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  1. I have it plugged into the correct power header but I'm talking about the rgb connector
  2. Hey, I understand that's plug a 5 v rgb strip into a 12v connector will fry the strip but what about the reverse? If I plug a 12 v fan into a 5 volt connector? Then what?
  3. Hey, Just built a pc and the cooler master included controller keeps resetting to red every rime I turn of the machine meaning I have to take off the side panel to fix it, is this normal?
  4. So I managed to make it fit but it's not as level as the other wires( second from top right) is that an issue
  5. What If the wire inside the insaruon is burnt? Like before the connector? How strong is the insulation?
  6. Thank you, I was scared for a bit!
  7. Hey, So I was sleeving the existing cables on my evga b3 psu and when burning the sleeving to the pin I messed up and accidentally burnt it. Is the wire done for? Could it be just the black insulation that was burned? Because of the burned plastic the cable won't even fit in the terminal
  8. Thanks, so for paracord would I need to remove the core? And do you know the standard custom sleeve size? I heard it was 4mm but wasnot sure
  9. Hey, Planning on custom sleeving the wires for my evga supernova gm 450w But I'm on a budget, could I use like paracord that I can find in Canadian Tire?
  10. Hey! Was planning a mini itx build and was looking for a case I really like cases like dancase's A4, loqee ghost s1 etc but there waaayyy out of my budget. (180 CAD for the case) Recommendations? Thanks
  11. That seems nice Thanks! So would u recommend I go for the 3400g then?
  12. Interesting proposition but I'm gonna stick with the phanteks evolv shift
  13. Planning a new itx build and was weighing my options. I could either go for a 2600 + Rx 570 or 3400g. Going with 3400g saves money for storage and more ram and stuff (1000 CAD) any recommendations? Any part list ideas? Not planning on gaming. Just casual home use., highschool projects and stuff. For part list ideas the one thing I really want is the phanteks evolv shift case. Thanks!