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  1. I already have i5 2500 8gb ram 1333mhz Ssd 240 I just wana to play WAR THUNDER ON ULTRA AND FULL HD cs go fortnite and sometimes random singleplay game like cod ww2 bf1. But main game War thunder. Rx 570 or gtx 1060 Thanks a lot!
  2. I already have i5 2500 and ram 8gb. my motherboard asus p8h61 m die tomorow and i need to buy other motherboard (used)
  3. I want to play Fortnite Pubg Cs go War Thunder and sometimes games like DOOM or Bfv System Procesor i5 2500 or g4560 8gb ram gtx 1060 msi 6gb
  4. Nah nothing then i think i can sell my motherboard and cpu and add some like 10 20 dollars and buy Fx proc but i just saw 1min ago some tests on youtube for gaming between this 2 procesors. intel is more better. Thanks Slottr
  5. This is my specs I5 2500 Gtx 1060 6gb 8 gb ram 1333mhz ddr3 If i switch on 8-cores Amd Fx 8350 or 8370 will i get better perfomace ? Thanks
  6. I have acer v226hql with 60 hz Can i overclock it to 75 hz with no issues ? ty
  7. Ok ty for answers but i just want to know can i just using computer and play games WITH STOCK INTEL COOLER. DID I GET MORE than 60 70 celisus
  8. Tomorow i gona get Intel i5 2500 with stock cooler Can i play games like Fornite Pubg and any others with any issue with temperature Btw Gtx 1050 MSI OC
  9. I already have i3 2100. If i put I5 2500k did i need to instal new windows to work properly
  10. I know but i just want to play t oday popular games on low settings with 1080p 60 fps for example Fornite , pubg , bf1 , cod ww2 , war thunder