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  1. Almost certainly, seeing how they've reviewed every other iPhone since the 4s. Canada tends to get these things a bit late, and then of course the review itself takes a while. Be patient. Though, my prediction as to the summary of the review is: "Battery life is its weakest point, power users probably can't make it through a full day of use. Everything else is great other than the dated looking bezels and no headphone jack, but this price bracket is so thinly spread between phones in 2020 that there wouldn't be much else to reccomend even if it sucked. Word is there is some competition coming soon from OnePlus, so maybe some android fans on the fence should like and subscribe for that video."
  2. Had to google which ones the WH-1000XM3's are, because theyre awfully similar in name to the WF-1000XM3... Totally not confusing at all Sony! Over ear vs in ear really is a big debate and up to preference. In air (Airpods Pro in this case) are MUCH more portable. But, the WF-1000XM3's have more battery life and better sound quality (especially with bass, where in ears are just too small to get as much done.) I own both Airpods Pro and WH-1000XM2's, so I can give general advice here, though I have heard that the XM3's have fixed some of the issues I had with the XM2's. Airpods Pro- Rated at 4 hours battery life, 3.5 with ANC on, and 3 hours talk time. I find these numbers under-rated for what I get, as I get closer to 5 or 6 hours constant use with Transparency or ANC on. Charge case holds an additional "24 hours", and charges the airpods in ~20 minutes. Transparency mode (mics bring sound in so that you can hear everything around you) is a GODSEND for people who listen to music while they work such as myself. While sony has this feature, i found it much worse in execution. BT 5.0 is a nice to have. I find the ANC actually works better than the Sony's Auto-pause when the Airpods are removed is another really good nice to have. Sony WH-1000XM2/XM3 Rated at 30 hours. I call BS. I probably got ~12h on my XM2's, though the XM3's are more power efficient. I found that they got uncomfortable to wear after a while due to relatively non-breathable materials used on the pads. Surprise surprise, larger batteries take longer to charge. 3 hours down time if you forget to plug them in. ANC was overall meh, the headphones has issues blocking things out that my Airpods can. "Transparency" honestly sucked, the microphones used were so poor that they were easily peaked by my dogs howling. This produced a nauseating amount of audio distortion. Of course, bulkier. This is a downside to a lot of people. The app sucks. Overall I would say Airpods Pro hands down, doubly so if you are an iPhone owner. ESPECIALLY wearing them outside, you dont wanna be that guy stuck in 2006 wearing over-ears in public.
  3. Yeah, thats a distro plate. Disconnect the tubes going to/from that, and support the GPU as @W-L said.
  4. Nah, if you're worried about tubes pulling out of fittings there is a really small chance of that happening. The back pressure caused by your D5 moving water through a fitting is probably greater than what could be exerted by a vehicle driving normally. If you have a distro plate, which I assume thats what you mean by a bitspower plate, maybe disconnect the tubes running to that to avoid lateral force cracking the plastic. That is the ONE thing I could think of happening, and thats because there is a lot of mechanical leverage against the plate should your pc fall over or you hit a pot hole or something.
  5. I'd drain the loop and put it in the case box, can never be too safe.
  6. Is it? They must have refined the H212 since i last bought one.
  7. The box cooler with the 3700x is much better that the H212, so there's no reason to buy that. The pre-applied thermal paste isnt great, so good call on picking a tube up. However, i'd buy artic silver 5. The motherboard, while cheap, isnt capable of much more sauce than your 3700x can pull. I would *personally* upgrade it. See the motherboard tier list for a better option. Why 2 SSD's? I would personally extend to a single 2TB 660p unless there's something I'm missing. B&H has it at the same price as your 2 drives combined. That case, though a looker, appears to have 0 consideration to thermals. I wouldn't buy it.
  8. As for your choice in laptop, thinkpads are great. I used them for many, many years. My father used and ABUSED them for many many years before giving them to me. Elitebooks are great, when my father started breaking thinkpads he switched to elitebooks. I used his hand-me-down elitebooks for many, many years. A macbook won't put up to thinkpad levels of abuse, no, but it's not made to at all. All 3 laptops in question are the top of the top premium laptops in their markets, and you can't go wrong with any of them. As with Apple, Lenovo and HP have both made design blunders in the past. As an android user, you won't be getting the absolute most out of macOS. You'll be missing things such as iMessage integration. the ability to easily answer calls from your laptop, ect... I used a macbook air when I had my note 8, and even without all the fancy integration got a FANTASTIC experience. Buy what works best is the best advice anybody can give.
  9. But if you actually read my reply and addressed it, you'd know that you both misquoted said design flaws and inflated others with hyperbole. So your statements are not proven fact. It's no secret iPhones are expensive, I daily an 11 Pro Max myself but I paid nowhere near full retail for it. If your friend could justify the price, he got a brilliant phone.
