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  1. Then it's unstable, lower your CPU frequency or add more voltage. Also up your RAM speed, it matters quite a bit.
  2. In that case, yes! A computer is obsolete when it no longer does what you wish for it to do in an efficient manor. If what you wish for it to do is game at 5GHz then your CPU is more akin to an FX-9590 than a real 5GHz chip. Given that you have ~$300 worth of radiators in your system it's quite clear you at least have some money to spare, so throw in an i9-9900KF and enjoy your 8 cores at 5GHz all core
  3. Please update us when there is an actual mechanism to get the kickback, FX-6100 owner here.
  4. It was the 6s, but you have the right idea. He doesn't actually follow through from his giveaways and the products he features he either does so disingenuously or praises products that a 2s google search will reveal as shit.
  5. His word is nothing lmao. Now, if somebody who isn't a shill says that the speakers sound good I'll believe it. Very, very good phone for the cost, nobody is taking that away from it. Just remember to vet your sources and create more compelling arguments.
  6. It is certainly not an end all be all phone, but I am sure Linus has one in the mail. You have to remember that Canada gets basically everything late. Also, word of the wise, when making an argument don't use opinionated statements if you want to be taken seriously. I personally find the ROG phone ugly. Also, don't trust anything Unbox Therapy says. He is a shill who says what hes told to say.
  7. What are your temps? My 8600k can do 5GHz with no special settings. Just 1.4v and no AVX offset under a Dark Rock Pro 4. I can't believe HT makes that big of a difference in overclocking.
  8. WinDirStat is incredibly useful, to echo what others have brought up. Im actually using it right now to clean up my SSD and offload a bunch of stuff to my bulk storage 8TB HDD
  9. Id say "Wow, this would really eff up a lot of the technology economy", but there is literally 0 way GloFo is winning this. But, do note on the off chance GloFo did win, the Nintendo Switch would be banned as it uses an nVidia SOC. Most people would probably care about that more than Pixel and iPhones being banned for sale in the US lmao. Also all this would do is make grey market importing more popular than it already is
  10. Do you have a windows.old folder? Deleting that can save quite a bit of space. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-delete-the-windows-old-folder-from-windows-10/
  11. Zenbooks have a long history of build quality issues in my experience, I will personally never recommend them but there are forum members here who probably will. T480s is just over your budget but workable. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-t-series/ThinkPad-T480s/p/22TP2TT480S
  12. It's possible, you'll be running at 1x speeds, but you're better off getting a 1x SATA card as you risk damaging the board. https://www.amazon.com/IO-Crest-2-port-Controller-SY-PEX40039/dp/B005B0A6ZS
  13. Why no Macbook? Don't like macOS? Thats understandable. For a 14" screen on Windows I would say X1 Carbon.
  14. Technically speaking, 2 500GB HDD's in RAID 0 have the capacity to be faster than 1 1TB drive, but HDD performance in general is kind of stagnant and RAID 0 is pretty pointless unless you are willing to throw away whatever data is on it or you want Reddit karma with quad NVME RAID 0 benches. Personally, I would never run any RAID other than RAID 100 but even that is kind of pointless.
  15. First PC was..... 2014? Yeah, has to be. I was 13. Specs (may not be exact, that system is LONG gone now. My memory of 13 year old me is vague. i7-920 Sabertooth X58 Motherboard 8GB DDR3 GTS 450 I have no idea what the PSU was, it was junk Case was okay at best, but it had VU meters in the front panel and I really miss it, no idea what the model was. Blue LED's, VU meters and another gauge that was temperature(?) on the front door, it was an ATX Midtower. If anybody can help me figure out what case it was I would be eternally grateful.
  16. Ive not used one for an overly long period of time, but I used a Surface 3 (non-pro) for a little while and never had issue with the type cover, though I can certainly understand where people are coming from.
  17. Of course this is all opinion, but I am going to disagree. I actually quite enjoy it, but you need a good touchscreen tablet, which the surface book is. With all that said, I would only consider a surface book with the performance base (dGPU). Why not a surface pro? Do you need a 'real' laptop? As in, are you ever going to actually use it on your lap?
  18. I had a system like that. My RAM reseating process went as such: Pull all RAM Clear CMOS Put back in all RAM Remove half of RAM Swap the half I left in for the half I removed Tried the 'incorrect' slots (B slots, not A) Tried one stick of the second half Tried the other stick Tried one stick of the first half Only at this point did it boot, and I never tried putting in the other 3 sticks. I didn't care because what I am doing with that system isnt memory intensive, it is a file hosting server that idles most of its life, so 2GB is fine. For memory stress tests, Prime 95 Large FFT's.
  19. For coffee lake I feel comfortable up until 1.45, but this is hotly up for debate. Really depends on what you can cool, but my 8600k is at 1.4v to get 5GHz all core (mind you that is a 6c/6t part as compared to your 8c/16t part)
  20. With LTT cracking 9 million subscribers and hastily on its way to 10 million, I'm wondering how long we have all been here! So, below link the first LTT video you remember watching that got you hooked on the channel. I'll start.
  21. @Corsair @Corsair Nick Ive seen both of these active recently.
  22. Ehhh... Depends. I eat out pretty often some weeks but not others. Bad week for eating out is ~$50 on food for me, good week is $10 or $20.
  23. Ahhh, I see. A be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 will suit you very nicely.