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  1. Yeah but how? Shouldn't it have updated when I placed in the 8th i3? Do I need to do it manually?
  2. So I just installed I5 9600k to b360 hd3 motherboard. I have had I3 8100 on it before so it should work right? Well right now no because when I turn on the pc it seems like it's doing something and all the fans spin but I get no output to my monitor and it starts and shut downs repeadetly. I tried putting my i3 back in and it worked and then putting i5 back not working. And tried restarting the bios by taking out the lithium battery and it didn't work.
  3. Hello I am looking to buy a rx 5700, but was wondering if my I3 8100 can handle it. and if not then any CPU recommendations would be nice. my current specs: i3 8100 3.60ghz gtx 970 strix crucial by micron 2x4gb 8gb ram 500w PSU (that I don't remember the name of) <= (I'm going to buy new PSU too of course) gigabyte 360b
  4. @hconverse02 okay so I noticed that it only happens when I play portal knights ? i should have just tested it with other games so thank you and sorry to take your time
  5. @hconverse02 okay so i tried the alt+tab thing and reseting the bios but it did nothing
  6. I been having this problem for a while it just started suddenly but before that it had worked fine. when I am playing some games the game works fine and then I press crtl+esc to minimize the game so i can look up or do something from chrome, steam etc but it doesn´t work smooth/ normally it like stutters alot and typing, scrolling, watching videos is pain in the ass so id would be nice if i could get my pc work properly again thanks but this doesn´t happen when playing or having OSU! in the backround my pc specs: gtx 970 i3 8100 samsung 850 evo (250gb) gigabyte b360 hd3 and some cheap 8gb (two 4gb sticks) ddr4 ram
  7. Okay i turned on igfx from the bios and now it works Sorry to take your time
  8. my pc´s specs gtx970 i3 8100 gigabyte b360 hd3 samsung evo 250gb ssd others i dont remember so i upgraded my cpu along with the motherboard and everything was working fine but not my second monitor. my computer doesn´t detect it i tried to unplug and plug in nothing happened (obviously) i tried to put my primary monitor to the mother board and the second monitor to the gpu and then the second monitor worked but not my primary i tried to put the second monitor to the mother board via dvi cable and it didn´t work either what should i do