  10. It wasn't, and if you read what I said before replying you'd be able to directly address my points rather than call me an iSheep. I'm not lying to anybody, im speaking from my own experience in the repair business and the experience of others.
  11. See my post above HardStoN. 5x5's reply wasnt quite accurate EDIT: It's on page 1.
  12. There were maybe... two models with that issue? And the issue was they were a couple MM too short, and would tear if you aggressively opened the hinge all the way to its stop. They only "frequently fail" with liquid damage, and any laptop with catastrophic TB3 failure will likely do the same thing. No? I mean, i havent looked at the touchbar models, but I've never heard of a trackpad flex killing the whole system. A bad trackpad flex cable will make the keyboard ***appear*** dead, because the keyboard runs it data through the trackpad, but if you replace that flex cable you'll be fine. Also no. The GPU is *not* at 100c, as that would kill it quite literally instantly. Thats way too hot. CPU? On some models, sure. And that's bad, but on the Pro models that have actually been refreshed (16" pro) thats not an issue at all. I would expect the 13/14" pro to follow suit when its refresh comes Hyporbole, it doesnt happen "in a humid room". It happens when you spill water on it. Is putting Display_VID right next to CPU data stupid? Yes. Will it happen while the machine is just sitting around on a humid day? No. Not sure where you got those exact numbers from, but there is nothing unorthadox about charging a customer to fix a broken component. Now, if you press, you can get a direct line to the design team and try and talk some sense in to them about the issue. I know because I've done this with the 11 Pro displays. OP, if you like macOS buy a mac. If you like windows, buy a nice windows laptop. I would personally sway towards macOS. As to why the spec/dollar looks way off on paper, its because theres a lot more than paper. macOS' software optimization is so much better than Windows' because Apple controls exactly what hardware the OS will run. Theres a reason a relatively modern dual core can edit 4k video under macOS. Also, do NOT buy the current 13" Macbook Pro. Its due for a refresh in the coming months that will be much better than its current iteration.
  13. I have a 3900x under a dark rock *pro* 4 and temps are about the same. Though as noted above, "Idle" isnt really idle.
  14. You'll pay more with NZXT, but supposedly BLD is really good in terms of system integrators so your money would be well spent. I havent done the cost breakdown as to exactly how much theyre charging, but if you can justify to yourself the difference in cost between building it yourself and paying BLD to do it then go ahead. But, building a PC is really fun and worth learning.
  15. Hello all, shopping for a 2TB SSD and would like opinions with NVME drives. I do actually need the 2TB of capacity, as I have a 1TB SSD thats full. I remember a while ago the 660p was a really good choice for budget high capacity solutions, but now that its been out for a couple of years id like to hear some opinions. If there's a better option, i'd also love to hear it.
  16. Phanteks' MM to In coversions arent quite accurate, theres my problem Anyways, the dimensions that matter to me are length and width, which are both fairly close.
  17. My first case! Shame i sold mine off ages ago... I managed to find the red version pretty easily, but the blue one is nowhere to be found (EDIT: Its actually slightly different)- https://www.amazon.com/Apevia-X-Cruiser3-USB2-0-controller-colored/dp/B00DHKPYU6
  18. Impressively, the enthoo 719 manages to be basically the same size as my define r6 (~.5" deeper, ~2" taller, roughly the same width) while fitting two systems, and having both radiator support WHILE holding 12 HDD's. Yea, 12 isnt quite 16, but... eh. Wait, its cheaper too!? That is a very serious contender for me, thank you for bringing it to my attention!
  19. Im confused... The H115i is a 280mm AIO, the fans go on the rad, the rad gets screwed to the case. Whats not fitting? Pics would be appreciated.
  20. I feel like apple aimed to sell macs with their own CPU's in 2018, 2019, and 2020 as well. But, if 2021 is actually the year its happening, I am very excited to see where it goes. 8 cores is also an interesting number, as thats the same number of CPU cores as their phones ATM. Given how powerful the A13 series is right now... doubly excited.
  21. The front type c doesnt matter much to me, the only accessory I've concidered buying for it is an SD card reader. But, truth be told, my USB 3.0 one is more than fine for that. I've essentially given up on tracking down CL stuff, but I will look in to those lian li cases. Thanks a lot!
  22. Likely running multiple systems. My GTX 670 is the only thing folding right now, running at ~100k PPD. Or *would* be if it was running at all, i actually just realized it was stalled... EDIT: Stall was nothing serious, just the F@H client being dumb. Im shocked this GPU has stuck around so well. Bought it at goodwill years ago.
  23. Strictly speaking, with enough time, money, talent, and skill, anything *can* be done. But, as only one brand actually sells chroma-compliant fans, it likely wouldn't be easy and would probably require more time and effort than it's worth if you aim to do anything other than have fun. Here are the only chroma-certified fans I am aware of: https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Software-Addressable-Hydraulic-CL-F073-PL12SW/dp/B07N7PKNFR