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  1. Aight, not sure if it's the new build of windows or superior BT on my new motherboard. BUT, my propods feel great now. Thanks for making me think to try again!
  2. I have propods, issue is that Windows' bluetooth audio sucks. Though I will try it again with this motherboard...
  3. ~114001 PPD coming LTT's way Plopped a GTX 670 in my main rig since i had it laying around, leaving it on full bore 24/7. May put my 2070 in overnight.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Elgato-Game-Capture-4K60-Pro/dp/B076ZQBN6R Heard good things, never used it personally as I don't have a need for an external capture card.
  5. Hey, I have the same card and noticed the same thing. I just set AB to apply its profile at launch and set a custom fan curve.
  6. Not looking at bluetooth at all, due to windows' utterly useless implementation. I don't have any active connections to my 2.4GHz Wifi, and have not noticed issues with crosstalk with my bluetooth controller with my current void pro.
  7. So, for the past little bit I've had Void Pro's, which ive hated and have had nothing but issues with. I have good money to spend, but want to get the most out of it. Spending as little as possible is always a plus, of course. Wishlist, in order of imporance: Wireless Good mic Good sound quality Good battery life USB-C Charging If I spend more i expect it to last me longer. I don't really care about RGB or anything fancy, just want a good sound experience for me and my mates on the other end.
  8. Fair enough. There is a GPU right over it, probably cutting off most of its access to air
  9. not sure how i totally missed the clearly labled VRM temp sensor... lmao. is that too hot for a chipset? i read it was fine
  10. You're far from the first to ask, and the official answer from linus is he has 0 interest in building systems for subs.
  11. HWInfo's labels for temp sensor placement aren't great, so I'll just attach a picture. This is all as of a 10 minute P95 load
  12. I checked, and both are correct with a 3900x. Still putting a loop together for the long run though
  13. how bad is a crosshair VIII formula air cooled, with 3 120MM fans pointing right on the VRM? I just got sent one instead of an impact... lmao
  14. gah... im gonna hold out for the 13" MBP refresh. The new air looks SO close to being perfect, but as somebody who actually uses programs like VMWare Fusion on the go and very well may peg my CPU at 100% often I can't quite justify it at $1300 (EDU discount). Maybe if I could get some stupid deal and get a 4 core with 16GB RAM for $1100 I'd jump on it...?


    For the record, my now retired 2014 air held up VERY well with the above tasks. I was storage limited more than anything, since it was a 128GB model. But fusion ran great, final cut and resolve were fine (I do very light editing on the go, nothing crazy). I'm gonna daily my air again and see how it holds up to my current daily (thinkpad t430).

  15. God I really WISH the butterfly switch worked out. It felt so good to type on. I have spent a while writing on them and absolutely LOVED them.


    But, i've also written on the new "magic keyboard" and it felt great as well. Given the extra reliability of the magic keyboard, I'll take the trade off in the end.

  16. First off, we do have a cases and power supplies section. Buuut, where abouts are you, and whats your top dollar to spend?
  17. Is there an official case size cutoff for what is and isn't an SFF case?

    1. Eschew


      The next largest case type, the mini-tower, is usually defined as a case that stands 12" - 18" tall. We could probably label cases that are shorter than 12" - 18" as SFFs? I couldn't find an exact size or volume cutoff for SFF cases, however. The general consensus seems to be a wishy-washy, "SFFs are smol."




    2. VegetableStu


      we've generally accepted intel's definition (surprise! i lost the link to the old pdf though ,_,) of 20L and smaller (20 x 1,000,000 cubic millimeter or 1,000 cubic centimeter), but SFF purists and extreme enthusiasts tend to prefer going lower than 10L


      it's less strict for contemporary discussion, but cases that only mount ITX boards would be held to the standard more closely, especially if an ATX motherboard could float in there


      there is a separate but somewhat parallel school of thought called Space Efficiency, where a case would have very little empty space when loaded, all while not impeding airflow and thermal performance. SFF cases tend to easily check that aspect, but specific cases above 20L could also be space efficient (e.g.: servers)


      either way, if you can't do this to your build for more than 10 minutes, it's unlikely that people would regard it as SFF


  18. ~20% better single core, and ~25% better multicore over my 11 pro max... nice.
  19. The fact that anybody thought at ALL that the idea of forcing things to run full screened was a good one has made me lose all faith in the project
  20. Bill Gates (specifically the Gates Foundation) donates more to the research for a cure to HIV/AIDS than some developed countries are worth, and had a very heavy hand in eradicating polio in some countries. The Gates Foundation has actually funded global health more than 4x the WHO themselves.
  21. I just got my viper ultimate in. God i feel like an idiot for ever using my G903 now...

  22. IMO, there is one very specific circumstance where for a period of time performance may be affected by "poor" loop order. That would be a single loop system with both a CPU and GPU in the loop, where the pump pumps in to the CPU block first. In that scenario, if you're doing a combined high power usage load and heating up the water in the CPU block, before the water heat soaks, you're giving the GPU warmer water than you could be which may cause it to down clock before temperatures equalize. But even then water does not spike in temperature enough for it to be very notable unless your loop happens to equalize on the edge of a clock target.
  23. Would anybody else be in the market for a dual chamber ITX PC case with single (splitter needed ofc) ATX PSU support? One chamber can hold a system with a GPU and the other can hold a system + HBA with a whole wack ton of hard drives?


    Just me? Im working on building it regardless :D

    1. Pascal...


      Sounds interesting.