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  1. I have 2 2TB Hitachi with 30k hours on them, they still look like new in Crystal Disk Info. I've also had far better luck with WD, so shrug Small though not totally valid substantiation: I have a 4 drive JBOD array for my preliminary backup, and I just checked the health of all my drives and found that the only Seagate drive in the array is reporting SMART errors. Mind you, it's a generic white label OEM drive, very old, may or may not have been dropped (shh), and has 26k power on hours. Though, with that said I'm going to just fold and pull out my 2 1.5TB drives from the array and replace them with more 2TB ones so that way I have 8TB of backups in both my file server and desktop.
  2. Coming from a G903 user, would the Razer Diamondback, Lancehead, or Deathadder lefty be the most seemless transition?

  3. The issue has returned for me again. So... @colonel_mortis?
  4. Happy to see! System Ninja is far better than CCleaner so I hope you took my advice there ?
  5. They explored the idea of tape drives in a video. I believe Linus resolved that it was a good idea but would take forever due to the sheer volume of the data.
  6. Cloudnet is a CPU mining trojan, for anybody who comes along. Anyways, everything I have read says that your best bet is the free version of malwarebytes. As for how you got this, I would imagine you accidentally downloaded a bad copy of CCleaner. As for that, use SystemNinja instead. https://singularlabs.com/software/system-ninja/confirm-download/
  7. My picture works now. So, temporary glitch with the hosting I guess? Consider it resolved!
  8. From a purely professional standpoint, which LTT is very not, James does a lot right in terms of being in front of a camera. To my memory he doesn't often talk to a wall, he doesn't really put his back to the shot. Honestly his worst offense is that he stares at the camera too much, but thats a very up-to-debate sort of thing and that may just be me. All of the hosts are fantastic personalities who bring their own thing to the table as hosts. In videos where James works with somebody else he offers a really nice dynamic with his co-host. If he has issues anywhere it's when he's by himself in front of the camera, suggesting some anxiety or stage fright. My hypothesis (do note I have never met any LMG staff. This may be 100% wrong), is that in the WAN show examples you gave us he wasn't quite sure how to jive with Riley's kind of awkward one-liner humor and just did his best to work around it and continue past it. That's the correct thing to do, but it can lead to the sort of things we're discussing here of egoism. Regardless, I love all of the hosts. Some lend themselves better to the camera than others, and others only lend themselves well if they are comfortable with the topic, but in the end they are all very good showmen.
  9. I was writing a post relating to the motherboard standards in another thread and attempted to drag in this image in as you normally would via the file attachment feature. Well, as attached you can see the error I got. What does it mean, is this a bug? Incase it's needed, here are related specifications: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Version 1809 Google Chrome Build 76.0.3809.132 (64 Bit)
  10. Ive actually done a decent amount of research on the idea of TR4 ITX. In the standard ITX form factor it is more or less impossible. Let me clarify by saying it is possible in the sense than the socket is physically smaller than the ITX formfactor, but TR4 is such a massive socket that serious concessions would have to be made. VRM's would need to be stacked vertically in an add-in card (this isn't unheard of. Asus did this a while back), and you would only have room for 4 SO-DIMM slots unless you put some on the back of the board (also not new in the desktop space, and basically expected in laptops). So, nothing insurmountable, the R&D just doesn't seem to be worth it to cram so much VRM performance and so much extra complexity in to a motherboard literally 10 people would buy. Now, if we include the seemingly returning DTX form factor of motherboard things become much easier and honestly I see no reason as to why it wouldn't work. DTX, for the unitiated, is just ITX but the width of a standard ATX board. Mini DTX is also a thing, but AFAIK that is just ITX with 2 PCI-E slots. LTT is playing funny buggers, so here is a link to the motherboard size comparison.
  11. I recently picked up a very good XCILO A380BK for cheap at Goodwill, and it is missing all but 2 of its drive mounting speds for 5 1/4" drives, as well as all of its 3.5" drive caddys. From what I can tell this looks like a very common chassis and my google-fu is just failing me. Can anybody help in finding suitable replacements? I need them!
  12. I run in to your issue a lot. Best solution I've found is Send Anywhere. It is faster than Bluetooth and my go-to for large file transfers. Lucky for you the Android version even has a remote access feature! Unless I misunderstood something this will do exactly what you need.
  13. Here before the trackpoint warriors come in. Wait... Theyre already here lmao. Im sure Alex is well aware how much hate he's gonna get for the trackpoint comments, but I would like to extend the olive branch as an avid trackpointer and say how about Lenovo offers a trackpoint-less keyboard as a free option?
  14. 3.33MHz may be your issue! Kidding, I know you meant GHz :p. Thats quite strange. Are all your chipset drivers installed? Those chips have no reason to be performing so weakly. What clock speeds are your CPU's at, as well as your 1060? My bet currently is Windows Scheduler assigning cores across the 2 CPU's and you're being bottle necked by the chipset.
  15. I said openCAD, meant FreeCAD. Sorry, its late and I have one hell of a migrane
  16. Well, my solidworks student license has stopped, so I need new CAD software so it seems. I have tried OpenCAD and found it annoying. I really just need to edit STL files, so Solidworks may not even be the right tool for this? Im banging my head into a wall fighting with every piece of software I try, somebody help!
  17. It would honestly be much easier to strap on a little 1cyl 2 stroke motor with ~$80 worth of hardware off Ebay. Another option to keep in mind.
  18. Its bafang time. https://www.bafangusadirect.com/bafang-750w-bbs02-mid-drive-motor-and-battery-p/60.htm
  19. SenKa

    Windows 10

    I use Windows 10 LTSC, which I have activated. No issues, haven't given it a second thought.
  20. Is this out of your price range? "Completely silent" largely requires custom work the average person cannot/will not do themselves.
  21. Eyyy whaddup Im out of the path of the storm here in Manasota, but its hitting both my mothers parents and my fathers brother. Stay safe everybody!