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  1. Is this out of your price range? "Completely silent" largely requires custom work the average person cannot/will not do themselves.
  2. Eyyy whaddup Im out of the path of the storm here in Manasota, but its hitting both my mothers parents and my fathers brother. Stay safe everybody!
  3. Well I uninstalled Logi software and it fixed itself. Im gonna keep screwing with my modded G903 and see if it fixes itself. Your Sensei 310, does it have any build quality issues? I read that the main mouse buttons have various issues. Also, thanks for the RJN link, he's earned a new sub.
  4. I am a lefty gamer, coming from the G903. I love the shape of it, but the weight was a bit much. Even getting it down to 90 grams it feels a little heavy, I would consider ~90 grams to be the maximum weight I want to use, and I am 100% not opposed to modding the mice. The G305 caught my eye immediately due to its modding community, but there is one issue... I need buttons on the right side of the mouse to hit with my thumb, and the G305 only has them on the left side. Cheaper is better, of course. I play mostly FPS games, I only run my mouse at 800 DPI, so some GAMER 9000 15000 DPI SENSOR isn't necessary, but accuracy is. To summarize: Cheap as possible Modding to make good/better is 100% fine No larger than the G903, actually a little smaller length-wise would be better Button on right side needed, having 2 on each side is a bonus Wireless isn't needed, at all
  5. Got my G903 down to 90g, already loving it.

  6. No A320 boards. They are horrible for anything other than APU's.
  7. Thats not what my research said. The BSOD is from a corrupt system-critical page file. Your system is showing hardware instability as well (inconsistencies while POSTing), so I am liable to believe the issue is RAM or CPU related.
  8. Are you sure the BIOS update took and didnt error out? Did you update to the latest BIOS? This sounds like either a dead CPU or motherboard incompatibility... Try flashing BIOS 2001, this is the version number that added support for the 4790k.
  9. Are all 64GB of RAM detected? Inpage errors are caused by either a RAM or HDD issue, not graphics. Given that POSTing is inconsistent, try reseating the CPU and all your RAM.
  10. There may be a setting in the BIOS to enable multi-GPU support. I am mostly unfamiliar with Asus's modern BIOS, as I haven't used one of those boards since the socket 775 days.
  11. Your question is kind of a two parter, so I'll answer them in order. If your PC does everything you want to at a level you deem sufficient and reasonable, then there is 0 reason to upgrade. The games you play probably only utilize 4 core at most, many if not all new AAA releases utilize 16 threads no problem, or in some cases even more. But I will say for a lot of modern games, 4c/4t will feel quite dated. Even my 8600k, which is 6c6t overclocked to 5GHz feels a bit weak at times. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you really need to enjoy your PC the most. For some people that is 9990XE 512GB RAM quad Titan RTX NVLink, for others its an old school Athlon 64, a gig of RAM, and a Voodoo 5, and for some people it's simply a Macbook Pro with a TB3 docking station. If your PC is doing everything you need it to do and doing in a manner of which you enjoy it, then there is never a reason to upgrade until the time comes to where it does not.
  12. Is it still doing what you want in a reasonable fashion?
  13. RTX on the 2060 isn't worth while, can confirm
  14. Hey man, gotta get in line if they say no!
  15. Not sure where you are, but I might like one.
  16. Small note, I have never actually done it in safe mode and have never had an issue.
  17. Call Amazon, it was supposed to come with an I/O shield...
  18. In CPU bound games you will struggle. What games do you play? Any plans in the future for a CPU upgrade? 4c/4t is aging very quickly.
  19. When you upgraded did you DDU drivers? Also, what are the temps and core/mem clocks?
  20. Why HP? To be perfectly honest they aren't that great. MSI isn't fantastic either, but the're better. In the UK you should have easy access to Clevo and/or Sager, yeah? How are prices for those in comparison?
  21. Looks like the Evoke with a more colour neutral and gamer-y shroud. So here's a probably very accurate review:
  22. Picked up a Surface 3 Pro 128GB for $20 as a no-power device. Stupid low considering it is in flawless cosmetic condition with the type cover in a seemingly rare colour. Previous owner left it at the goodwill after they couldn't repair it. Ya wanna know what the fix was that both the previous owner and goodwill failed to do? Flex the device from the top to dislodge dirt under the power button...


    I'm not complaining! Downloading the restore image as we speak ?

  23. Whatever it's rated for, so 3000 is my guess if thats the XMP default. To tell you where voltage is I need to know who makes your motherboard. So what model is it?