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  1. USB4 is USB 3.1 Gen 2 + TB3 integrated in to one standard to avoid the confusion of the ubiquitous USB-C port as to whether it is USB or TB3. From my understanding, anyways.
  2. You have to multiply it by 2, which is ~2133MHz. You need to enable memory overclocking in your BIOS, DOCP is a good place to start.
  3. Not the case with the Mac Pro. False. nVidia drivers are not blocked from macOS, you can install them just fine. The issue is they have not been updated. That is both nVidia and Apple's faults, though primarily nVidia.
  4. Considering there is a rackmount option coming, and there is *already* a separate pro certification required to offer support for the Mac Pro (trashcan), and iMac Pro? I would imagine the cheese-grater has a similar regiment and the support would follow.
  5. Not at all out of the question. Apple used to make servers, and their enterprise support was actually quite good from what I heard.
  6. It means the components are assembled in the USA. While yes, they still buy their components from manufacturing companies largely in China, this adds to cost as US labor is more expensive. Apple has never used AMD CPU's. They likely never will, and it is entirely possible they cannot due to some contract clause when Apple went to Intel from PPC. Mechanical build quality? You're damned right I am. You think there is a reason nobody (that I am aware of) says "Apple products feel cheaply made"? The only "proprietary slot" Apple went with is their own designed MPX. You can slot a PCI-E device in to an MPX slot so long as you can supply it with external power, if such is required. There are even internal headers designed for this purpose! Also, modularity is always more expensive even while using established standards like PCI-E. Molded plastic and gold coated metal cost more than solder. Okay. Then by that logic people should wait for the 2020 Mac Pro. I don't disagree. See my post above, relating to price of a directly comparable Intel system. For this comparison threadripper is irrelevant because it is not directly comparable. Sure. Cheap ones. Even so, Dual 10GBe is not a luxury afforded on even high end consumer boards most of the time.
  7. Looked in to it briefly.: This is a CPU made by Intel in partnership with Apple so far as I can tell, meaning it is special to the MP. The closest contemporary is $5000, and lacks the same 2TB theoretical RAM capacity (do note I can no longer find any publicitiy of this. Regardless, the closest CPU I can find only goes to 1TB vs 1.5TB.) RAM is ~$1000 per stick, so 12k. GPU is special to the Mac Pro. Closest contemporary in raw compute performance is a Quadro GV100. Those are $10,000 a piece. The maxed out Mac Pro has 2, so make that $20,000 The only motherboard I could find that supports that much RAM is the Gigabyte C621 Aorus XTREME. That is $2000 PSU is 1400w, comperable is an AX1500i for $600 ProRes card is Apple specific, closest would be a Red Rocket-X, which is $7000 That leaves us with 6k for a custom enclosure, CPU cooler, and OS. Lets say we go to match apples build quality, protocase would run you ~$2000 to design a custom enclosure. CPU cooler would run you $100. Thats $3900 before an OS which is for arguments sake another $100. So what you are paying above a comparable system is $3500 of "apple tax", as people love to call it. Like I said above, this is a first gen product and Apple needs to pay off R&D for every component other than the RAM, as well as a license fee for the OS. Sounds fair to me.
  8. Reasons for the Mac Pro being expensive: Assembled in USA Intel price-gouging Xeon's ECC DDR4 price being inflated Fantastic build quality Fully modular designs are more expensive Gen 1 product (we pay R&D. Same as with Galaxy Fold) macOS License baked in to price Dual 10GBe NIC (even on base model) There is more, but I honestly CBA to repeat myself.
  9. I didnt say that. I said the issue quoted was specific to mobile T2 equipped devices. The desktop T2 mac's do not have the issue, per my understanding
  10. That is specifically a T2 mobile device issue from what I understand
  11. Damn, the rack mount version isn't coming out at the same time. If I were to buy the tower it would be $30,199. Assuming the rack mount starting at 1k more is just for the case, it'd be $31,199. I would never buy one due to cost alone, simply because I can't afford it. If I could though, i'd do it in a second. Its a beast of a computer I would definitely use to its potential.
  12. I would imagine the reason the arrow keys were not dropped would be so that some people wouldn't hit left, down, or right while shifting their hand up to either avoid the sharp edge, or to hit a key in the top right corner of the keyboard. Older small thinkpads (X201T comes to mind immediately) had this issue in my experience. Is it a design flaw meant to fix a design flaw? Yes. Is it dumb? Yes. I personally have used weirder keyboard layouts than the one shown in the video, I have pictured my secondary keyboard here as an example. I dont think it would have bugged me for more than a couple minutes, but Linus is a lot pickier than I am when it comes to keyboards. (The pictured keyboard is quite old now, vintage MX Blacks are fantastic to type on if well maintained. I have the same keyboard but made smaller without the trackpad, which was not well maintained, and it feels like typing on sand.)
  13. This year was a Creality CR-X (3D printer), and Apple Watch Series 5. I highly doubt I'm getting both, and I am perfectly fine with that.
  14. @jakkuh_t Seems like it may be borked according to @JeffBewinski
  15. An RPie 4 with a 6 port SATA hat will do you just fine