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  1. Have you tried simply not putting in a password? Some quick googling shows that the default might be nothing at all.
  2. Full disclosure, writing this on my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9” + Magic Keyboard. I 100% expected this to be a Linus missing the mark extravaganza as the other iPad reviews of late have been. However, i think he basically got it. I am, by trade, a device repair technician at a business that I own. The device i use to get business is basically irrelevant to how much money I will make. All I need is something that turns on every time with no major weird quirks, and a good battery. So, I bought an MacBook Air. And while it was CERTIANLY an upgrade from my slowly dying Thinpad X201T, it still felt... slow? Not slow as in the sense of things took to long to open, that was fine. It was a very quick device every day. But it kind of felt like I was doing around a race track in a Rolls Royce Phantom, while everybody else were in Katerham’s. Like a massive vessel being lazily thrown around by a rough tide. Trying to fight an MMA champion with a sledge hammer. You get the point. Switching from my MacBook Air to my iPad made everything feel faster. While I have no hard proof that switching made me make more money, every action feels sharper. By hobby I am a writer and video editor, and by education I am a student majoring in law. As a writer, I love the keyboard. These new switches feel fantastic, and the key caps have this soft coating on them that just feel excellent. The adjustment of the display also helps with neck pain, an issue i was having with my MacBook Air. I would either tilt the display back enough to solve that and strain my eyes, or bring the display close enough to see comfortably and strain my neck. As a video editor, truth be told I haven’t actually had anything to edit as of yet. But, I know the power is there. And finally, as a student, the extra snap compared to even a quick laptop just makes me more productive. The ONLY thing that sucks, and this isn’t Apple’s fault, is that I cant have 2 instances of chrome running side by side. I have to use chrome and safari if i want 2 browsers open. I don’t mind it, but it was an adjustment. I have already written quite a bit on this keyboard between school and my hobby, and can 100% say that this is only a quarter-step down from the full fledged magic keyboard on the new MacBooks. But, everything else i gain over those device 100% makes up for it. Overall, the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard feels like what the Surface Pro wishes it was. A way to use a device that can adapt to any situation that comes to mind, yet is not conventional in any of them. A sort of Swiss Army knife device. If you can only carry one knife with you for every situation, you pick up a Swiss Army knife. If you can only carry one productivity device with you for every situation, you pick an iPad Pro. While it is a bit unconventional in the way that you interact with it, it is quite possibly the most well rounded “laptop” we have offered to us at the moment. Plenty of power, a fantastic display, lots of battery life, a massive suite of software, and a way to interface with it that allows options that will fit almost everybody. While it isn’t the best at any one thing, I don’t feel like that’s ever been the spirit of the iPad.
  3. chrome extension. And, when somebody replies to your thread, quote them so they see you replied. I only saw because i left the tab open
  4. try h264ify. That's what I use on my T430
  5. Test all the PCI-E and RAM slots, but if all checks out you basically got it for free. I love the older Z series towers.
  6. im getting sucked back in to musicals again for like the 4th time, send help

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    2. SenKa


      @Bloudy_Parrot Best mistake I’ve ever made is get in to musicals ❤️

    3. Bloudy_Parrot


      😁I can see what you mean , greek movies have a  dancing every tow minutes and even i am bored of them i still watch them and every time i spend 2 HOURS if my life watching something for the 5th time !!!!😆

    4. Bloudy_Parrot


      The ONLY and i mean ONLY way to forget about them is.................


      good luck my friend good luck.

  7. Either remove the filter from the 011 Air, or use the 011 Dynamic. I would personally do the latter.
  8. Mineral oil PC's have impressively low temps (lower than conventional water cooling), at the expense of high maintenance.
  9. Looks quite good. As for the notch, you DO have to remember everything that is *in* that notch. Lots more than most of the "notchless" phones out there. I dont mind it personally. I really love the direction Apple is going with their Pro mobile devices. The flat edges and round corners... reminds me of everybodies favorite iPhone design series, the 4 through SE. As an avid fan of the 5s especially, its a good direction to be going in. If there isnt much of a price jump, and the spec bump is great enough, might upgrade my 11 Pro Max to the 12 Pro Max. Can say, not a fan of the navy. Wish/hope they keep midnight green around. Though, it not being included on the iPad Pro refresh kind of spelled that one out.
  10. Managed to totally miss that... OP should update the BIOS if he hasnt.
  11. Not everybody can afford to hop ship, up and go to another state. What if you have kids in school? Are they supposed to be cool with leaving out of nowhere?
  12. Necessary "Lets keep this civilized" comment here. Losing Tesla, though impactful, wouldn't kill Cali. They still have all of silicon valley, and losing one wouldn't kill anybody. The losers would be Tesla's employees being unemployed.
  13. God bless Hirens Boot CD. Absoutely, by far, without a doubt, the best bootable recovery media out there. Has saved my ass so many times (and is actively saving my ass right now after I erm... dropped my 8TB HDD my hard drive died

    1. Gegger


      lienus what have you done!


      but oeuf ouef

    2. SenKa


      Remember kids, keep a backup of everything you dont wanna lose!

  14. 5120x2880 per monitor X 4 monitors. So, you are not pushing your limits at all.
  15. The 7770 would be an upgrade over Vega 8, so i'd include it in the build. Thats a grey label VS, not orange. They are fine, "C Tier" units. Perfect use case for them as your system consumes a very little amount of power. The old orange label VS units were bombs.
  16. Nope, bottleneck calculators are absolute garbage and should never be trusted. I play at 1440p 144Hz flawlessly. The word "bottleneck" somehow managed to get demonized in the past year and a half or so, and im not sure how. You will always be bottlenecked in some way, even if its a couple percent. No system will perfectly match up in every game you play. Just choose your components based off of informed decisions and you will have a fantastic gaming experience.
  17. What temps are your CPU/GPU running at under load? Has the laptop ever been torn apart and cleaned?
  18. Should tell you all you need to know about bottleneck calculators...
  19. Case first, that looks horrid for airflow.
  20. Nice. No difference to me though, I could never jive with windows on mobile devices. Owned a couple surface pro's over the years and just didnt much care for them. I would much rather carry around a macbook pro and iPad/iPad Pro. They will sell a whole bunch of them, im just not the target audience.
  21. Thats what I just offered you the advice to do.
  22. I used to drink 2 or 3 every day, for a while. Now its at most an average of one a day (some days I have none, others i have 2, ect...) Though, I have a more acceptable reason for it. I have severe bipolar depression, and can't take medication for it. C affine, for some reason, keeps me at a good level emotionally without the normal caffeine side effects. Though, Rockstar is disgusting IMO.
  23. What PSU do you have? It shouldn't have tried to boot at all. But, with that being said, all you did was short 12v to ground. The likelihood of this killing the GPU is slim, unless you bought some stupid cheap PSU with no over current protection.