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  1. Kind of a tight budget, but are you OS specific? You can sneak in a last gen 2014 or 2015 Macbook Air that will suit you quite well, I use mine for Windows virtualization, GIMP, and DaVinci Resolve, it holds up quite well.
  2. Neither Kalories nor Calories have a calculation, but 220LBS is 15.7 Stone, my apologies.
  3. Youre not gonna move much with that at all, my best advice is to find a cheap alternator or automotive generator (the latter being easier to work with) and use that with a cheap 2 or 3 wire motor controller. (3 for an alternator, 2 for most generators) For any other customary users who chime in, .3KW is .4HP and 100KG is 220LBS.
  4. All 3 of those things are fantastic now. I actually don't notice a ton of difference between running macOS or Windows in Fusion. There is one, of course, but it is nothing near a deterrent for me. Performance is more than acceptable on my 2014 Macbook Air.
  5. I personally use VMWare Fusion, tried Parallels and was very unimpressed.
  6. Thats exactly what I meant, thank you! Is the Sleep parameter in seconds?
  7. Small question, would AHK be good for something like pressing left and right click at the same time? What would that script look like?
  8. Fractal cases are a treat to build in, better than any other manufacturer I have dealt with. My only gripes with my Define R6 are the fault of my hardware config, not the case (routing of the front panel audio and USB 3.0 are ugly if you don't have an ATX motherboard).
  9. Ah, I have no experience with Virtualbox... My apologies.
  10. What VM software are you using? VMWare?
  11. Where did you get your ISO? Sounds like it's been tampered with, if it didn't come directly from MS.
  12. Vista is much better than I remember...

    1. Schnoz


      Only when on faster hardware.

    2. SenKa


      I'm on period correct hardware. C2D and GO 8700M. Still very snappy @Schnoz

  13. Sounds like a driver issue. You can also go in to the nVida control panel and disable the dGPU, assuming the drivers are all in order. As for the utilities, they are all on Asus's site.
  14. The Define R6 can easily fit on a desk, and hold E-ATX motherboards.
  15. All very fair reasons. If it doesn't fit on your desk just keep it a good bit off the ground. Be aware the closer it is to dog height, the more dust it will pick up.
  16. You'll be much better off with an air cooler, it's far harder to clean out a radiator than it is a tower cooler. As for placement, desk is preferred, or off the ground somehow if desk is not possible (may not be with the DB900, it's a big case). May I ask why you're using the DB900 in particular? Do you need an ATX full tower like that, or is a mid tower fine?
  17. I have 3 dogs, and a bird, I know exactly what you're talking about. Clean your filters often and you will be more than fine. I clean mine every 4 or 6 months.
  18. I'm in the Define R6, which GN has within margin of error to yours, as well as a Dark Rock Pro 4. My 8600k is comfortable running 5GHz at 1.4v. You shouldn't worry about CPU temps
  19. DB900 is a good case, and this thread could go in Air Cooling or Cases and Power Supplies really, both work.
  20. I have an i5-8600K and an RTX 2070. If you're building Intel, which is not a horrible idea (though AMD does offer more cores if you really do need them.), you should probably get a hyperthreaded CPU. My 6c/6t CPU is already feeling a little aged.
  21. My university gave out free water bottles first day back for the summer semester. I still use it, as it hasn't broke yet and is actually quite decent.
  22. Yeah, I'm not sure how 2560x1080 works in 16:9, but Blizz seems to find a way. But yes, you need to set aspect ration separately of resolution.