.


    Everything is set up to be as painless as possible should a drive croak. Everything on the 4TB array (JBOD) is on the 8TB. Should the JBOD fail I'm out nothing, should the 8TB fail it is comparatively cheap and simple to pay for data recovery.


    I may also pick up some cheap 1TB drives, make a JBOD array, and do burst coin mining for a couple extra bucks a month. I have a source of really cheap drives.

    1. Schnoz


      Yeah, my dad used to work at WD and we have about a quarter of a petabyte of drives. I didn't know that making isos took so much CPU.

    2. SenKa


      @Schnoz Now bouncing against 81c, seems the cooler has heat soaked. TJ on this chip is 100c, so I'm not worried ?‍♂️

  6. Which is it? nVidia, Nvidia, or NVidia? ?

    1. minibois


      Um. Novideo?

    2. Nocte


      @Minibois do I smell ayymd in the air?

    3. minibois


      @Nocte I am under no moral nor legal obligation to confirm or deny your accusations 


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  7. New CPU is in! OC is a stable 3.9GHz @ 1.425 volts.


    Apparently that isn't bad for a Ryzen 7 1700. But I wanted 4GHz and am feeling unfulfilled.

    1. Schnoz


      give it 99999.[Java.StackOverflow] volts and then it'll push 4 ghz


      in fact it will fry itself! :D

  8. New CPU is in! Time for some overclocks! >:)

  9. I forgot this forum has a status function until a few days ago. It's kind of nice tbh.


    Im just bopping to Hollywood Undead atm, nothing too interesting. But hey, nothing more relaxing than cleaning old GPU's.

  10. Had to call out sick today. I don't regret it, because I'm sick. If any day is a good day to miss, it is today since I only work for a few hours on Monday, but still. Losing one days income is gonna suck next week.

  11. macOS Mojave can't write to NTFS formatter volumes? I swear OSX used to be able to back in those days.


    Well, after installing XCode, Homebrew, osxfuse, and NTFS-3g I finally can!


    Not all that bad, really. My Linux knowledge helps quite a bit in navigating the macOS terminal. Also, after some getting used to the old Magic Keyboard I'm using is pretty nice. Very good to type on, slightly stiffer than the ones on my Macbook Air, I kind of wish these switches were on every Macbook made. I do not have a magic mouse anymore, and I honestly miss it.



  12. Bittersweet day today. System is down for a week after my Athlon 200GE sold much faster than I expected. But, my 1700X is in the mail and will be here on thursday! Can finally get back to archiving my disk collections! Encoding on a weak dual core is a no no ?

  13. Ordered a bunch chargers and cables for my new iPhone.


    Every single charger came DOA, they were chinese crap.



    1. SenKa


      Ordered the genuine iPad bricks, which I should have done at first.

    2. DrMacintosh


      What iPhone did you get? But yeah, as for charging bricks, I only recommend buying the 10/12W iPad Chargers and reputable 18W quick chargers. As for cables, the Amazon Basics line is poorly built but is MFi certified which is the most important thing. Cable matters is also a good company to buy cables from. 


      Don't spend $700+ on an iPhone or $1,000+ on a Mac and cheap out on the thing that makes the computer work, power!

    3. SenKa


      iPhone XS Max. I bought the 12W iPad charger, and the Amazon Basics cables.


      Hype for my new iPhone, being delivered tomorrow!

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  14. ODD's are still useful, I wish they never fell out of popularity.


    They have one incredibly ill mentioned benefit. When you're doing weird things that probably wont work, you have an audio queue if it is or isnt. You don't get that with USB booting :D

  15. Genuinely let down by the Gram 17". LG dropped the ball hard core.

  16. Pulled my leg in my sleep last night... Big oof.